Chapter 438 – High-Grade Contract

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The Undead Disaster continued in this region for eight days, and the ocean of bones had more than doubled in size. Under the guidance of the Disaster Cavalry, the countless Skeletons moved on to the next region.

Seeing the Skeleton army depart, the four City Lords finally relaxed and heavily sighed. They looked at the devastation around their cities and wondered how long this disaster would take to recover from.

At the same time, they were glad that they had reached a settlement with Zhao Fu. Otherwise, if the Skeletons were allowed to do as they pleased, the consequences would have been unimaginable. However, they couldn’t help but wonder what Zhao Fu wanted their help with – after all, they had already signed a contract with him.

The contract was a High-Grade Contract, and Zhao Fu had spent a lot of money to buy it. It bound powerful experts to their word – after all, it was impossible for Zhao Fu to trust an oral promise that had no binding power.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and took out his map, looking at the next region that the ocean of bones would go to. This region was a plains region that had fertile land, and it had many types of crops. It was a pity that all of this would be destroyed soon.

The ocean of bones flooded into the Void Zone, and even the powerful creatures within the Void Zone started to run for their lives. The Void Zone, which was incredibly dangerous to others, wasn’t even an obstacle for the Skeletons.

As the Skeletons entered the next region, the people in the region they had left gave expressions of relief, but the people in the region they entered became incredibly worried. The people who had just survived couldn’t help but feel ecstatic – during the last few days, they had been incredibly worried that the Skeletons would enter the system main cities.

Only now could they relax. Looking at the aftermath outside, they felt incredibly shocked – they had escaped a great disaster.

While these people rejoiced, the people in the next region were about to suffer a calamity. By now, the ocean of bones had doubled in size, and many of them had become Skeleton Soldiers, making the army much stronger.

Soon, the Skeletons passed through the Void Zone and officially stepped into the next region, beginning their slaughter. After gaining more Skeletons in the previous region, the ocean of bones spread through this region even faster.

The region was quickly devoured by the white ocean at a speed at which the eye could see, and massive gray clouds of a deathly aura followed above.

“The Undead Disaster is attacking our region!!” A terrified voice suddenly rang out within a system main city.

After hearing this, countless people’s expressions became grim, and they asked the person who had yelled out if what he said was true and how he knew.

After being surrounded by so many people, that person nervously gulped before saying, “That Undead Disaster has long since entered our region, and many villages have been destroyed by it. My friend’s village was completely annihilated, and he was split in two by a Skeleton Soldier. I was only able to escape using a Teleportation Talisman.”

After hearing that person’s narrative, everyone started to feel quite afraid, and the news quickly spread. Soon, everyone within that system main city started to panic.

The countless Skeletons detected the aura of living creatures and became incredibly excited. They madly ran forward, devoured whatever they came across, and continuously advanced.

Of course, the Skeletons avoided the center of each of the regions because the aura from there was way too powerful. Those areas were where the most powerful creatures of the regions dwelt.

Facing such a terrifying disaster, the monster rulers didn’t dare to do anything either – evidently, even they weren’t very confident that they could take on so many Skeletons.


Countless beasts ran for their lives, their footsteps sounding like thunder as the ground continuously shook. The Skeletons chased after them, unwilling to let them go as if they were an ocean of beasts chasing after their prey.

Zhao Fu was at the center of the ocean of bones, and because he hid his presence and had the Disaster King Ring, he wasn’t attacked by the Skeletons. However, because of how large the ocean of bones was, he had no idea what was ahead.

Any villages that they encountered were instantly destroyed, and all of the people were killed. Zhao Fu had no idea what was going on because of how big the Skeleton army was, nor could he see any of the destruction.

Because Zhao Fu was unable to control the Skeletons, it was impossible for him to obtain things like City Creation Stones, items, money, and people.

Unfortunately, Zhao Fu had to remain at the center of the ocean of bones because that was where the Disaster Cavalry, who were continuously casting Undead Disaster, were. Even though they had Stage 2 strength, they were still quite weak against City Lords.

If the Disaster Cavalry were killed, the ocean of bones wouldn’t be able to continue growing, and the Skeletons would turn into a pile of loose sand that would dissipate everywhere. They would no longer have the strength and momentum to destroy everything.

The sky was once again covered by a gray deathly aura, and the land gradually lost its vitality. Ten rays of black light shot into the sky, and a 1,000-meter wide magic formation appeared.

The Disaster Cavalry once again cast Undead Disaster, creating many Skeletons again, and the ocean of bones once again expanded.

Even more Skeletons had evolved after killing enough living creatures. The black flames in their skulls became larger, and their bones also grew and had a sheen to them. Their strength also increased.

“Dear, hurry and run!” The countless Skeletons rushed towards a small village, and it was quickly devoured. Pitiful howls rang out. A family ran away but was still caught by the evil Skeletons.

A big man picked up a pitchfork and yelled towards a woman carrying a baby before fearlessly rushing at the Skeletons.

The woman held back her tears as she looked at the big man before hugging her child and running away.

The big man furiously roared, and to protect his wife and child, he used all of his strength as he fought. He sent a Skeleton flying as he swung with his pitchfork, after which he punched another Skeleton away.

At that moment, the big man seemed incredibly dauntless and beat down three Skeletons. However, this was nothing to the ocean of bones, and after he was jumped on by multiple Skeletons, he was quickly bitten to death.

The woman was also soon caught up to. One of the Skeletons suddenly stabbed out, piercing the woman’s body, and a few more Skeletons ran over. The woman coughed up a mouthful of blood, but she tightly held on to her child.

Just as the Skeletons were about to kill the woman and child, a white sword light flashed, slashing the Skeletons away.



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