Chapter 439 – Seven Days

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

An extremely beautiful woman in white held a sharp sword and descended from the sky. She quickly supported the staggering mother. However, the mother’s chest had been pierced by a Skeleton’s hand, and her clothes were dyed red – it seemed that she wouldn’t have long to live.

The mother looked at the woman in white pleadingly and handed over the child in her arms before saying, “Miss, please take him in!”

The woman in white took the child and nodded seriously to the mother.

The mother had a peaceful smile on her face and closed her eyes, never to open them again.

The woman in white held the child in one arm and looked incredibly furious as she slashed out with her sword, sending out a sharp sword light that disintegrated the ten or so Skeletons rushing at her.

This woman in white was extremely powerful, and she was a City Lord-level figure. After killing those ten or so Skeletons, even more Skeletons rushed at her, and the rest of the ocean of bones gave off terrifying sounds as they also started to move over.

As such, the woman in white could only fly into the air and hide her presence. Looking at the ocean of bones, she felt quite enraged and sorrowful – just how many creatures had died to form the ocean of bones?

If the ocean of bones was allowed to continue developing, everything in this region was doomed. She had to think of a way to resolve this disaster.

Suddenly, the woman in white sensed something and flew towards the center of the ocean of bones.

Just as Zhao Fu once again ordered the Disaster Cavalry to cast Undead Disaster, a piercing sword light shot towards him.

Zhao Fu quickly drew the Sin Dragon Sword and blocked the attack as he looked at the woman in white in front of him.

The woman in white’s eyes were extremely cold, and she glared at Zhao Fu. She knew that all of this was caused by him, and when she thought about the countless people who had been killed and the countless families that had been destroyed, she cried out and attacked again. She slashed out a sword light that was ten or so meters long and gave off an astounding aura, and she sent it flying towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly smiled and didn’t even bother to use his City Lord Seal. This woman was carrying a child, yet she dared to attack him like this. Zhao Fu raised the Sin Dragon Sword and sent his King’s Power into it, causing it to give off terrifying ripples. He slashed out, sending out a massive sword wind.

This sword wind instantly shattered the incoming sword light and continued onwards towards the woman in white. Because the woman in white was carrying a child, she couldn’t move freely, so she was forced to use her sword to block and was knocked back ten or so meters.

The woman in white’s expression became serious – she had never expected Zhao Fu to be so powerful. If she didn’t use her City Lord Seal, it would be impossible for her to defeat the person in front of her.

Indeed, Zhao Fu’s strength had already surpassed that of a Stage 4 expert. His own cultivation was about to break through to Stage 3, and with his Heaven grade, his cultivation speed was simply monstrous. With his stats and the Saint Armament he wielded, ordinary Stage 4 experts wouldn’t be a match for him.

The woman in white started to use her City Lord Seal, and a shocking amount of power radiated out from her, causing the clouds above to swirl.

At that moment, three rays of light flew over and turned into three figures. These three figures surprised Zhao Fu because they were all extraordinarily beautiful women.

Seeing them arrive, a look of delight appeared on the woman in white’s face as she said, “Sisters, let’s join together to kill this demon and prevent this disaster!”

Seeing the might of the ocean in bones, they understood how terrifying it was, and they all seriously nodded, preparing to attack.

An extremely terrifying might suddenly enveloped them – Zhao Fu once again used a bit of his Nation Armament and Clan Armament’s power. He didn’t waste any words as he directly said, “As long as you agree to my conditions, I can promise that your main cities won’t be destroyed!”

His overwhelming might, which seemed to be able to shake the heavens and the earth, caused the four women’s faces to go pale. Just this person’s strength alone was enough to fight them to a standstill, and this wasn’t factoring in the countless Skeletons below.

“What are your conditions?” a woman in red asked.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s face as he handed over a list and said, “As long as you expel these people, list them as wanted criminals, and agree to help me with something in the future, you and your main cities won’t be harmed.”

After looking through the list, the other three women nodded seriously and agreed.

However, the woman in white looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “What about the people and creatures outside of our main cities?”

Zhao Fu looked at her and calmly replied, “Of course, they’ll all die!”

“Unacceptable! You must stop this Undead Disaster, or countless creatures will die!” the woman in white immediately replied.

“Hahahaha…” Zhao Fu loudly laughed as he looked at the woman in white with his blood-red eyes. “And so what? If you have the ability, you can try to stop this Undead Disaster, but no one will survive from your main city. If you want your main city to be turned into dust, feel free to try!”

The woman in white was completely furious, but with her strength, she had no way of stopping this Undead Disaster. If she refused his demands, her main city would definitely be destroyed, and when she thought about her residents, who loved and respected her, the woman in white was unable to act.

The other three women also tried to convince the woman in white that saving her main city was the best result for now; otherwise, the entire region would turn into a region of the dead.

Under Zhao Fu’s threats, the woman in white gave in. Following this, Zhao Fu took out four High-Grade Contracts and had them sign them before reminding them, “This Undead Disaster is already out of control, so it’s best that you do this as soon as possible!”

The four women’s expressions became grim, and they glared at Zhao Fu before quickly returning to their own system main cities.

Zhao Fu watched as the four women disappeared, and his gaze became icy cold again. He had the Disaster Cavalry once again cast Undead Disaster, and countless corpses, including the big man and the mother of the child, became Skeletons and joined the ocean of bones.

After the four City Lords returned to their system main cities, they immediately ordered their soldiers to expel the people on the list. Those who were expelled were completely dumbfounded, and when they thought about the Undead outside of the city, they begged to be spared. However, they were eventually dragged out.

Seeing this sight, the rest of the players settled down and kept a low profile, not daring to make any trouble.

The Skeleton army swept across everything in a grandiose manner, and because this region was mainly a plains region, there was nothing in their way. Soon, the ocean of bones covered the entire region, and the clouds of deathly aura covered the entire sky.

The region, once filled with vitality, gradually died, and the lighting became dimmer and dimmer, making it difficult to see into the distance. A gloomy aura spread out, making people’s hairs stand on end.

Countless creatures tried to escape, but they were unable to, completely surrounded by the Skeletons. They could only die in pain and despair, and pitiful howls tore through the air continuously, reminding those who survived what sort of world they were living in.

The Undead Disaster went rampant in this region for seven days, one less day than the previous region, and the ocean of bones once again increased in size as it moved towards the next region.



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