Chapter 400 – King’s Seal

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“Skreeeee!!” The blood-red eagle cried out and spread its wings as it attacked first. It shot forwards as its iron-like claws raked towards the blue dragon in the sky.

The blue dragon was only 60 or so meters long, so it seemed quite small. Bai Qi’s eagle was formed from the aura of 60,000 soldiers, so it had a wingspan of 30 meters and wasn’t too much smaller than the blue dragon.

Facing the eagle’s attack, the blue dragon twisted its body and faced the eagle head-on. A muffled explosion sounded out as the blood-red eagle was blasted back, but it quickly stabilized its body in the air. The blue dragon hadn’t been able to deal much damage to the massive blood-red eagle.

The blood-red eagle didn’t continue to attack. After all, this was the Fate Dragon of a State, and even though it was quite small and didn’t have a lot of Fate, it wasn’t something that the eagle could fight with by itself.

However, after the three other beasts arrived, the situation changed.

The blood-red eagle once again attacked, swooping down with immense force as it pecked towards the blue dragon. Facing such a ferocious attack that gave no regard to defense, the blue dragon could only dodge away.

However, a black tiger ferociously leaped towards the blue dragon, forcing it to flick its tail and whip the black tiger away. Grasping this opportunity, the green wolf leaped up, biting the dragon’s body.

Following this, the gigantic azure bull charged towards the blue dragon, smashing into it and causing it to lose its bearings.

Because each of the three other beasts had been formed from the auras of 20,000 soldiers, they were fairly small and only ten meters long. However, they were still able to deal great damage to the blue dragon.

After suffering two attacks, the blue dragon roared and swung its body about, sending the green wolf flying before turning and biting towards the azure bull.


At that moment, the blood-red eagle once again rushed down, raking its incredibly sharp blood-red claws against the dragon before stabbing into it. Feeling this attack, the blue dragon roared and instead turned to bite at the eagle.

The five beasts started to fight in the air, causing wild gusts of wind to blow. The auras they gave off were incredibly frightening, and the battle was quite intense. However, Great Qin’s side had a great advantage, as it was four against one.

Wang Xiao’s expression was quite ugly. He had never thought that his full-strength Fate Dragon would be suppressed by these four beasts while his enemy hadn’t even unleashed his Fate Dragon. This was a massive humiliation.

Zhao Fu looked at Wang Xiao with his blood-red eyes as his King’s Seal appeared on the back of his right hand. “Little Sha! Little Qing! Go and kill him.”

Suddenly, two figures exploded out with powerful auras and rushed out towards the town walls. After a few leaps, they arrived at the top of the town walls and started to attack Wang Xiao.

Facing these two people’s ferocious attacks, Wang Xiao didn’t dare to be careless and fought them with his full strength.

The sieges of the other three sides were led by Zhang Dahu, Xiao Jian, and Old Logue. Seeing that the defenders were desperately running and hiding, Zhang Dahu ordered the Archers to fire at will.

This meant that the Archers could fire wherever and whenever they wanted, picking off the enemies as they tried to run.

Seeing that most of the defenders had been dealt with, Zhang Dahu then ordered to advance, and 20,000 soldiers rushed towards the town wall, their roars sounding like thunder.

Hearing this, the State of Zheng’s soldiers prepared to counterattack, but as soon as they revealed themselves, arrows were fired at them. What’s more, there were only 2,000 people left on the town wall, which was far enough from being able to defend the entire thing, making it impossible to form a defensive line.

By now, Great Qin’s soldiers had already reached the town wall and propped up ladders that they had prepared as they climbed up the town walls. They had to do this quickly because sieging was incredibly dangerous, and it was easy to be attacked while scaling the ladders.

Some defending soldiers risked their lives to pick up some heavy objects and throw them at the attackers climbing up the ladders. However, the thousands of Archers below immediately attacked. Evidently, the 2,000 defenders were no match for 20,000 attackers.

They had already been at a disadvantage in everything, and now their morale had been completely crushed. As such, the State of Zheng’s soldiers were destined to lose.

Soon, many of Great Qin’s soldiers had climbed up the town wall, and some elite soldiers climbed up using chains and grappling hooks. Very quickly, they gained control of the town wall and opened the town gates, allowing the rest of the soldiers to enter.

The two other teams of Great Qin’s soldiers also took over their respective walls at the cost of a few injuries and casualties before also entering.

By now, the State of Zheng didn’t have many people left. They only had 50,000 people from the beginning, and after sending many people to the town walls, only 10,000 elderly, children, and women were left.

Right now, Great Qin’s soldiers’ task was to take over the State of Zheng’s town. Against these people who had very little strength, they spared anyone who surrendered, but anyone who resisted was killed on the spot.

After Great Qin’s soldiers entered the town, the City Heart released a 50-meter wide blue energy barrier, protecting itself.

The three groups of Great Qin’s soldiers operated separately and quickly took control of the State of Zheng’s Town. Now, the only place not under their control was the Town Hall because the 60,000 soldiers were unable to quickly take down the blue energy barrier.

As such, Great Qin’s soldiers met up with the main group on the eastern side, surrounding the eastern town wall. As long as they could kill Wang Xiao, the energy barrier would automatically shatter.

On the eastern town wall, Wang Xiao furiously slashed at Tuoba Qing with his sword, and Tuoba Qing immediately used her large blood-red sword to block. In response, Wang Xiao roared, and his aura exploded as he vigorously kicked Tuoba Qing back ten or so meters.

However, Little Sha immediately appeared behind Wang Xiao as he slashed out with his dagger, drawing a large gash across Wang Xiao’s back. Wang Xiao howled in pain and turned to attack Little Sha.

Currently, Wang Xiao was covered with many injuries from Little Sha and Tuoba Qing. However, it wasn’t just Wang Xiao. Wang Xiao’s blue dragon in the sky was also covered with injuries from the four beasts in the sky.

“You can all stand down!” A calm voice sounded out, causing everyone to freeze and retreat.

Now, Wang Xiao was completely spent, so it was time to reap the harvest of victory.

Zhao Fu was standing in the air, his body giving off a terrifying aura. His black cloak fluttered even though there wasn’t any wind, making it hard to see his appearance. However, his blood-red eyes gave off a devilish light, making them quite eye-catching.

“Arghhh!!!” Seeing Zhao Fu, Wang Xiao’s expression became savage as he exploded out with all of his strength, and his body gave off a blue light, causing a shocking gust of wind to ripple out. Wang Xiao gripped his sword with both hands and shot towards Zhao Fu.



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