Chapter 322 – Heavens Beyond Heavens

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Editor: Modlawls123

From the very beginning, Zhao Fu hadn’t paid much attention to these people and continued fishing.

Zhao Fu’s attitude displeased the four factions, and they all frowned. Within this region, no one dared to treat them like this. The person in front of them simply wasn’t putting them in his eyes at all.

At that moment, one of the sharp-eyed people from the Azure Tiger Gang saw that even though Zhao Fu’s fishing rod looked like a normal branch, whenever it fished up a divine fish, it would give off a faint light. It evidently wasn’t an ordinary branch.

Moreover, as for the bait, the small fish’s eyes all gave off a black-red light.

That member of the Azure Tiger Gang immediately told the ferocious-looking man these things, and when he heard this, the ferocious-looking man realized that Zhao Fu’s secret was related to these two things as opposed to some sort of skill or special method.

Since Zhao Fu wasn’t giving them any face, the ferocious-looking big man didn’t hold back either. His expression became savage as he gave a command and tens of Archers walked out.

This caused the other three factions to feel quite surprised; they knew what the Azure Tiger Gang was about to do. As such, they moved away to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

However, they didn’t move too far away because they didn’t fear the Azure Tiger Gang and wanted to jump in to obtain some benefits. They had heard that this person was an expert, but facing so many Archers, things didn’t look hopeful for him.

Swish, swish, swish…

Under the ferocious-looking man’s order, arrows tore through the air and flew towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu didn’t bother moving, and he continued to sit in his boat as the arrows flew towards him.

Seeing this, the leaders of the other three factions were quite surprised – did this person have a way to easily deal with these arrows?

A black semicircle expanded out, deflecting all of the arrows!

“Why must you force me to kill you all?” a cold voice said, sending chills through everyone’s hearts. At that moment, Zhao Fu’s body disappeared, and Zhao Fu reappeared on the Azure Tiger Gang’s boat.

Seeing Zhao Fu suddenly appear there, everyone from the Azure Tiger Gang was incredibly shocked.

The One World Rod became the silver-colored Royal Wood Sword, and Zhao Fu looked at the Azure Tiger Gang’s people. The person with the highest cultivation was the ferocious-looking big man, whose cultivation was at Stage 1-4. Everyone else’s cultivation was only around Stage 0-6 to Stage 0-7.

“Kill him!” the ferocious-looking big man yelled when he saw that the situation was irretrievable and that Zhao Fu was filled with killing intent. The ferocious-looking big man drew his large saber as he led everyone else towards Zhao Fu.

Very soon, the Azure Tiger Gang’s people reached Zhao Fu. Seeing Zhao Fu stand still, seeming incredibly condescending, the big man felt furious and chopped down towards Zhao Fu angrily.


Zhao Fu’s hand moved at lightning-speed as his silver sword stabbed through the big man’s chest. The big man looked incredibly confused, and he hadn’t even realized what had happened as his body instantly aged dozens of years. Wrinkles covered his face, and his face became incredibly pale.

The Royal Wood Sword could not only give boundless lifeforce, but it could also steal lifeforce from other creatures.

After Zhao Fu pulled out his sword, the big man had turned into a withered old man and died on the spot.

None of the people watching knew what had happened because everything had happened too quickly.

As soon as the ferocious-looking big man had run up, he had been killed by the black-cloaked figure, showing the massive disparity in their strength. The big man hadn’t been able to retaliate at all.

As everyone stared in shock, Zhao Fu started a massacre on the boat. Zhao Fu walked about, his cloak fluttering as he unleashed rays of sword light and split countless people into pieces. None of them could retaliate at all, showing how weak they were in front of this person.

Soon, everyone on the boat had been killed and reduced to broken corpses, and blood and guts covered the boat, causing a gory smell to spread out.

Everyone else immediately quickly left this region. After all, the Azure Tiger Gang had been one of the most powerful factions, and its gang leader had cultivation above Stage 1. All 300 people on the boat were elites, but they had been unable to stop the black-cloaked figure at all.

By now, everyone else had realized that to this black-cloaked figure, they were all just ants.

The leaders of the three other factions didn’t dare to utter a word as they quickly left the area. The Azure Tiger Gang had been instantly massacred, so how could they dare to remain?

Immediately, they understood why Zhao Fu had ignored them – he was too far above them and didn’t have the time to waste on weaklings like them. What was laughable was that they had looked like clowns when they tried to invite him to join them. As the saying went, there were people beyond people and heavens beyond heavens. Who would have thought that such a powerful figure would suddenly appear?

The Azure Tiger Gang had essentially been destroyed. The gang leader and hundreds of elites had died. The remaining forces would be unable to put up much resistance against the other factions, and all of their enemies would take this opportunity to destroy them.

Afterward, Zhao Fu returned to his boat and continued fishing. Even though he had killed so many people, there wasn’t even a ripple within his heart. No one dared to come near him, and it was completely peaceful around him now.

Zhao Fu continuously fished up silver and gold divine fish, and the Divine Fish Points he had continuously increased.

Soon, another massive force tugged at his fishing line, and Zhao Fu smiled – another big fish was on his line.

After raising his fishing rod, he found that it was another violet divine fish. It turned into countless motes of light and entered Zhao Fu’s body, and it also gave him a Fish Jewel.

The Fish Jewels dropped by violet divine fish gave Gold grade items, and now, Zhao Fu had two of them. However, he didn’t open them yet and decided to wait until he had more to open them all together.

Zhao Fu spent all of his time here today, and he only left late at night. His gains were quite good, and he had caught 2,890 divine fish for a total of 66,800 Divine Fish Points.

He had caught 15 violet divine fish this time, and when he caught the tenth one, he received a system announcement telling him that he had obtained an ‘Advanced Fish Raising Manual.’

Zhao Fu was quite surprised that he had obtained such an item. The manual recorded fish-raising methods not only for ordinary fish but also for spiritual fish. However, it only allowed him to raise spiritual fish below Stage 2.

Afterward, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town, replenished his bait, and rested. As he went to prepare for the second day of the Divine Fish Festival, he heard some incredibly shocking news.



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