Chapter 323 – Lord Water Goddess

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“How is this possible?” Zhao Fu could never have fathomed that the first-ranked reward, Heavenly Sword City, would have been claimed already. Only a single day had passed, and Zhao Fu simply couldn’t believe that this had happened.

In the previous two events, Zhao Fu had always obtained the top prize. However, whether it was the Ten Thousand Flower Festival or the Ghost Festival, it had taken him two to three days to gather enough points to claim the first-ranked reward. He had no idea who it was that had spent only one day to claim the first-ranked reward, which was many times faster than him.

Before, Zhao Fu had wanted to obtain the first-ranked reward, but now, it seemed that this was impossible. He had overestimated himself and underestimated others.

“Ai!” Zhao Fu heavily sighed and felt quite dispirited. What could he do now?

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu had no good ideas. What had happened was simply too unexpected, and now, he wasn’t sure if he could even obtain the second-ranked reward, the Universal Den.

“Your Majesty!” An elderly man walked over and paid his respects.

Zhao Fu remembered who this elderly man was – after building the Water Goddess Temple, he had placed this elderly man in charge of the temple.

“What is it?” Zhao Fu asked, feeling quite curious.

The elderly man immediately replied, “Lord Water Goddess said that she wanted to see Your Majesty!”

When he heard the elderly man, Zhao Fu felt quite confused – what did the Water Goddess want to see him for?

However, in the end, Zhao Fu decided to go over to take a look.

Soon, he arrived at the Water Goddess Temple. It was the same size as the City God Temple, and it had a main hall and front hall. After being established, many residents had gone to burn incense and pray.

When Zhao Fu entered the main hall, the Water Goddess Statue shined with a faint light as an image appeared before Zhao Fu. It was a woman wearing an ancient-style dress, and she had decent looks. She had a watery-aura about her and looked exactly like the Water Goddess Statue.

After receiving a lot of faith and being supported by Great Qin’s Fate, it had become much more powerful than before.

“This lowly one pays her respects to Your Majesty!” After the Water Goddess’s image appeared, it gently smiled and paid its respects to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu nodded before asking, “What did you want to talk to me about?”

The Water Goddess lightly smiled as it replied, “This lowly one wants to first thank Your Majesty for showing grace in taking me in. Also, this lowly one is able to help Your Majesty in the thing that is troubling Your Majesty right now.”

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and asked what she meant. It turned out that the Water Goddess had control over all sorts of water-related matters, including aquatic animals. The Water Goddess could give him a blessing that increased his fishing rate.

Because the Water Goddess was still quite weak, Zhao Fu had to bring the statue with him for the blessing to take effect.

After he heard this, Zhao Fu didn’t hesitate, and he brought the Water Goddess Statue with him to the largest water source accessible by him.

Seeping River was one of the boundaries of the future Great Qin Empire, and the body of water here was thousands of kilometers wide. It stretched on as far as the eye could see. There were all types of fish monsters here, so ordinary people didn’t dare to come here. However, because of the festival, most of these fish monsters had been suppressed.

When Zhao Fu arrived, there were already many people fishing on the bank because most of them feared the fish monsters and didn’t dare to go into the water. Moreover, the suppression was quite weak, so it was possible for them to be attacked.

Zhao Fu didn’t care much, and he took out his boat and placed it in the river. Just as he was about to enter, an elderly man saw him and tried to persuade him not to go because he would be risking his life.

Zhao Fu thanked the elderly man but had no other choice. If he didn’t take some risks, he wouldn’t even have a chance to obtain the Universal Den.

Zhao Fu covered the boat with his King’s Power, and it quickly traveled across the water. The river was quite still and didn’t have any ripples on the surface.

After traveling for some time, Zhao Fu arrived at the center of the river.

Zhao Fu took out the Water Goddess Statue, and after he took it out, it gave off a faint light that shined on the water – this was the Water Goddess casting its blessing.

Zhao Fu took out his fishing rod and bait and started to fish. After beginning, Zhao Fu felt quite impatient.

Suddenly, the fishing line was vigorously tugged, and Zhao Fu tightly gripped his fishing rod and lifted upwards. As Zhao Fu lifted the fishing rod, the fish desperately struggled, causing massive splashes. Soon, the divine fish was lifted out, and Zhao Fu saw that it was a violet divine fish.

However, this violet divine fish was different from the ones that he had caught in the past. It looked like a catfish, was the same size as the other violet divine fish, and was very strong.

Zhao Fu was quite happy that his first fish was a violet fish; this was most likely the effect of the Water Goddess’s blessing. Afterward, Zhao Fu once again attached some bait and lowered the hook.

Soon, the fishing rod was once again tugged, and Zhao Fu lifted it up. This fish wasn’t very heavy or powerful because it was only a gold divine fish.

Zhao Fu once again cast his line and caught a violet divine fish, delighting him. Now, Zhao Fu usually caught a gold divine fish then a violet divine fish. Sometimes, there would be three gold divine fish then four violet divine fish.

These gains were incredibly shocking, and the fish were biting even faster than at the previous lake. Zhao Fu also obtained many Fish Jewels, though they didn’t drop every time.

Zhao Fu once again attached bait and cast his line, but this time, he felt quite surprised – this was because a fish hadn’t tried to eat his bait after five minutes, making him wonder what was taking so long.

Zhao Fu raised his fishing rod and found that most of the bait had been eaten, surprising him. Seeing the small bite-marks, he guessed that it was a very small fish that had done this.

This time, Zhao Fu put on an extremely small fish as bait, and in half a minute, he felt a very weak and slight tug. Zhao Fu lifted his fishing rod and found that a small fish was on the other end.

The small fish was about as long as his finger and looked like a crucian carp, but it gave off an orange light. This tiny fish was actually an orange divine fish.

After the orange divine fish was lifted out of the water, it turned into countless orange motes of light and entered Zhao Fu’s body.

“System announcement! Congratulations, you have caught a spirit crucian carp. You have received 1,500 Divine Fish Points.”

Zhao Fu was overjoyed to have fished up an orange divine fish. However, this orange divine fish didn’t give Zhao Fu a Fish Jewel, and he continued to fish.

Time quickly passed, and soon, it was the second night. Zhao Fu had stayed here for an entire day doing nothing but fishing.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, he received more chilling news!



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