Chapter 367 – Army of 100,000

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Within an exquisite-looking restaurant, Zhao Fu sat next to a window with a table full of food in front of him. Zhao Fu raised his wine goblet and took a sip before looking at the scenery outside.

“How’s everything going?” Zhao Fu knew the strength of the four factions and had nothing to worry about, so he didn’t personally act. Rather, he sat in one of his restaurants in case something unexpected happened.

“Your Majesty, everything has been completed. There’s not a single person left at the meeting points of the four factions. Some people sensed that something was wrong and escaped, but this subordinate has already sent people to hunt them down,” Guo Binglin replied.

When he said this, Zhao Fu nodded and looked into the distance. “I wonder how things are going on Bai Qi’s side.”


“Advance at full speed! We must arrive at the Town as soon as possible in order to prevent anything unexpected from happening,” Bai Qi ordered loudly.

This time, Bai Qi brought an army of 100,000 people and quickly rushed towards the Town. After traveling for four hours or so, they finally reached the newly-leveled up Town.
The Town was smaller than most other Basic Towns, and it had simple wooden walls as its line of defense. They were only two meters tall and didn’t very strong – after all, the town had only just leveled up.

Bai Qi didn’t hesitate and ordered the army to surround the Town. The army of 100,000 flooded towards the Town, giving off a powerful aura of suppression that shocked everyone within ten kilometers.

It was around 2 or 3 AM, and most of the residents of the Town were asleep. However, there were soldiers standing guard, and seeing an ocean of enemies approaching, they immediately yelled, “Enemy attack!!”

These yells caused the slumbering Town to wake up. Torches were quickly lit, and many people were shocked awake. Hearing the massive marching sounds, they could tell the attackers were quite terrifying.

A soldierly-looking young man holding a spear rushed to the town walls. He was called Sun Wu, and he was the Mayor of the Town.

The Town had only just leveled up, and they hadn’t finished many upgrades yet. They were only slightly stronger than Advanced Villages, and they would only feel a bit safer after the town walls were completed. Only after their population greatly increased would they truly become powerful.

These days, they had been incredibly wary because even the town walls hadn’t been fully built yet. If any enemies attacked, they would be almost defenseless, so they couldn’t help but be alert.
Now, hearing that there was an enemy attack, what Sun Wu feared the most had happened. However, when he heard how terrified his soldiers sounded, Sun Wu started to feel worried. Just what sort of enemies had appeared for the soldiers to be so fearful?

When he came to the town walls, his expression became one of complete shock, and his body froze. He saw a massive ocean of soldiers – at least 100,000 of them – surrounding the Town. How was this possible?

Could it be that a system main city wanted his Town? However, seeing that there were all sorts of races, that didn’t seem quite possible. Nevertheless, these soldiers weren’t any weaker than the system main cities’ soldiers.

“We invite your Mayor out!” Sun Wu looked at the Commander riding on the large, black horse, and the commander gave off a cold and powerful aura. Sun Wu felt that this person was quite extraordinary, and he was definitely very important.

After thinking about it, Sun Wu walked out. Facing this army of 100,000 soldiers, he was unable to retaliate at all. Even with the normal residents, they only had 20,000 or so people, and they had inferior equipment and much lower cultivations. How could they fight?

If the enemy had wanted to attack the Town, it would’ve been destroyed instantly, so there was no reason for Sun Wu to hesitate.
“Sir, what business do you have with our Town?” Sun Wu breathed in deeply and calmed himself down before speaking, making himself not seem inferior in terms of aura.

For Sun Wu to come out and seem so calm despite being surrounded by an army of 100,000 soldiers, Bai Qi looked at him with a hint of admiration. He then said confidently, “The result of this is already clear. I’m sure that you know that many people already know the location of your Town; it will be impossible for you to defend it. If you submit to Great Qin, not only will you obtain a great opportunity, but your residents will also be able to live in peace!”

Attacking and conquering this Town would be incredibly easy for Bai Qi, so he decided to at least try to convince them to submit before attacking.

Bai Qi was called the God of Killing, and he had killed countless people in the past. However, he wasn’t someone who rashly committed massacres – he only killed if it served a purpose. After all, he was a Commander.

Hearing Bai Qi’s words, Sun Wu understood why they hadn't directly attacked – they wanted them to submit. The other side had given him plenty of face – with their 100,000 soldiers, it would be incredibly easy to stomp his Town into the ground.

However, what surprised him was that his Town’s location had already been leaked and that many people knew. If that was the case, the Town would be in great danger.
Moreover, even though Sun Wu was only a mere Mayor, he knew of the legendary Great Qin. Moreover, they had over 100,000 soldiers, showing how powerful and monstrous Great Qin was.

However, Sun Wu was still hesitant about surrendering so easily, so he asked, “Sir, can I please have some time to consider this?”

When he heard this, Bai Qi replied, “I can give you half an hour to think. After half an hour, I’ll immediately start to attack.”

Sun Wu nodded and returned to the Town, and he gathered all of the higher-ups of the Town to discuss.

Bai Qi also ordered the soldiers to remain alert in order to guard against any contingencies and to make preparations to attack the Town.

Time gradually passed.

Wang Jian sat on a Black Forest Horse beside Bai Qi and smiled as he asked, “Commander Bai, do you think that person will surrender?”

Bai Qi looked at the Town and replied, “He’s not stupid; I’m sure he’ll make the right decision!”
Less than half an hour later, Sun Wu brought the Town’s higher-ups out and bowed before saying, “Sir, we are willing to submit to Great Qin.”

A trace of a smile appeared on Bai Qi’s face, and he went to conquer and [Relocate] the Town. Now that its position had been exposed, it couldn’t remain here, or Great Qin would have to station many soldiers here. Great Qin’s soldiers were all incredibly busy, and because they couldn’t stay here, they had to relocate the Town.

Time was scarce because it was possible that other factions would be joining together to attack the Town. If there were too many people, it could be a big problem.

Bai Qi went to the Town’s City Heart. This Town was a Silver grade Town, and Bai Qi placed his hand on it and chose to conquer it and [Relocate] it. The entire Town trembled, and some the structures slowly disappeared as Bai Qi began to return to the Great Qin City with the Town’s inhabitants.



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