Chapter 426 – Five Celestial Senses

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Hearing Xianru’s words, Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, “You were just thinking about what’s best for Great Qin. I understand, so you can leave now.”

Xianru let out a breath of relief and bowed before leaving.

Now that he knew more about the Emperor Phoenix Statue, Zhao Fu put it away and sat on his bed. He took out a green, jade-like medicinal pill that gave off a fragrant odor – it was the All Poison Divine Pill.

After consuming the All Poison Divine Pill, Zhao Fu started to refine it. This process was quite painful – after the pill entered his stomach, it turned into a wave of green energy that spread out. It felt as if there were countless ants tearing and biting at his flesh, causing Zhao Fu to grimace.

Zhao Fu tightly closed his eyes and continued to refine the medicinal pill. Only after a while did the pain subside. The green energy was completely absorbed by his body and disappeared.

Now, there was a green flower within Zhao Fu’s body. This flower had five petals and three leaves, and it was as tall as a finger. It also gave off a green light.

“System announcement! Congratulations, you have obtained a Poison Spirit Constitution. From now on, you will have great resistance towards any poison.”

Hearing this system announcement, a smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s face. He then took out a golden medicinal pill, the Heavenly Sage Pill.

After consuming the Heavenly Sage Pill, Zhao Fu’s body trembled, and even his soul trembled. The Heavenly Sage Pill gave off a golden light within Zhao Fu’s body, making it seem as if his entire body was shining with golden light.

Zhao Fu once again tightly closed his eyes and started to refine the Heavenly Sage Pill. This process was quite comfortable – the Heavenly Sage Pill turned into a golden stream of fountain water that cleansed Zhao Fu’s body and soul. He felt incredibly soothed, and his soul felt quite peaceful.

“System announcement! You have consumed the Heavenly Sage Pill, and your Grade has increased to Lower Heaven grade.”

“System announcement! Congratulations, you have unlocked one of the five Celestial Senses, Heaven Sense.”

Zhao Fu was quite surprised to receive this system announcement. He had never thought that he would have unlocked another one of the five Celestial Senses. Zhao Fu was quite curious as to what Heaven Sense was.

He looked into the information and found that it was the closeness between a person and the heavens and the earth. The closer one was with the heavens and the earth, the greater one’s Grade would be. Heaven Grade meant that one’s closeness with the heavens and earth was on a divine level, so one’s cultivation speed would be incredibly fast. It would also be easier for them to control the source energy of the world.

At the same time, Heaven Sense meant that one was closer to the heavens, and it would be easier for them to be acknowledged by the heavens. Zhao Fu felt his Fate being refined and made purer, and he also felt that he now possessed another type of Fate. This wasn’t Son of Heaven Fate but Fate that only belonged to peerless experts.

Sons of Heaven weren’t the only ones who had a massive amount of Fate; every peerless expert also had a great amount of Fate. These types of Fate were different – the Fate of Sons of Heaven was more of a collective one, while the Fate of peerless experts was more of an individual one.

Zhao Fu also saw that the Earth Realm Mark on the back of his right hand shined with a rainbow-colored light, and the mark became even deeper.

There were now two medicinal pills left: the Dao Comprehension Pill and the Revival Pill. Neither one could be used now, so Zhao Fu stored them safely for now.

It was only the third day of the Disaster Festival, and it had taken Zhao Fu a few hours to refine those medicinal pills. After resting for a while, he once again focused his attention on the Disaster Festival.

Zhao Fu wasn’t interested in any other of the top ten medicinal pills, but he found that there were other things that he wanted, such as a Stage 4 pill recipe.

By now, they had grown a large number of Windbell Fruit Trees. They had modified the Stage 3 pill recipe they had, and soon, Great Qin would be able to mass-produce Stage 3 cultivation pills.

With Stage 3 cultivation pills, Great Qin’s soldiers’ cultivation speed would surpass even the soldiers from system main cities because even the system main cities usually only had Stage 2 medicinal pills.

After producing the Stage 3 cultivation pills, Great Qin would naturally turn its gaze to a Stage 4 medicinal pill. As for a Stage 5 pill recipe, they had already obtained one from the Divine Fish Festival last time.

Since the Disaster Festival’s main reward was medicinal pills, it was only natural that there were pill recipes as well. Because this wasn’t an event in which everyone could participate, there weren’t as many items in the Exchange Stone Stele as the other festivals, but all of them were extremely valuable.

Apart from the Stage 4 cultivation pill recipe, Zhao Fu also wanted a Stage 3 strength pill called the Strength Raising Pill that could temporarily raise his soldiers’ fighting strength. Currently, Great Qin bought such pills from the system main cities, and their effects weren’t as good as the Strength Raising Pills. They also had worse side effects.

With the Strength Raising Pill, Great Qin’s military might would once again rise. If a Stage 0-7 soldier used one, he would temporarily gain Stage 1 power.

Zhao Fu was also interested in another pill recipe called Returning Grass Pill. It was a very good healing pill, and as the battles now became more and more intense, their healing pills also had to keep up to protect soldiers’ lives.

Great Qin bought many of these two types of pills, costing them a lot of money. If they could refine them themselves, they would be able to save a lot of money.

The final pill recipe that Zhao Fu was interested in was something that could change a person’s fate, and it was extremely precious. It was a Stage 6 pill recipe that cost 250,000 Virtue Points; it was just as valuable as those top ten medicinal pills.

The name of this type of pill was Fate Changing Pill, and it needed a Stage 6 spirit fruit, the Fruit of Life, to refine it. The pill recipe required Fruits of Life and couldn’t be substituted with anything else.

The medicinal pill’s effects were to raise any Grade at or below A Grade by one grade. In other words, it raised C grade to B grade and B grade to A grade. It also worked for those with A grade, raising them to S grade, but the medicinal pills could only be used once in one’s lifetime.

If someone else obtained this pill recipe, that person would only be able to raise C grade to B grade, B grade to A grade, etc. However, this wouldn’t be too big of a deal.

This was completely different for Great Qin – after all, Great Qin had the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, and they could refine Grade Orbs from corpses.

Because Great Qin now had over 100,000 soldiers, its supply of A grade corpses could no longer meet the demand. Because they had an abundance of energy stones, Zhao Fu started ordering people to collect B grade corpses as well.

Now, out of Great Qin’s 160,000 soldiers, there were 30,000 or so at A grade, 90,000 or so at B grade, and the rest of the soldiers hadn’t been given a Grade Orb and still had their original grades.

Once they used the Fate Changing Pills with the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, the effects would be monstrous. Great Qin would be able to produce a large number of S grade soldiers, and with just the 30,000 A grade soldiers they had right now, they would be able to instantly produce 30,000 S grade soldiers.

It wouldn’t be difficult to obtain that pill recipe, but it would be quite difficult to obtain that Stage 6 spirit fruit. Spirit fruits were already quite rare, and the higher the stage, the rarer they were.

Zhao Fu had never seen a Stage 6 spirit fruit before, and Zhao Fu wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to find the Fruit of Life.



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