Chapter 361 – Domineering

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Because their factions were so powerful and no one dared to resist them, these people had become used to doing whatever they wanted. They acted without restraint, saying whatever they wanted.

Kobold Belin, sitting at the front, continued to smile, and he didn’t say anything. He didn’t care whether these Humans lived or died or who profited more or less. He saw that Zhao Fu seemed quite interesting, so he didn’t give the order for Zhao Fu to be chased out.

Seeing this, everyone else also felt quite amused, and everyone present hoped that the situation would become as savage as possible. After all, they were quite unhappy with the six top factions, and they had many grievances with them.

However, they had no intentions of getting caught up in this because Zhao Fu’s life or death had nothing to do with them. If he died, he had brought it on himself!

When he heard these words, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and said somewhat condescendingly and murderously, “Do you… want to die?

This person clearly wasn’t treating them seriously at all, and his tone was like talking to an ant. The six people were infuriated, and with their statuses, how could they tolerate such a thing? They simultaneously stood up, wanting to kill this arrogant person in front of them to relieve their anger.
“Kneel!” a cold voice said as an incredibly powerful aura burst forth, causing the air in the entire room to freeze.

The six people felt a boundless power weigh down on them, and even despite trying to use all of their power, they were unable to resist at all. Their legs crumpled, and they crashed heavily to their knees.

These six people only had Stage 1 cultivation, and Zhao Fu had killed many people who had acted arrogantly in front of him. If others treated him respectfully and courteously, he would return that. However, if they didn’t, there was no need for him to hold back.

Facing the terrifying aura that Zhao Fu had released, everyone present felt quite startled. Even though this aura wasn’t directed towards them, they could feel how powerful it was, and it was enough to suppress everyone here.

Belin also felt quite shocked – he had never thought that Zhao Fu would be strong enough to rival a Stage 3 expert. In actuality, Zhao Fu hadn’t used his full strength because he was as strong as a Stage 4 expert. With the City Lord Seal, most people here would either be killed or heavily wounded just from his aura alone.

However, Zhao Fu decided to only reveal a portion of his strength because if he unleashed his full strength, he would alert the Kobolds. That wasn’t why he had come here.
The six people kneeling had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so strong. Now that they were all kneeling in front of him, these arrogant people felt like dying. This humiliation was something that would stay with them for the rest of their lives, and they would never be able to forget it.

“Arghhh!” the man with the crude voice, Wu Long, roared as he gathered all of his strength, making his face seem incredibly savage and for his veins to bulge as he tried to resist Zhao Fu’s suppression.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, and the pressure bearing down on Wu Long became four times heavier.


The sound of bones breaking rang out as Wu Long screamed. The bones in his legs had been broken, and he lay on the ground, vengefully glaring at Zhao Fu. “For you to humiliate me like this today, I’ll definitely make you suffer a terrible death in the future. The Wu family won’t let you off either, and I’ll even kill everyone related to…”


A black sword light flashed, lopping Wu Long’s head off and causing blood to fly everywhere.
The other five people were quite close by and stained by blood. Feeling warm blood on their faces, the other five realized that Zhao Fu wasn’t someone who could be easily angered. Killing them only took a single thought, causing them to all become somewhat fearful.

Those around them looked quite shocked – none of them had expected Zhao Fu to kill someone so suddenly. What’s more, this was in the presence of Belin – he wasn’t putting the Kobolds in his eyes at all.

It became completely silent, and everyone looked at Zhao Fu, who was standing in the middle.

Zhao Fu’s body was giving off a dense killing intent as if he would be fine with killing everyone here. His gaze fell on the five people kneeling on the ground and asked, “I want to buy all of the Ceylon Spice; does anyone have any objections?”

Feeling that incredible killing intent, the five people’s bodies trembled in fear as they quickly shook their heads, signaling that they had no objections. They didn’t even dare to utter a single word.

“In that case, I’ll be buying everything from Westpan City from now on at ten times the price. Don’t come in the future.”

After Zhao Fu said these words with such a commanding tone, everyone present felt quite furious.
They had come to Westpan City to reap great benefits by trading with the Kobolds. Now, not only could they not have any Ceylon Spice, but Zhao Fu was also not allowing them to trade anything else. Even the six biggest factions hadn’t dared to do this because countless factions would retaliate against them. And yet, Zhao Fu had dared to do this.

“What? Do you have any objections?” After that cold and dignified voice spoke out, a massive aura covered everyone present.

Zhao Fu could detect the dissatisfaction from these people and turned to look at them, and the threat couldn’t be clearer. If they dared to say anything, he would immediately kill them.

After having this aura turned to them, the rest of the people realized how terrifying it truly was. The icy killing intent was enough to make them break out in a cold sweat, and even though they had objections, none of them dared to voice them.

Right now, Zhao Fu wanted to use a large amount of equipment and medicinal pills to trade with Westpan City. If they used these equipment and medicinal pills, Westpan City wouldn’t be able to resist at all, and Zhao Fu would be able to obtain Westpan City like he had been able to with the Orc City.

Even though he could sell equipment and medicinal pills to Westpan City in exchange for the Ceylon Spice, there were many other items that could be traded, which would allow him to give them a massive amount of equipment and medicinal pills.
As such, Zhao Fu didn’t want to let go of this opportunity, and he didn’t give anyone present any face. What’s more, he excused this behavior by offering ten times the price from before in order to not arouse any suspicion.

Belin smiled – he didn’t plan on condemning Zhao Fu’s actions because Westpan City would now receive ten times more profit than before. This was a massive gain.

This sort of profit was enough for Belin to disregard anything that Zhao Fu did. Now that he had a super tycoon like Zhao Fu, there was no need for anyone else.

Seeing how domineering Zhao Fu was, nobody dared to say anything or even reveal looks of discontent. After all, if they angered Zhao Fu, he would slaughter them all.

Seeing how happy Belin seemed, it didn’t seem like he would condemn Zhao Fu’s actions, so everyone ended up leaving in low spirits.

In the end, only Belin and Zhao Fu remained in the room.



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