Chapter 383 – Fake Legatee

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“And you, you’re called Ying Wu, right? Great Qin’s Legatee doesn’t need a fake Legatee like you, so you can leave and get rid of your Ying surname.”

Hearing Zhao Fu’s second order, everyone felt even more shocked. It wasn’t just the Ying family’s number one successor but also the fake Legatee who wasn’t spared.

Ying Wu – no, Li Wu – suppressed the anger and resentment within him. The humiliation he had felt today had been carved into his heart, and he wanted to dismember Zhao Fu into ten thousand pieces. He thought to himself, “You’re just a dog of Great Qin’s Legatee; what are you acting all high and mighty for?”

Even though he felt incredibly spiteful, he didn’t dare to look discontent because he knew that it would only take a single sentence from Zhao Fu to kill him.

As such, he didn’t wait to be dragged out and instead walked out by himself. He felt incredibly humiliated, and every step he took made him feel more hatred towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing how Li Wu looked, Zhao Fu could detect his hatred. He immediately called over a guard and ordered him to kill Li Wu after he left the Ying family’s residence.
The guard obeyed and brought a few more guards to follow after Li Wu.

Because Ying Qin had been the number one successor of the Ying family, Zhao Fu couldn’t order him to be killed, but Li Wu was different. He was only a minor figure, and since he hated Zhao Fu so much, Zhao Fu wouldn’t spare him and leave future trouble for himself.

Sensing the faint killing intent from Zhao Fu’s eyes and seeing some guards follow after Li Wu, many people understood that Zhao Fu had sent those guards to kill him. When everyone thought of this, everyone felt a bit fearful and felt that Zhao Fu was quite vicious and cruel.

However, the Ying family’s family leaders looked at Zhao Fu with appreciation – even if he hadn’t sent people to kill Li Wu, they would have done so.

Now, under Zhao Fu’s domineering and murderous aura, the entire scene fell silent, and no one dared to make any noise. Everyone lowered one’s head, making the atmosphere seem quite oppressive.

Zhao Fu looked over at Ying Xi, and feeling this gaze, Ying Xi felt quite startled. If he could strip the number one successor of his status and expel him from the Ying family, she wouldn’t be able to resist him in whatever he wanted to do to her.

Facing Zhao Fu’s gaze, Ying Xi couldn’t help but feel quite fearful. Her body started to slightly tremble, and she realized that she was nothing without the Ying family. With a single order from Zhao Fu, she would lose everything that she had.
“Zhao Fu!” Wu Qingniang couldn’t help but call out to Zhao Fu, unwilling to watch Zhao Fu do anything to Ying Xi.

Zhao Fu looked over at Wu Qingniang. He had only been displeased at the way Ying Xi had spoken earlier, and he hadn’t planned to do anything to her. After all, she had helped him in the past and was Wu Qingniang’s good friend.

“The meeting’s over!” Following this, Zhao Fu once again spoke, making everyone feel relieved. Everyone quickly left, afraid that Zhao Fu would do something to them.

At that moment, Wu Qingniang walked up and seemed quite angry as she stretched out her hand and pinched Zhao Fu. “You actually dared to hide so much from me? You even said that you didn’t have much Fate. You also didn’t even mention that you were in contact with Great Qin’s Legatee.”

In response, Zhao Fu could only apologetically smile.

Ying Xi walked up and looked at Zhao Fu. Now, she completely believed what Wu Qingniang had said to her about Zhao Fu. It seemed that Zhao Fu really wasn’t as simple as he looked, and he wasn’t someone who she could control.

“Qingniang, I’m sorry for what I said before,” Ying Xi said remorsefully.

Wu Qingniang smiled and said, “It’s nothing; I know that you said it for my good, but the truth proves that I was right!”

Ying Xi also smiled and said, “I know. You’re quite amazing!”
Ying Xi wasn’t as good of a judge of character as Wu Qingniang. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have let such a good catch like Zhao Fu go. After all, Wu Qingniang had asked for Zhao Fu from Ying Xi.

The two women started to excitedly talk, and Zhao Fu turned his gaze to Qiu Fengzi, who had been waiting for a while. He thought for a moment before excusing himself and left with Qiu Fengzi.

Seeing Zhao Fu and Qiu Fengzi leave together, Wu Qingniang felt that there were still things that Zhao Fu was hiding from her.

After arriving at Zhao Fu’s room, Qiu Fengzi made sure there was no one around before bowing and saying, “This poor Taoist greets Great Qin’s Majesty. Please forgive this poor Taoist for causing many things.”

All of this had indeed been caused by Qiu Fengzi. It was him who had urged the Ying family to hold this meeting, and he had never thought that he would suffer such a serious backlash from Fate Gazing Zhao Fu. Even now, Qiu Fengzi was still in pain, and back when he had coughed up blood and fallen to the ground, that had caused people to call Zhao Fu a sign of calamity.

Things were different than how they had been before – back when Zhao Fu had just established the Great Qin Village and Xianru had used Fate Gazing on him at Holy Light City, she hadn’t received a great backlash. Now that Zhao Fu had awakened the Chaos Imperial Star, anyone would suffer a heavy backlash from using Fate Gazing on him.

Qiu Fengzi explained everything to Zhao Fu from beginning to end and sincerely asked for forgiveness.
Zhao Fu had never expected his position to have been exposed when he awakened the Myrtle Imperial Star. Only after Qiu Fengzi told him did he realize this.

However, seeing how sincere Qiu Fengzi seemed, Zhao Fu accepted his apology and decided to take him as one of his own – after all, he had protected his identity, and the situation had turned out quite well for him.

Qiu Fengzi was incredibly delighted because after Zhao Fu accepted him, traces of a black, dragon-like aura started to appear around him, and Qiu Fengzi became even more respectful towards Zhao Fu.

Afterward, Zhao Fu and Qiu Fengzi continued chatting, and Zhao Fu realized that the jade pendant from Xianru had disintegrated because his Fate was simply too powerful and aggressive. No temporary Fate-hiding item could hide it or suppress it.

Qiu Fengzi planned to create a special technique item to hide Zhao Fu’s Fate so that others wouldn’t discover Zhao Fu’s identity in the real world.


Elsewhere, the guards followed Li Wu out of the Ying family’s residence. Just as the guards prepared to make a move, Li Wu started darting all over the place, but in the end, he was cornered by them in an alleyway.

“You were sent by Zhao Fu to kill me, right?” Li Wu asked spitefully.
The guards didn’t answer Li Wu’s question, and they immediately prepared to deal with him so that they could return and tell Zhao Fu that they had fulfilled his orders.

Seeing the guards slowly take out guns, Li Wu felt quite scared and helpless. The fact that ordinary people could never resist the large families had never been clearer than it was now to him.

Just as Li Wu thought that he was going to die without a doubt, a few dark figures suddenly appeared and knocked the guards down before taking Li Wu away.


Meanwhile, everything that had happened at the Ying family’s residence spread, causing all of the Chinese factions to feel incredibly shocked. Now, a minor figure like Zhao Fu was known by all of the large factions.



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