Chapter 409 – Blue Grade King’s Crown

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After Chai Shaohui knelt and said those words of submission, a yellow light rushed out from his body and shot into the sky.

“Roarrrr!!” A massive dragon’s roar sounded out as a yellow dragon that was around 100 meters long flew out from his body and hovered in the sky, giving off a terrifying aura.

However, immediately afterward, the yellow dragon started to devolve – its body became smaller as its claws disappeared until it became a 30 meter long yellow Dragon Python.

At the same time, traces of a yellow aura floated towards Zhao Fu, and they were absorbed by the King’s Crown. After devouring the State of Zheng’s Legatee’s King’s aura, it had obtained Later Zhou’s Legatee’s King’s aura.

This caused the White grade King’s Crown to become Blue grade, and its stats once again became much more powerful.

The Dragon Python in the air gradually descended and re-entered Chai Shaohui’s body.

Following this, the yellow energy barrier outside of the Town Hall shattered like glass and disappeared.

“You may rise!” Zhao Fu said as he looked at Chai Shaohui.

Chai Shaohui stood up somewhat dispiritedly, and Nangong Shuyue comforted him by saying, “Don’t worry. Even though Later Zhou is gone, you’ll still accomplish great things in the future. Trust me.”

Chai Shaohui felt much better and nodded. “I understand, mother!”

Zhao Fu paid no attention to them and walked towards Later Zhou’s Town Hall while Bai Qi and the other Generals started to clear the battlefield and collect the spoils.

After coming to the Town Hall, Zhao Fu looked at the yellow cube floating in the air. This was the fourth Legacy that Great Qin had taken down, and a trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s face.

He placed his hand on the cube and chose to conquer it!

The City Heart continuously trembled and gave off terrifying ripples as a yellow pillar of light rushed into the sky, causing clouds to gather.

Mournful drum sounds suddenly rang out nine times, and almost the entire northern side of the Midland Continent heard these massive sounds.

All of the factions at the northern side seemed incredibly grim and apprehensive. Yet another Legatee had submitted, and everyone knew who the Legatee had submitted to – Great Qin was simply too terrifying.

Right after they had secretly formed their alliance, before they had even been able to do anything, Great Qin had taken down another State. Recently, Great Qin had taken down three States in a row, and with Great Shun from before, Great Qin had taken down four Legatees, resulting in Great Qin obtaining the Fate of four nations.

Great Qin’s Fate was incredibly terrifying, and all of the factions felt even more terrified. They started to hesitate, wondering if they still wanted to oppose Great Qin.

Despite having so many factions allied together, they were still quite unconfident because they were split across different regions and the paths between regions hadn’t been opened yet. On the other hand, Great Qin had the power to traverse regions, making it easy for Great Qin to deal with them. Otherwise, with the many factions in the northern side of the Midland Continent, they wouldn’t have to fear Great Qin at all.

If they opposed Great Qin, it was possible for them to die – however, if they didn’t oppose Great Qin, they might still die. As such, it was quite difficult for them to make a decision.

Afterward, they found out that it was Later Zhou who had submitted to Great Qin. This news caused Great Song to start being wary of Great Qin, and it started to hold meetings to discuss this matter.

Now, out of the Qin Resistance Alliance, only the Kingdom of Qi remained. It was incredibly terrified because it was very possible that it would be the next to be destroyed by Great Qin.

When the other Dynasties heard of Later Zhou being destroyed, they all became incredibly serious. Great Qin had been incredibly active recently, destroying three nations, and its speed was simply incomprehensible.

In the real world, when the family leaders of the Ying family heard about this, they naturally were incredibly happy and excited. Now, it was possible that Great Qin’s Legatee and Great Qin would return to the Ying family.

Moreover, because they had made Zhao Fu the proxy family leader, they believed that this would satisfy Great Qin’s Legatee and establish a relationship between them and the Ying family.

After hearing about this, Su Yan looked incredibly serious and didn’t say anything as he continued to look through all sorts of information.

Back in the Heaven Awaken World, after Zhao Fu conquered Later Zhou’s Town, system announcements started to sound out in his mind.

“System announcement! Later Zhou has submitted, and all of its Fate has been devoured by Great Qin. Great Qin has obtained a large amount of Fate.”

“System announcement! Great Qin has subdued Later Zhou and obtained all of its Legacies.”

“System announcement! The Great Qin’s City Heart has started to evolve and completed 3/30 of the evolution.”

“System announcement! The Great Qin City has obtained one-fifth of Later Zhou’s Town’s stats.”

“System announcement! The Nation Armament Twelve Metal Colossi has obtained a massive amount of Fate and slightly upgraded.”

“System announcement! The Clan Armament Imperial Ruler’s Seal has obtained a massive amount of Fate and slightly upgraded.”

“System announcement! You have conquered a Legacy Town and obtained 3,000 Achievement Points.”

“System Announcement! You have obtained 100 War Points.”

These system announcements were all the same as before, and Zhao Fu didn’t go through them in detail. Zhao Fu had directed all of the Achievement Points to Doke because Great Qin was currently eyeing Westpan City as its prey. Since it was a Kobold City and Doke was a Kobold, it would be good for him to become a Viscount in advance.

There was also another system announcement that said that the Chaotic World Stone Stele had leveled up to Level 4, which would allow them to get Gold grade items from it. Upgrading to a Level 5 Chaotic World Stone Stele required 1,000 War Points and would allow them to exchange for Legendary grade items.

Great Qin had quite a lot of War Points now, and it hadn’t used any yet.

Zhao Fu sat in a hall while Bai Qi and the other Generals went through the reports of the battle. There were also three others present: Nangong Shuyue and two historical Generals of Later Zhou. One was called Li Zhong, who was S grade, and the other was called Li Yun, who was SS grade.

As for Chai Shaohui, because he had been heavily injured, Nangong Shuyue had him go rest to recuperate from his wounds.

There were also two historical Generals’ corpses. Because they had valiantly retaliated, they had been killed during the battle. Both of them were S grade, so there was value in taking their corpses back.

After hearing Bai Qi’s report, Zhao Fu planned to take 20,000 residents and Li Yun to Great Qin, leaving Li Zhong to defend and watch over Later Zhou’s Town.

As for the players led by Wu Yang, they would form a new faction that would help Later Zhou’s Town when it was in danger.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu prepared to take the soldiers back to the Great Qin City.

At that moment, Nangong Shuyue walked forward and said that there were matters she wanted to discuss with Zhao Fu before sweeping her gaze across the various Generals present. The Generals all understood and left the hall, closing the doors behind them.

Zhao Fu felt a bit confused and wondered what Nangong Shuyue wanted to speak to him about. A smile appeared on Nangong Shuyue’s face as she walked forward and slowly undid her clothes.



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