Chapter 355 – God-Killing Intent

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After the Goblin King blocked this attack, he swung with his other hand, sending chains whipping towards the place where the silver ray of light had flown out from. The chains slammed onto the ground, blasting open a two-meter wide crater, but Zhao Fu was long gone.


Another silver ray of light suddenly shot at the Goblin King from behind.

Countless chains stretched out from the Goblin King’s back, spiraling around in the air and forming a large circular shield. The silver light slammed into the shield, causing a loud clanging sound to ring out. The silver ray of light continuously diminished before it finally scattered as countless motes of light.

At the same time, the Goblin King’s body once again became a bit thinner, and he once again cast out chains towards where the silver light had come from. However, he was unable to hit Zhao Fu.

This time, Zhao Fu didn’t attack immediately, and he instead waited for a while before throwing out another Evil-Crushing Spear, which was once again blocked by the chains.

After repeating this five or six times, the Goblin King’s large body had become a lot thinner, and his eyes became even more lifeless. Now, Zhao Fu only had eight Evil-Crushing Spears left, and he was quite reluctant to use them. So, he brought out the Great Spirit Roc Bow.
An arrow shot out and turned into a thin violet ray of light as it sped towards the Goblin King. Facing this arrow, the Goblin King stood his ground while the chain attached to his arm snaked out and knocked the arrow away.

This didn’t expend much of the Goblin King’s strength, so Zhao Fu was forced to use the Great Spirit Roc Bow’s strongest attack.

A violet roc with a wingspan of four meters suddenly appeared, giving off an incredibly sharp aura as it shot towards the Goblin King’s back.

The Goblin King turned around in time and stomped the ground, causing it to crack, and ten or so chains flew out from the ground and pierced through the violet roc, causing it to dissipate. The arrow turned into powder, but immediately afterwards, another violet roc shot towards the Goblin King.

Just like that, Zhao Fu continuously forced the Goblin King to use up his lifeforce. Zhao Fu could pay the price, but the Goblin King couldn’t because he was using his own life.

After continuing on for a few minutes, the Goblin King’s body had become drastically smaller, and his skin started to look wrinkled, making him look incredibly sickly.

At that moment, another three violet rocs shot out. The Goblin King stretched out his hand, and ten or so chains shot out, destroying the three violet rocs.
A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s face – if he continued stalling like this, not only would he be able to kill the Goblin King without doing much, but his soldiers would also have enough time to get rid of the other Goblins and conquer the village.

The Goblin King seemed to know that he couldn’t afford to continue on like this, so he made an important decision. His body seemed to shrink like a balloon with air rushing out of it until it seemed like there was only a layer of skin covering his bones, making him look quite terrifying.

At that moment, Zhao Fu felt an incredibly dangerous aura descend. He quickly looked up and saw an incredibly monstrous-looking black eye that gave off a terrifying aura in the sky.

The pupil of this eye was a ball made of countless chains, and it was a strange shape and gave off a god-killing intent, striking fear into everything that saw it.

At that moment, everything under the heavens seemed to go quiet, and all creatures seemed to feel that something incredibly dangerous had descended.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Countless chains, at least thousands, shot out from that monstrous eye, and they contained great power as they tore through the air and shot towards Zhao Fu below.
Zhao Fu’s hairs stood on end, and he immediately used his Nation Armament’s power as a 100-meter tall shield image appeared in front of him.


A massive explosion sounded out, after which countless rocks smashed into the ground as if there was a landslide. The ground continuously trembled as if there was some sort of natural disaster.

In the distance, the soldiers also detected those terrifying energy ripples and started to feel worried for Zhao Fu.

Within the circle made by the eight gigantic chains, the dust gradually cleared, revealing countless chains piercing through the ground in those 10,000 meters and creating a horrifying scene.

Zhao Fu lay on the ground, his body covered with blood as his arms, legs, and body were pierced by ten or so chains. The shield had been pierced by a few chains, and Zhao Fu had been nailed to the ground by the chains.

The Godly Demon’s Shield had been instantly destroyed by the chains, so Zhao Fu had to take out a Legendary grade shield. However, it was still unable to block those chains.

Luckily, his vitals hadn’t been hit, so the Goblin King had been unable to instantly kill Zhao Fu, only seriously injuring him.
The chains around him began to disappear as the Goblin King’s body became a dry corpse. The wind lightly blew, causing it to scatter like dust.

Zhao Fu raised his hand with great difficulty and took out some healing medicinal pills before swallowing them. He used his King’s Power to refine those medicinal pills, and they healed his body’s injuries.

After a while, Zhao Fu regained a trace of his strength, and he received system announcements that his soldiers had conquered and [Relocated] the Special Village. He felt quite relieved and struggled to his feet. He looked at the golden crown ahead of him and slowly trudged over and picked it up.

The crown was quite exquisite and beautiful, and there were some decorative designs and pictures on it. It was quite light in Zhao Fu’s hand, but there were some cracks in it, which ruined its beauty.

[King’s Crown]: Grade: Damaged, Stats: Strength +10, Intelligence +10, Agility +10, Constitution +10

Description: A crown forged from a God-Sealing Beast’s body and an Emperor’s bones. It contains immense power. It was an Emperor Heaven Armament, and anyone who wears it can obtain a King’s Profession and wield King’s Power and God-Sealing Power. Now, it has been depleted of its power and needs to absorb a King’s aura to recover.

After looking at the stats and description, Zhao Fu was shocked – he had never thought that this would actually be an Emperor Heaven Armament. Because of the information that he had obtained from God Kerr, he knew what an Emperor Heaven Armament was – they were incredibly rare in this world and completely outclassed Divine Earth Armaments, which were ‘Divine Armaments.’

He almost couldn’t believe that he had obtained such an item so easily.

However, this Emperor Heaven Armament had lost all of its power, making it a Gray grade or Damaged equipment, which was inferior to even White grade equipment.

However, even if it was a Gray grade piece of equipment, its stats weren’t inferior to that of a Gold grade piece of equipment and could give the person who wore it a King’s Profession. However, this King’s Profession wasn’t a profession that could grow and mature because it originated from the equipment.

It was evident how powerful this Emperor Heaven Armament was – it could directly give someone a King’s Profession, King’s Power, and God-Sealing Power. Luckily, it was possible to restore such a powerful item, or Zhao Fu most likely would have coughed up blood. He decided to look into how to properly restore it.



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