Chapter 375 – Technique Item

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Zhao Fu looked at the time and saw that it was 9 PM, so the meeting was ten or so hours away. After discussing with Xianru, he found that the ten hours would be enough.

It would take Xianru two hours to create the technique item, and she would be able to transport it over in the remaining eight hours.

Now that the situation seemed to be resolved, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief and returned to the Heaven Awaken World. He found Bai Shan and asked him to temporarily stop researching Ultra Teleportation Channels and instead research how to create a grain harvester.

At the same time, Zhao Fu drew up a few blueprints and explained some things to Bai Shan and the Scholars.


On a nine meter tall platform, Xianru wore a long dress and stood at the center, preparing to create the technique item. Her hands continuously performed hand seals, releasing ripples that turned into berserk gales, and there were faint sounds of thunder in the background.

Two hours later, Xianru made a small cut on her wrist, allowing a drop of blood to fall onto a jade pendant, which turned into a blood-red rune that entered the jade pendant. An image of a taichi symbol appeared within the jade pendant, and the technique item was complete.

“Ali, hurry and deliver this.” Xianru walked down from the platform and gave the jade pendant to a man waiting there.
The man nodded and placed the jade pendant in a box before leaving. He got onto a helicopter and slowly disappeared over the horizon.


At 6 in the morning, just as the sky began to brighten, Zhao Fu got up and went to the gate of the Ying family’s residence. This was the day of the massive meeting, so the entire Ying family became quite lively.

Zhao Fu anxiously waited at the gate – if his identity was exposed, even if the Ying family didn’t kill him, he would be put in a very disadvantageous position. He didn’t have strength in the real world, and the Ying family would be able to do whatever they wanted with him.

Zhao Fu absolutely didn’t want to have his life in the hands of others, nor did he want Great Qin to be controlled by any external faction. Therefore, he couldn’t allow his identity to be exposed at this meeting.

Time gradually passed, and Zhao Fu continued to wait. Soon, luxury cars drove into the Ying family’s residence – many people were attending, so some of the Ying family’s people outside also returned.

“Zhao Fu!” Suddenly, a voice called out to him. Zhao Fu turned and saw Wu Qingniang get out of a car. Wu Qingniang had put a lot of effort into her appearance today. She wore a violet dress with crystal earrings, and her hair fell to her shoulders. She gave off a beautiful and noble aura.

Seeing Wu Qingniang arrive, Zhao Fu didn’t feel too surprised. After all, the Ying family had a close relationship with the Wu family and would typically invite the Wu family’s people to large events they held.

“What are you waiting for? Don’t tell me you were waiting for me!” Wu Qingniang grinned as she spoke.

Zhao Fu awkwardly smiled and shook his head as he replied, “I’m waiting for something!”

Wu Qingniang felt quite curious and asked, “Really? What is it?”

Of course, Zhao Fu couldn’t tell Wu Qingniang about the technique item, so he replied, “It’s nothing much, just something small.”

Of course, Wu Qingniang didn’t completely believe Zhao Fu, and she looked at him suspiciously. However, since he didn’t want to say what it was, she didn’t plan on forcing him to tell her. “Alright, it’s nearly time though, so don’t be late. I’ll wait for you inside.”

Zhao Fu nodded, and Wu Qingniang got into the car again as it drove further into the Ying family’s residence.

Soon, it was 7 AM, but the technique item still hadn’t arrived, making Zhao Fu feel quite anxious.
Another 20 minutes later, a man walked over to Zhao Fu and handed him a box before quickly leaving.

Zhao Fu opened the box and saw a jade pendant. Seeing this jade pendant, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief, and he prepared to attach it to himself as an accessory.

Within the boundless darkness, a gigantic devilish star gave off a bright blood-red light and started to rotate. A blood-red thread fell from the sky, causing the air to tremble and the jade pendant to turn into powder. Zhao Fu stared, unable to comprehend what was going on.

Why had this jade pendant suddenly been destroyed? How was he supposed to hide his identity? What was he supposed to do now?

“Zhao Fu!” Wu Qingniang came over to Zhao Fu somewhat angrily – she had already told him not to be late, yet he had made her wait for over an hour. No man had dared to treat her like this before.

Zhao Fu came back to his senses, looked at Wu Qingniang, and apologized.

Wu Qingniang harrumphed and grabbed Zhao Fu before pulling her into the car. Zhao Fu knew where Wu Qingniang was bringing him – now that he had no way to hide his Fate, he didn’t want to go, or his identity would be exposed.
“Qingniang, I have some matters to take care of, so I won’t be attending the meeting,” Zhao Fu said.

However, Wu Qingniang looked at Zhao Fu and gave off a domineering aura as she replied, “No! You’re the man I’ve chosen, and I want someone to take a look at your Fate. If I’m not satisfied, I’ll be leaving you.”

Zhao Fu could only bitterly smile – it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to escape this time, and he would have to take each step as it came. Perhaps having his identity exposed would result in something beneficial, such as him succeeding the Ying family. However, Zhao Fu didn’t want his life to be in someone else’s hands.

The future was filled with unknown variables, and because Zhao Fu wasn’t a god, he couldn’t see into the future or control everything. As such, he could only dispiritedly look out of the window.

Seeing Zhao Fu fall silent, Wu Qingniang thought that she had gone too far, so she wrapped her arm around Zhao Fu’s as she put her head against Zhao Fu’s shoulder and asked in a soft voice, “Are you angry?”

Zhao Fu came back to his senses and smiled. “No, it’s just that you might be disappointed with my Fate and give up on me.”

Zhao Fu didn’t have much confidence in Wu Qingniang. After all, she just wanted to be with him based on her instincts. In reality, the relationship between them was limited to just being friends.
Zhao Fu had never thought of himself as Wu Qingniang’s man, and he was clear about his position. If she chose someone else, he wouldn’t mind and would understand.

Hearing Zhao Fu’s words, Wu Qingniang started to feel truly annoyed and pinched Zhao Fu’s side savagely, causing him to spasm.

“I wouldn’t give up on you; you’re the only man I’ve set my eyes on. Even if you don’t have any Fate, I’ll help you change your life and fate.”

Wu Qingniang held Zhao Fu’s arm and looked at Zhao Fu with an earnest look in her eyes.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite guilty and didn’t know how to face Wu Qingniang. Luckily, they were nearly at the meeting spot, allowing Zhao Fu to inwardly let out a sigh of relief.



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