Chapter 443 – Fourth Region

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Seeing Zhao Fu suppress the entire scene and not back down even an inch in the face of the top factions, the Ying family leaders couldn’t help but respect him. After all, none of them would have been able to do so. They couldn’t help but inwardly marvel that Zhao Fu was indeed a rare talent!

Seeing how awkward everyone looked, Zhao Fu didn’t want to remain here, so he breathed out as he said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving now!”

After saying this, Zhao Fu turned to leave.

“Could it be that Great Qin’s Legatee is determined to make an enemy out of the rest of China? You’d best think about the consequences!” the thick-eyebrowed middle-aged man said angrily.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and responded with the same intensity as he looked at the middle-aged man and said, “Are you threatening Great Qin? You can try, but Great Qin won’t be threatened by anyone. We won’t show mercy to anyone who offends us; Great Qin will definitely slaughter them all!”

Great Qin was in control of this situation because the Undead Disaster was simply too terrifying. As such, the middle-aged man didn’t dare to become enemies with Great Qin, and Zhao Fu was able to suppress the middle-aged man’s imposing manner.

“You’re not even Great Qin’s Legatee; you’re just someone who passes on his words. How could a mere brat like you make decisions for him? Don’t you think that you’re exceeding your power? It is as if you don’t even put Great Qin’s Legatee in your eyes. Why would Great Qin’s Legatee even pick a bastard like you to be his representative?”

A young man’s mocking voice sounded out – he was one of the people from the northern side’s factions. By now, the northern side factions were most likely going to be destroyed, and because the others didn’t want to be affected, they had already made plans of abandoning them.

As such, this young man spoke with no restraint and just wanted to remind the people around him that the person in front of them was only a mere representative of Great Qin’s Legatee; how could he make decisions for Great Qin’s Legatee?

The others also came to this realization and also said, “That’s right. How could you make a decision for Great Qin’s Legatee? You’re overstepping your bounds here – don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you’re able to rely on Great Qin’s Legatee.”

All of the people who spoke were part of the northern side’s factions, and they said these things because they wanted to drag everyone else in to resist Great Qin. Only then would they be able to survive.

However, some other people said in an earnest and sincere tone, “Please tell these things to Great Qin’s Legatee and ask him to make a decision. We only hope that you can at least try to persuade him. If the Undead Disaster goes on, far too many people will die.”

After hearing these words, Zhao Fu coldly looked around. They had no idea that he was Great Qin’s Legatee, and because he had no need to explain anything to them, he no longer paid them any attention and left.

After this, all of the people unhappily left the Ying family’s residence.

What had happened in the Ying family quickly spread through all of China. Great Qin was still determined to go through with the Undead Disaster.

This made countless ordinary people’s views of Great Qin plummet. Before, countless people had admired and respected Great Qin’s mighty and domineering nature, but now that their interests had been harmed, they started to view Great Qin with hatred.

Now, there was basically no one who still supported Great Qin, nor would there be any new supporters of Great Qin. Now, there were only people who viewed Great Qin with disgust, anger, and hatred.

In fact, there were many threads on the internet insulting and cursing at Great Qin. Of course, these people were all anonymous, and they didn’t dare to do so with their real names in a public forum.

China’s collective hopes of peace had been shattered, and Great Qin’s reputation had fallen to rock-bottom. However, Zhao Fu didn’t care about what they thought – if they truly angered Great Qin, Zhao Fu would slaughter them all.

Now that the peace talks had failed, countless factions once again held emergency meetings to talk about what they should do now. All of them were extremely worried, but they could do nothing against Great Qin’s tough attitude.

Even though they would be safe from the Undead Disaster if they just submitted to Great Qin, not a single faction was willing to submit.

Even within the Ancient Clans, very few were willing to submit. As the most ancient faction in China, they had never submitted to a Dynasty before. All of them had extremely noble and honorable statuses, and because they were looked up to by countless people, how could they submit to Great Qin?

Of course, there were a few elders who were truly thinking for the good of China as a whole and the countless lost lives, and they were willing to submit to Great Qin, such as the Nuwa Clan, Youchao Clan, and Lilian Clan. However, it was a pity that it was just them, and they were unable to represent all of the Ancient Clans.

At the same time, this news reached foreign nations. After hearing that Great Qin Legatee’s targets weren’t just those in China but also the entire world, all of them started to panic. None of them dared to revel in schadenfreude and watch by the sidelines, and all of them started to take this matter seriously.

Su Yan had long since expected this, so he didn’t have high hopes for peace. He was currently looking at information on the Heaven Awaken World, wanting to resolve the Undead Disaster.

Within the School of Yin Yang, a beautiful young woman pulled on Xianru’s hand and said, “Big sis, can’t you try to persuade Great Qin’s Legatee? The Undead Disaster has already swept through three regions, and at least tens of millions of people have died. If the Undead Disaster develops even more, countless more people will die.”

Xianru bitterly smiled and lightly shook her head as she said, “Xianling, how could I try to change a decision His Majesty has made? This is a disaster to all people, but because it will be of great help to Great Qin, I support his decision.”

“Big sis, when did you become so cold-blooded?” Xianling said unhappily and angrily.

Xianru lightly laughed, “You’re still young and haven’t seen the true nature of this world. When you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you’ll understand me.”

Xianling softly harrumphed and stood up as she said, “Big sis, I’ll never be like you. I’m going to talk to lord Sect Master.”

After speaking, Xianling ran off, and Xianru didn’t mind too much. Even the Sect Master wouldn’t be able to do anything about this. Right now, Xianru’s mind was focused on developing another matter and solidifying Great Qin’s Fate to prepare for something else.

Elsewhere, Zhao Fu had returned to the Heaven Awaken World. He looked at the boundless ocean of bones, which had once again become much larger. It had taken only six days to go through the third region and was becoming faster and faster.

Subsequently, Zhao Fu’s gaze became determined as he prepared to lead the Undead army to attack the fourth region.



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