Chapter 320 – Gold Divine Fish

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Are you serious? This is what I caught?” Zhao Fu was speechless as he looked at the fellow desperately hanging onto the bait. This time, he had fished up a green turtle that was as big as a washbowl.

Zhao Fu had already lifted the fishing rood, but the green turtle was still holding on to the bait and not letting go, dangling in the air.

The green turtle wasn’t a fish, much less a divine fish, so why had he fished up such a thing? Zhao Fu couldn’t understand this.

After looking through the Divine Fish Festival’s description, Zhao Fu realized why this was – during the Divine Fish Festival, other types of aquatic creatures appeared less, but that didn’t mean that they wouldn’t appear. This was why most people saw and caught divine fish but would occasionally still catch other creatures.

Zhao Fu’s precious bait was extremely attractive to divine fish and even more attractive to ordinary fish and other aquatic creatures.

As such, the valuable bait wouldn’t just catch extremely rare divine fish but also ordinary aquatic creatures.

Zhao Fu shook his fishing line, trying to shake the green turtle off, but the green turtle just wouldn’t let go. Zhao Fu had to take the hook out, and he flicked the green turtle’s head, knocking it off before putting on another valuable worm and continuing to fish.

After putting the bait into the water, Zhao Fu felt something tug at the line. This time, Zhao Fu wasn’t as hopeful as he raised his fishing rod. A divine fish appeared before him, but it was just a white divine fish.

Zhao Fu was completely annoyed now, and he put on another valuable worm before lowering the hook into the water again.

Time gradually passed, and he felt something bite again. This time, Zhao Fu didn’t care anymore, and when he lifted his fishing rod, a gold divine fish appeared in front of him.

The gold divine fish looked like a goldfish but bigger, and it shined with golden light, looking quite noble.

“System announcement! Congratulations, you have caught a goldfish. You have received 300 Divine Fish Points.”

Zhao Fu had finally caught a rare type of divine fish, and it had taken quite a lot of effort. The goldfish turned into motes of light and entered Zhao Fu’s body, and it gave him another Fish Jewel that gave him a Silver grade item.

Zhao Fu used the last two valuable worms, but he was unable to catch another goldfish. Zhao Fu didn’t care that much and started using normal bait again as he continued to cultivate.

The night soon passed, and over the night, Zhao Fu caught 1,200 divine fish and obtained 9,730 Divine Fish Points. Throughout the night, he had only fished up five goldfish.

Zhao Fu felt that the goldfish would be the rarest diving fish he would be able to catch here.

After spending the night here, Zhao Fu felt that this was enough and returned to the Great Qin Town. He found that his gains were greater than other people’s, but it was far from enough to purchase one of the ten Legendary grade City Creation Stones. However, his cultivation had risen a lot.

Zhao Fu felt that his method was somewhat lacking. First, he realized that the place where he fished had to be a large body of water because there would be more divine fish there, especially the rare ones. Also, he would have to obtain incredibly valuable bait that couldn’t even be bought with money. Unless he took care of these two things, he wouldn’t be able to obtain one of the ten Legendary grade City Creation Stones.

At that moment, Guo Binglin came over and paid his respects before saying, “Your Majesty, this subordinate has something to report.”

When he heard this, Zhao Fu nodded and motioned for Guo Binglin to speak.

Guo Binglin said, “Your Majesty, while we were in another region, we heard about a massive lake that spawned violet divine fish, so I especially came to report to you.”

“Oh?” Zhao Fu was quite surprised that violet divine fish had appeared, so he decided to go there to try out his luck. Now, it seemed that one of those things had been taken care of.

Regarding bait, most large fish were carnivorous and often ate smaller fish. In that case, what sort of small fish should he use as bait?

When he thought of this, a look of delight appeared on Zhao Fu’s face, and he immediately ordered his people to go and purchase small fish. However, he soon received news that the fish markets only sold low-grade fish and that the high-grade fish would immediately be bought by others when they appeared. It seemed that many people had the same idea as Zhao Fu.

“Ai!” This caused Zhao Fu to sigh. What else could he do? The more valuable the bait, the rarer the divine fish.

In the end, Zhao Fu made a decision – his God-Killer Royal Bloodline was a Level 11 Bloodline and quite rare. If he fed his blood to some small fish, they would definitely become more attractive to larger fish.

After making this decision, Zhao Fu asked his subordinates to collect some small fish, and he placed the fish in a bucket with just enough water to cover them. The small fish were only roughly as long as a finger, and many of them swam around within the bucket.

Zhao Fu stretched out his arm and cut it, causing his blood to drip into the bucket. The black-red blood fell into the bucket, and the countless fish happily devoured the blood.

Zhao Fu held the Royal Wood Sword, and a powerful aura of life entered his body, quickly healing that wound. After that, Zhao Fu went to the lake that Guo Binglin had mentioned.

The lake was called the Autumn Lake, and it was incredibly big, being over 100 kilometers wide. No wonder violet divine fish had appeared here. It was possible that even rarer divine fish would appear here.

After Zhao Fu arrived, there were already countless people fishing here. It seemed that this place had already become a hotspot for fishing, so Zhao Fu didn’t plan to fish by the side. This time, he had brought a small wooden boat with him in his King’s Ring.

Zhao Fu sat in the boat and headed to the center of the lake. However, there were already many boats here, and he even saw ten or so boats that had three levels, looking quite grand. These were most likely built by large factions.

After looking around, Zhao Fu didn’t mind, and he moved his small boat to a place where there weren’t many others around and started to fish.

This time, Zhao Fu was using the small fish that had consumed his blood. He had no idea what the effects would be, and after attaching the small fish, he lowered it into the water.

In just a few seconds, Zhao Fu felt a tug at his fishing line. He was quite surprised that he had caught a fish already, and he quickly lifted the fishing rod as a silver divine fish appeared before him.

The very first fish he had fished up here had been a silver one – this wasn’t bad. Zhao Fu once again attached a small fish, and in another few seconds, he caught yet another silver divine fish. The next time Zhao Fu cast his line, a gold divine fish appeared before him.



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