Chapter 431 – Heaven’s Chosen

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“The person who ranked number one, who performed the best in the event, will receive a massive amount of Fate, a large Earth Realm Mark, and the acknowledgment of the heavens and the earth. That person will also receive six SSS grade Pills that can raise any grade to SSS grade; three Upper Heaven’s Gift Treasure Boxes, which will give three top-tier Legendary grade items; one Extreme Heaven’s Gift Treasure Box, which will give one ordinary Epic grade item; three SSS General Summoning Talismans, which can summon three SSS grade Generals; the Title of Heaven’s Chosen, which will give Heaven’s blessing and protection, a bonus 50% natural disaster resistance, and make it easier for indigenous residents to trust and submit to that person.”

No one had expected there to be bonus rewards at the end of this festival. Because this festival was quite special, not only did it give all sorts of item rewards, but it also gave a lot of Fate. Of course, the greatest beneficiary of this festival was the person who ranked first.

Not only did he receive a massive amount of Fate, but there was also the large Earth Realm Mark. Furthermore, he obtained six SSS grade Pills, three SSS General Summoning Talismans, and the title of Heaven’s Chosen. Just thinking about these rewards could make one feel extremely excited.

Even though this person had chosen to hide his name, everyone knew that apart from Great Qin’s Legatee, it was impossible for anyone else to take that position.

Zhao Fu also felt quite surprised – there were so many bonus rewards after this event had ended. Looking at the items continuously appearing in front of him, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After these rewards were given out, the massive stone stele in the sky, as well as the abnormal signs, gradually disappeared, and everything returned to normal. The Disaster Festival had finally finished.

Zhao Fu looked at the Earth Realm Mark on the back of his hand and found that it had become deeper. However, there were no other changes.

Afterward, Zhao Fu called over his Generals and gave out the SSS grade Pills. Raising Grades wasn’t a big deal for Great Qin regardless because all it needed were corpses.

Regardless, these six SSS grade Pills were quite useful, and all of the Generals Zhao Fu called on a lot were SSS grade. Great Qin’s Generals had become even more powerful, and those who received SSS grade Pills were incredibly grateful.

This was especially so for Li Wen – he had been the son of the Li Family Village and had only been A grade. Now, he was SSS grade, and his future would be limitless.

Next, Zhao Fu used the three General Summoning Talismans. The three violet talisman papers started to burn as three violet lights rushed into the sky, after which three figures slowly appeared before Zhao Fu.

“We greet Your Majesty!” After the three people appeared, they received some information and knelt down as they paid their respects to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at their stats and found that they were all SSS grade, had General professions, and had decent stats.

One of them was wearing coarse cloth clothes and had ordinary looks; he was called Du Kong. Another was wearing robes and looked quite handsome and refined; he was called Liu Yeqing. The final one was a big muscular man called Niu Shili.

“You may all rise!” Zhao Fu asked Li Si to help them familiarize themselves with Great Qin. None of them had General Stars, and they were just like any other spawned Generals except their Grades were higher. This made Zhao Fu feel slightly disappointed, but they were still quite good and would be quite useful.

Zhao Fu understood that General Stars weren’t that easy to obtain, which was why historical Generals were quite important.

Following this, there were the four Heaven’s Gift Treasure Boxes. After opening them, they all gave materials, but Zhao Fu wasn’t disappointed – with the massive gains from this Festival, Great Qin could already be satisfied.

Finally, after killing the different types of Disaster Beasts, Great Qin had obtained 30% natural disaster resistance, and with the bonus 50%, Great Qin had obtained an extra 80% natural disaster resistance.

After the Disaster Festival concluded, there were many people celebrating because the Disaster Festival had caused them many problems. Even though Great Qin wasn’t really affected, they still held a small celebration and prepared for everything to go back to normal the next today.

After the festival ended, Zhao Fu finally felt at ease and decided to take a rest. However, dark and cold currents started to move towards Great Qin.

The next day, Zhao Fu returned to the real world and sat seriously while facing the family leaders who also looked incredibly serious.

“The various factions haven’t come in peace, and the entire Ying family has been forced into a defensive position. However, the Ying family isn’t one to be bullied, so it doesn’t dare to do too much in the real world. However, they can act as they please in the Heaven Awaken World; please help Great Qin’s Legatee. If he needs the Ying family’s help, we’ll do all we can to help,” one of the family leaders said seriously to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu nodded in response, and after talking for a bit longer, he returned to the Heaven Awaken World.

After the Disaster Festival ended, the Ying family in the real world had been attacked by a few unknown factions. Even though the losses weren’t great, they could sense a grave threat from this, making them quite wary and causing the Ying family to go into a defensive position.

They couldn’t find Great Qin’s Legatee in the real world, so they could only unleash their anger on the Ying family.

Now, because of Great Qin’s Legatee, the Ying family was being viewed as an enemy by countless factions. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were one of the five Great Families and had a deep foundation, it was possible that they would’ve been destroyed already.

Back in the Heaven Awaken World, emergency reports continuously streamed in. Great Qin’s Merchant Alliances, restaurants, and other businesses had all been destroyed. They had been attacked by various local factions, and at least 10,000 of Great Qin’s people had been killed or injured.

Even though Zhao Fu had kept a low profile when doing business, as Great Qin became more and more famous, people had started to investigate. Even some businesses that were suspicious but unrelated to Great Qin had been attacked by them.

As these factions acted, the northern side of the Midland Continent started to become chaotic.

It wasn’t just the businesses. Within North Nam, some of the factions that Great Qin controlled started to have people who betrayed Great Qin and started rebellions.

Many of the Dynasty Legatees, including the Tang Dynasty due to Zhao Fu’s identity, started to openly act against Great Qin. Because Great Qin had taken in Later Zhou, the Song Dynasty also expressed its enmity. Now, the Xia, Shang, Zhou, and Han Dynasties were all secretly supporting the northern side’s Qin Resistance Alliance.

Other Dynasties also started to join as well. Apart from the Chinese factions, some foreign factions, such as those from Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar, started to participate.

With these factions joining, the northern side’s Qin Resistance Alliance became incredibly arrogant and unbridled, and it attacked Great Qin’s factions without any care.

This was the first time that Great Qin had suffered such great losses.

These factions couldn’t stop themselves from acting against Great Qin, and none of them wanted to see Great Qin continuously grow more powerful. The massive benefits that Great Qin had gained during this Disaster Festival was the trigger that incited them to do this.



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