Chapter 365 – Great Qin Setting Up

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This Town wasn’t in the Forest of Horrors but in a neighboring region, Hundred Bamboo. Great Qin got the news from a player.

This player had been lost for a few days, and he had been attracted over by a massive noise. He had followed that noise and discovered the Town – the massive noise was from the Village leveling up into a Town.

Afterward, the player returned to his system main city and sold the location of this Town for a high price.

The location of any villages or towns in the wilderness was very valuable, and many factions would spend a large amount of money to purchase such information. If they could take down that village or town, they would be able to obtain population, resources, and money – all of these were massive benefits.

However, because this person had already sold this information to many large factions, Zhao Fu had to quickly gather his soldiers. If a few large factions banded together, it would be quite easy for them to take down this Town.

After all, it had just leveled up into a Town, and whether it was regarding population or defense, it was weaker than a normal Town. Most large factions had tens of thousands of people, and if they joined together, it would be impossible for the Town to defend against 60,000 to 70,000 soldiers.
There were only 20,000 or so people in this Town, and it only had 4,000 soldiers. Adding on the fact that the town walls hadn’t been built yet, it would be quite easy to take down this Town. Right now, the most important thing was speed and dealing with those large factions.

“How long has it been?” Zhao Fu understood the gravity of the situation, and his One World Rod turned into the Royal Wood Sword as he started walking towards the City Hall.

Wang Ergou followed behind him and replied, “Your Majesty, it has been about one hour since we received this information. The other factions most likely received the information at the same time as us.”

“Which factions did that person sell the information to? Do you know where those factions are based? And apart from those large factions, did that person tell anyone else about this?” Zhao Fu rapidly asked a few questions as he walked.

Wang Ergou followed behind Zhao Fu as the female attendants followed behind both of them. Wang Ergou told Zhao Fu that the person had sold this information to four large factions. Three of them were at one system main city, and the remaining one was at another system main city. He also told Zhao Fu that he had already sent people to find out the location of their headquarters.

“Moreover, the person who sold this information already escaped back to the real world. This subordinate has already ordered people to wait where he disappeared. Once he appears, we’ll either restrain him or kill him to prevent him from leaking this information.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and ordered, “Gather all the soldiers and summon the members of Eternal Night.”
“Yes, Your Majesty!” Wang Ergou obeyed and quickly left to carry out Zhao Fu’s orders.

After receiving their orders, the Generals and Commanders quickly returned, as did the members of Eternal Night.

Eternal Night was comprised mainly of Assassins, and it was a Department that Zhao Fu had established early on. Apart from collecting intelligence, it also carried out assassinations. After nurturing Eternal Night for so long, it was time to put those Assassins to use.

On an empty piece of land, torches burned brightly, illuminating the surroundings. There were about 6,000 people gathered there, and they wore black hoods and gave off strange auras.

There were 12 people standing in front of this massive crowd – they were the 12 legatees of the Assassin Legacy, and after discussing tactics, Zhao Fu and Bai Qi also arrived.

Seeing Zhao Fu, everyone half-kneeled and called out simultaneously, “Your Majesty!”

Looking at these people, Zhao Fu didn’t waste any words and said, “Right now, your only task is to kill everyone from those four factions.”

On the other side, the four factions were quickly gathering their people, preparing to join together to take down the Town. The value of the Town was massive, and just the City Creation Stone alone was worth an astronomical fortune.
It was now 9 PM, and they hadn’t finished gathering their people. No one knew whether the other three factions were ready or not; they all hoped that the others wouldn’t take down the Town without them. Everyone was on edge, and their eyelids kept twitching.

An incredibly skinny middle-aged man from the Skinbones Gang felt quite worried and said, “Old Third, why are there only this many people? What’s going on? There are massive profits to be made from that Town, so tell them to hurry up.

A big man with tattoos from the Lily Gang also loudly called out, “Goddamnit, hurry up! Time waits for no one. If we take down that Town, your elder will take you all to the Red Street to have fun with women.”

The Red Street was a small street with some ‘special service’ workers, most of whom were players. They had merely taken their profession from the real world into the Heaven Awaken World, and no one cared about this. The massive profits attracted many women, and almost every system main city had a street like this

An old man from the Li family also ordered people to hurry up. If this information was leaked and others found out, it was possible that they would obtain nothing.

When they found out, they had wanted to kill the person selling the information. However, that person had long since been prepared and immediately escaped. No one knew just who he had sold this information to, so the four largest factions agreed to take down the Town before splitting it.
Right now, the four factions were all gathering people in the system main cities. After what had happened with Great Shun, no one dared to reveal the location of one’s village; only the most loyal core members could go to the villages.

As such, most of the villages were made up of indigenous residents and only a few core players. Other ordinary players couldn’t enter the villages, and they could only wait at the gathering points in the system main cities.

This saved Zhao Fu the trouble of finding their gathering point. Zhao Fu took his 6,000 Assassins to Hundred Bamboo while Bai Qi quickly gathered the troops.

Zhao Fu and Bai Qi split into two groups: Zhao Fu would take care of the true threat, which was the four factions, while Bai Qi attacked the Town. Zhao Fu decided to get rid of the four factions because he was thinking about the long-term as well.

Zhao Fu had already established Heaven’s Choice in the Forest of Horrors, preparing to control the Forest of Horrors’ players, to attack cities, and to rule the Forest of Horrors.

After controlling the Forest of Horrors, Zhao Fu would expand out to the neighboring regions. Zhao Fu already had Ge Nia prepare to take over Battle City in Little Valley, and he would be the cornerstone on which Zhao Fu would take over Little Valley.
At East Green, Heavenstone City was a place that Zhao Fu had already planned to take down. Zhao Fu had been planning this for a long time not just to take revenge but also because Zhao Fu already had a shard of the City Lord Seal, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to take it down. At the same time, he already had Mountain Willow Town there.

Now, only Hundred Bamboo and Red Plum Plains were left. Zhao Fu decided to take this opportunity to destroy the four largest factions and establish his own faction.

The road to restoring Great Qin would be quite difficult; Zhao Fu could only consolidate his power at each step in order to make the way for Great Qin. If he didn’t make adequate preparations, he wouldn’t be able to restore Great Qin.



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