Chapter 324 – Shuten-Douji

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At that moment, Zhao Fu was so angry that he almost started cursing out loud. The only thing that could make him feel like this was hearing that the Universal Den had been claimed.

Zhao Fu once again felt a heavy blow – apart from the first-ranked reward, he had greatly wanted the Universal Den because it was incredibly important to Great Qin. If he gave it to the Wyvern to conquer, it would allow him to quickly develop a flight of Wyverns.

Now, that plan had been completely destroyed. Zhao Fu had been in such a rush this entire time because of that Universal Den.

After that day at Seeping River, he had caught 4,797 divine fish and gained over 180,000 Divine Fish Points. Adding on what he had from before, he had roughly 250,000 Divine Fish Points.

Before, Zhao Fu had preserved a trace of hope that he would be able to obtain the Universal Den with the Water Goddess’s help. After all, he was only 50,000 points away from being able to afford it. Who would have thought that he would hear such a thing after returning?

It seemed that he didn’t have much fate with this festival. Right now, what Great Qin needed the most was the Universal Down, and now that he was unable to obtain it, Zhao Fu became dispirited.

On a grassy hill, a quiet girl lay on the grass and laughed happily as she tossed a mud-like object that kept changing shape upwards. This was the Legendary grade Universal Den, and this girl was Masanori Hano.

Masanori Hano looked at the Universal Den in her hand – she had never thought that she would obtain the second-ranked item because such items were usually claimed by the great Legatees and small figures like her never had a chance at obtaining such things.

She knew that many people most likely wanted such a thing, and she knew that if she sold it, she would obtain enough wealth for countless lifetimes.

However, Masanori Hano didn’t want to sell it because she didn’t lack money and no amount of money could make her sell the Universal Den. In actuality, she didn’t greatly want it and had only bought it because she had happened to have enough Divine Fish Points to buy it.

She didn’t quite understand the various stats and effects of the ten Legendary grade City Creation Stones, but she felt that the higher ranked ones would be better.

If Zhao Fu knew this, he would have been incredibly depressed – if Masanori Hano had chosen the third or fourth ranked reward, he would’ve been able to obtain the Universal Den.

However, that was how things had played out – after all, this festival was mainly for ordinary people, so luck usually favored them.

As such, even though Zhao Fu had an Epic grade fishing rod, especially valuable bait, and the help of a Water Goddess, he hadn’t been able to obtain what he wanted.

Suddenly, Masanori Hano thought of something and took out a small statue that was about as big as her hand. The statue seemed to be made of jade and was black. It was a statue of an extremely handsome man dressed in ancient-style clothing who revealed his proud chest, and there was a katana at his side and two black horns on his head.

This statue looked as if it was alive, and it gave off a devilish aura. Most Japanese people would recognize it as Shuten-Douji, one of Japan’s three great devils.

Masanori Hano had found this statue in a ruined temple and felt that it was quite a good statue, so she had kept it with her.

At that moment, the statue gave off a faint green light and seemed to come to life. Its eyes were filled with evil, and they seemed to look at Masanori Hano, causing her to feel a chill in her heart. Afterward, the statue gave off a formless energy, broke free from Masanori Hano’s grasp, and hovered into the air.

At the same time, the Universal Den was also drawn up into the air, and the statue and the Universal Den started to slowly fuse.

The sky gradually darkened as black clouds gathered and a great wind started to blow, bringing rocks and grass into the air.

The statue gave off a bright green light, and the Universal Den gave off a bright violet light as they slowly fused together and became a green cube.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lightning descended as the green cube floated in the air, giving off a piercing green light. A massive devilish aura spread out, causing the air to become incredibly heavy.

Suddenly, a trace of green blood leaked out from the green cube, which was filled with an evil and devilish aura, and it fell on Masanori Hano’s forehead.

Immediately, the drop of green blood entered Masanori Hano’s body, and a massive wave of energy spread out as Masanori Hano’s body trembled and shined with a brilliant green light.

Within the green light, Masanori Hano’s body started to change. Her pretty face became beautiful to the point that it could bring the downfall of nations, her gentle aura became incredibly alluring, and she gave off an incredibly enchanting aura. Japan’s first enchantress had appeared.

After obtaining this bloodline, a devil bloodline, her body had become a semi-devil body, and she had become many times more powerful.

The green cube slowly descended into Masanori Hano’s hand and turned into a special City Creation Stone, and she also seemed to have become a different person.

Devil City Stone: Grade: Legendary, Description: A special City Creation Stone. All spawned residents will have some devil bloodline.


A man in white carried a zither on his back as he went to a quiet bamboo forest. He was Liu Yubai and the person who had obtained Heavenly Sword City.

Right now, Liu Yubai’s eyes seemed incredibly deep, and he seemed to be able to see everything. In fact, he could see even more clearly than a normal person.

During the first night of the Divine Fish Festival, Liu Yubai’s eyes had miraculously been able to see, though this didn’t cause many changes to him. It was as if he had always been able to see, and he calmly accepted his new sight.

The zither music that he played was simply too moving, and it sounded like celestial music, causing countless divine fish to leap out of the waters and turn into countless motes of light that streamed towards him.

On that first night, the dozens of meters around Liu Yubai had been covered with light as he continuously played the zither, his mind and mental state frighteningly calm and steady.

Suddenly, a zither sound had come from the sky that was incredibly beautiful and contained a trace of ancientness. No one else could hear this apart from Liu Yubai.

When he had heard this sound, his movements had paused as if he had received some sort of legacy, and he found out about the terrifying fact that the Heaven Awaken World would devour the real world in the future.

Liu Yubai didn’t want to be caught up in these things, but it was unavoidable. As such, he decided to create a land where those who loved zithers could reside.

He pressed the City Creation Stone against the ground, and a clear sword hum sounded out as violet light rippled out. Liu Yubai was covered by a violet sword light.



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