Chapter 408 – Emperor Cloth

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Countless people subconsciously retreated and made space while Nangong Shuyue stepped away from her son. As the Legatee of Later Zhou, he had to act with dignity.

Chai Shaohui looked at Zhao Fu resolutely and took out a short sword from his spatial ring. With his height, using a short sword was quite suitable. He gripped the short sword with both hands and went into a defensive stance.

Zhao Fu’s blood-red eyes looked at Chai Shaohui, and he gave off a monstrous aura as he walked over.

The surroundings fell silent, and the atmosphere became incredibly oppressive. Everyone’s gaze was on the two people in the center, and they all knew that Chai Shaohui couldn’t defeat Great Qin’s Legatee. What was key was how Later Zhou Legatee, this 12-year-old boy, would die.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu’s body blurred and instantly traversed 20 or so meters, arriving before Chai Shaohui. He raised his sword and casually slashed out with it.


A terrifying black sword light, accompanied by incredibly destructive power, rushed out, seeming to be able to destroy a small mountain.

“Roarrr!” A dragon’s cry sounded out as Chai Shaohui was given a big fright and was forced to directly use his Fate Dragon’s power. His body gave off a yellow light as a powerful aura rippled out, and Chai Shaohui used his full strength to swing his sword, bringing with it a sword wind as it slashed towards Zhao Fu.


A massive sound rang out as the two swords clashed, and the energy they contained rippled out as a shockwave. A wild gale blew around them as a ten-meter wide crater was blasted open beneath their feet.

In the next second, Chai Shaohui’s small body was sent flying backward and hit a thick wall, causing it to collapse and sending a lot of dust into the air.

Right now, Chai Shaohui was too weak, and his cultivation wasn’t even at Stage 1. Because he was too young and didn’t have a lot of battle experience, he couldn’t control his strength well. As such, even though he had released his Fate Dragon’s power, he was unable to withstand a single blow from Zhao Fu because Zhao Fu could use his City Lord Seal’s power incredibly well.

Zhao Fu didn’t hold back at all even though Chai Shaohui was still a child. Even if it was a friend or a relative standing in his way as an enemy, he would cut everyone down. There was no need to show any mercy to those who wanted to stand in Great Qin’s way. Since they were the ones who made this decision, they cut off their ties with him, so Zhao Fu wouldn’t hold back at all.

As the saying went, ‘I would rather betray the whole world than be betrayed by the whole world!” Only those who understood those ambitious and ruthless words would understand the killing intent they contained.

Within the boundless darkness, a blood-red star started to slowly turn, giving off a devilish blood-red light and causing Zhao Fu’s eyes to shine with a blood-red light.

Within the ruins of the collapsed wall, Chai Shaohui was covered in blood when he stood up. His entire body ached, enough to make him cry, but he was the ruler of Later Zhou. As such, he endured it and yelled as he rushed at Zhao Fu again.

Zhao Fu coldly watched this as he raised the sword in his hand.


A sharp black arc of sword light tore a long gash on the ground as it shot out towards Chai Shaohui.

Chai Shaohui was given a big fright, and he quickly dodged to the side. However, his injured body had reacted a bit too late. Even though he had avoided being split in half, one of his hands was cut off.

“Arghhh!!” Chai Shaohui couldn’t endure this pain, and he crashed to the ground as he howled in pain. By the side, Nangong Shuyue couldn’t watch anymore. She ran over to Chai Shaohui and cried out as she comforted Chai Shaohui, “Don’t worry. Mum’s here.”

Following this, Nangong Shuyue started to take out medicines and treat Chai Shaohui’s severed wrist.

“Is there a need for that?” Zhao Fu coldly looked at the mother and son. Because of his mother, he would have normally felt quite sympathetic, but he felt nothing right now. He raised the Sky Demon Sword, causing it to shine with a brilliant black light, and everyone around them felt immense fear upon seeing this.

Nangong Shuyue felt how terrifying this power was and looked at Zhao Fu before looking down at her son in immense pain, and her face paled.

Just as Zhao Fu was able to sweep out with his sword, killing this mother and son, a voice suddenly called out.

“Wait! We’re willing to submit to Great Qin!” Nangong Shuyue cried out.

“Mother, no! Later Zhou won’t submit to anyone!” Chai Shaohui resisted the pain and said with great difficulty.

Nangong Shuyue smiled at her son as she said, “Mum will take care of this. Now that Later Zhou is destined to be destroyed, if even its foundation is destroyed, I won’t be able to protect you.”

However, Zhao Fu still didn’t put his sword away. Having a Legatee submit was far better than killing one, but Zhao Fu didn’t trust them.

The situation with the State of Wei was different because it had had a close relationship with Great Qin in history. Moreover, with the State of Wei’s overall character, Zhao Fu was willing to trust the State of Wei. However, things were different with Later Zhou.

After all, when Great Qin was establishing its nation, Later Zhou could cause troubles or uprisings, and Zhao Fu didn’t want to take this risk.

“Why should I trust you?” Zhao Fu asked Nangong Shuyue.

Nangong Shuyue hadn’t expected Zhao Fu to immediately trust them, so she was prepared for this question. She deeply breathed in and looked at Zhao Fu as she replied, “Great Qin’s Legatee, you should know that the Song Dynasty was established on Later Zhou’s roots and imitated Later Zhou in many ways.

“As such, Later Zhou will be able to help you in various ways if you want to deal with Great Song. Moreover, if you accept us, Great Qin will obtain some of Later Zhou’s Fate, which will allow you to use Great Song’s Nation Armament… the Emperor Cloth!”

This tempted Zhao Fu. After thinking for a moment, he put his sword away. If Later Zhou could really help him take down Great Song in the future, it would be good to keep Later Zhou, though he would have to control it strictly.

“Alright, I accept your surrender.”

Hearing this, Nangong Shuyue let out a sigh of relief before once again saying, “I would also like to request Your Majesty to give my son a Lordship!”

Zhao Fu had expected this, and he took out the Royal Wood Sword as he walked towards Nangong Shuyue and Chai Shaohui.

Seeing Zhao Fu draw another sword and walk over, Nangong Shuyue started to feel quite tense. However, because Zhao Fu gave off no killing intent, she relaxed slightly.

Zhao Fu went over to them and sent his King’s Power into the Royal Wood Sword, causing it to give off strands of a green light that reconnected Chai Shaohui’s severed hand to his wrist.

Very soon, Chai Shaohui’s wrist and hand were good as new, and even the pain was gone. Chai Shaohui’s expression of pain gradually decreased, and seeing this, Nangong Shuyue felt quite delighted.

“I title you Lord Zhou!” Zhao Fu withdrew the Royal Wood Sword and looked at Chai Shaohui as he spoke with might and dignity.

Chai Shaohui looked at his mother, and when he saw Nangong Shuyue nod, he stood up before kneeling, kowtowing, and saying, “Thank you, Your Majesty, for the title!”



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