Chapter 373 – Imperial Rule

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Zhao Fu felt quite surprised – after all, he had thought that a battle with the large bearded man would be unavoidable. However, since the City Lord was willing to compromise, he decided to accept.

After all, his goal had been to destroy the Wang family, and now that he had succeeded, there was no benefit to fighting the City Lord here. After all, he had many of his own people here and had to think about them.

“I can accept that. I don’t want to develop enmity with Great Ancient City, and if possible, I’d like to get along amicably,” Zhao Fu said courteously as he retracted his aura.

The large bearded man felt quite relieved – he had been quite worried that the cloaked figure would have demanded to fight. He smiled as he said, “Of course I’d welcome you as a friend of Great Ancient City.”

The two of them cordially talked for a while before countless people watched in shock as Zhao Fu left.

The news about the Wang family being exterminated quickly spread, and everyone who heard about it felt incredibly shocked. No one had thought that such a powerful faction like the Wang family would have been exterminated so easily, and even the City Lord had gone. However, he had ended up chatting politely with the mysterious figure.

One could only imagine how terrifying the faction that had destroyed the Wang family was. Now, that restaurant became an inviolable existence for everyone.
Zhao Fu also established his own faction within Red Plum Plains. However, it wasn’t at Great Ancient City but at another system main city. This was because Zhao Fu felt that Great Ancient City was already incredibly wary, making it difficult to develop there.

Now, he had established a foundation for Great Qin in the four surrounding regions. After taking some time to develop, he would be able to draw in the net.

After returning to the Great Qin City, Zhao Fu found that there wasn’t much to do, and for the next few days, Great Qin developed steadily.

The soldiers continued to explore and conquer villages, and now, Great Qin controlled everything within 3,000 kilometers, which quite big. However, compared to the rest of the Forest of Horrors, it was still quite small.

In the early stages, having sufficient land was enough, and there was no point in having an excessive amount of it. Right now, Zhao Fu continuously conquered villages to boost his population, and the gains to territory were mainly subsidiary.

Only in the late stages would land be extremely useful. After establishing a nation, all of this would be national territory. The more national territory there was, the more Fate one would gain. After all, the land contained Fate of the land, and the more land one controlled, the more Fate of the land one would have. This would aid in their human resources, resulting in Great Qin becoming stronger.
The military matters were controlled by the various Commanders and Generals, and their main role was attacking villages. This was quite simple, so Zhao Fu didn’t need to participate.

With respect to internal affairs, Zhao Fu felt that he wasn’t very suitable for managing such things, so he didn’t take much part in that. Most things were handed over to Li Si because Zhao Fu was more suited to fighting than managing – he was a King who was suited to battle.

There were many things to manage for internal affairs because Great Qin now controlled 584 villages that were scattered within 1,500 kilometers of it. Luckily, teleportation channels made getting around a lot easier.

There were many things to take care of for internal affairs: the first was the quality of life for his people, as well as construction, production, business, education, transport, intelligence, and the harmony among the various races.

Now that he had excess time, even though Zhao Fu didn’t want to take care of these things, as the liege, he still had to play his part in managing some of these things. As such, he started with quality of life.

Zhao Fu wasn’t sure about this because quality of life depended on the people as a whole as opposed to a single person determining what was a good quality of life.

For example, some people could have high-paying jobs that were relaxing to them, but others would feel that such a lifestyle was boring and meaningless. Conversely, some could think that people working tough and dirty jobs had lousy lives, but those people might feel that their lives were filled with meaning and joy.
“Li Si, make an announcement and select 300 people as representatives,” Zhao Fu said to Li Si. Now, Great Qin had close to 700,000 residents, and because Zhao Fu was unable to ask all of them about their quality of life, he decided to choose representatives to gather views.

This was the best way to hear the views of many without expending too many resources. After all, Zhao Fu wasn’t interested in establishing a country like in the real world; rather, he preferred imperial rule with a supreme ruler.

However, Zhao Fu still recognized the importance of the people and the fact that a nation still had to rely on the commoners. Only by listening to their views would he be able to be an enlightened liege and give his people a good life.

This sort of method had been used in the west since ancient times, and it was a pity that eastern countries hadn’t used such methods until recently. Now that Great Qin was using such a method, it was a sort of reform that was quite progressive.

When he heard this, Li Si expressed his appreciation of the idea and ordered for representatives to be chosen.

This resulted in a lot of surprise and excitement, and people discussed this with each other.
“His Majesty wants us to choose representatives to hear our views and understand our lives? He’s such a wise ruler.”

“That’s right! His Majesty’s so high up above us, yet he wants to hear our views; he’s simply too good to us. It’s such a blessing for us to have a ruler like him!”

Someone said, “His Majesty has such a noble status, and we’re so far below him that I feel like voicing our opinions is like offending him. I feel that we should just do whatever His Majesty says; I trust that he’ll be able to lead us into a bright future.”

Immediately, someone else added, “This means that His Majesty is an enlightened liege and is willing to lower himself to hear our opinions. This means that he truly cares about us, and we’re incredibly blessed to have such a kind ruler. I believe that we should choose representatives not only for ourselves but also to help His Majesty establish a better Empire!” Many people agreed with this, and soon, passionate talks about who should be a representative began.

Zhao Fu had made some rules for the representatives, such as that they had to be respected by the majority of people around them and that they shouldn’t have any fairly bad tendencies.
After classes at the Rising Qin Academy were over, the students started talking about this, and this matter caused all of Great Qin to feel incredibly excited.

“Miss Asani, can we choose you to be our school’s representative?” one of the students loudly asked after class was over.

Asani knew about this matter, and when she heard that the students wanted her to be a representative, she shyly shook her head because she thought that she wasn’t suitable.

At the research workshop, Bai Shan heard about this and happily laughed before saying to the other Scholars, “Everyone, please choose me to be a representative; I feel that I’m quite suitable for this!”



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