Chapter 435 – Undead Disaster

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The ocean of bones gave off a terrifying sound as it flooded forward. The massive amount of deathly aura condensed into gray clouds, and as the deathly aura passed by the ground, it started to lose its vitality. The grass and plants also started to wither and die.

The countless Skeletons were quite fast, and soon, the ocean of bones had swallowed up ten or so kilometers of land and continued rushing forward.

A small, defenseless village was soon inundated by the ocean of bones, and it was unable to resist at all. Ten or so Skeletons rushed towards a tiger and stabbed their sharp hands into its body, causing the tiger to howl before it died.

The Skeletons caught up to a few slow goats, and they bleated in despair before they were bitten to death.

A team of ten or so humans desperately ran, but soon, they ran out of stamina and were caught by the countless Skeletons, turning into ten or so corpses in just a matter of seconds.

The countless Skeletons didn’t tire at all and excitedly ran forwards, killing all living creatures in their way and absorbing their aura of life, fueling their growth.

As time passed, the ocean of bones had swallowed everything within thousands of kilometers, and it gave off terrifying sounds as it continued onwards.

A deathly aura followed the Skeletons, covering the sky. From a distance, it seemed as if a massive storm was about to erupt.


Countless beats ran out from the surrounding forests and mountains: deer, wolves, leopards, rabbits, bears… countless animals, some of which would usually be prey for others, ran together, none of them attacking each other. All of them desperately ran away from what was coming behind them.

The beast flood was incredibly big, and it covered a ten-kilometer radius. The ground quaked beneath them, and countless trees were knocked over as they fled.

This beast flood could already cause people to feel terrified, but the unending white ocean of bones behind it was enough to make people feel utter terror and despair.

Soon, the ocean of bones covered a 10,000-kilometer radius, and above them, Zhao Fu once again gave the Disaster Cavalry the order to use Undead Disaster.

The ten Disaster Cavalrymen obeyed and raised their black swords. They gave off powerful auras as ten pillars of black light shot into the sky.

Explosions sounded out in the sky as a deathly aura wildly gathered and a one kilometer wide black-colored magic formation appeared in the sky, giving off a boundless aura of death. It started to rotate as waves of black light rippled out, bringing with it a mysterious summoning power.

Gusts of cold wind blew as the corpses on the ground started to go through changes – the flesh started to wither and fall off, leaving behind a Skeleton, and tongues of flames flickered to life within their skulls.

At that moment, the Skeletons seemed to come to life and crawled up from the ground, ambling into the ocean of bones.

Zhao Fu had no idea how many Skeletons had been added, but the number definitely wasn’t small. After using Undead Disaster, the Disaster Cavalry became slightly weaker because Undead Disaster wasn’t something that could be cast easily. However, with so much deathly aura around, it would be easy for them to recover.

At the same time, the massive sounds from casting the skill, the ocean of bones, and the beast flood caused some people to realize that something was off.

The gray clouds now covered everything within 10,000 kilometers. They were quite thick as well, giving off an oppressive aura, and not a bit of light could pass through them.

The powerful ocean of bones continued onwards with its unstoppable momentum.

Some players who had constructed their villages a bit further away started to feel that something was wrong. They first heard the ground rumbling before seeing countless beasts rushing towards them.

Instantly, they became completely dumbfounded and started to sweat cold sweat. They immediately started to ready their defenses, but because it was a beast flood, they could only watch in despair. They were completely unable to stop the dark flood of beasts.

What was going on? Why would there suddenly be such a terrifying beast flood?

They had no idea what was going on, but they were unable to stop such a terrifying beast flood and could only wait for destruction.

However, a miracle seemed to happen – the countless beasts didn’t attack them and ran by them instead.

This made all of the people feel quite surprised and happy. One of the players even thanked the heavens for sparing them because a massive python had been less than a meter away from him. However, the python didn’t attack or even look at him. Instead, it focused on moving forward.

However, after thinking about it, that player realized that the python seemed to be quite frightened because it acted as if there was something chasing it, forcing it to run for its life.

However, that massive python was ten or so meters long and had at least Stage 2 strength. It could easily devour a person, so what could cause it to feel such fear?

Soon, an even greater rumbling could be heard as an ocean of bones appeared before that player. There was simply no end to that ocean, and the player felt as if there was someone gripping his heart, causing his hairs to stand on end and for his body to continuously tremble.

The Skeletons looked at him, and the black tongues of flames within their heads gave them an incredibly evil look as they laughed eerily.

The player came back to his senses and turned to run, but it was already too late.

The white ocean of bones instantly swallowed him up, and a terrified howl sounded out, signaling that his life was over.

Many players had already seen how terrifying this ocean of bones was. The hope that they felt when they saw the beast flood rush past turned into despair, and their hearts were instantly chilled.

Following this, the ocean of bones mercilessly inundated them, causing screams to continuously sound out, leaving behind lifeless corpses.

The closest system main city had long since felt that something was off. A young man looked at where the gray clouds were gathered, feeling that things were about to take a turn for the worse.

The aura of death and disaster was coming closer and closer, and the young man didn’t hesitate. He ordered for the city gates to be closed and for the city to go into a high-alert state.

At the same time, the players who had died were sent back to the real world, and because of fear, their bodies were still trembling. Their heads were filled with that terrifying scene, and they immediately went onto the Heaven Awaken World Forum to spread the news about the terrifying Undead Disaster.

This news was like a boulder that had been tossed into water, causing countless ripples. All of the nearby factions took notice of this because this was no small matter according to the news that was spread. It was something that could cause anyone to feel terrified, and everyone in that region was most likely doomed.

As for why such a massive Undead Disaster had appeared, people started to make guesses.



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