Chapter 445 – Take the Throne

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“What should we do? The Undead Disaster has already reached the seventh region, and you should know just how terrifying it is by now. No creatures were left alive, and not even the grass remains. We must stop this!”

Countless factions were discussing how to deal with the Undead Disaster. It was now becoming larger and larger, and it was advancing faster and faster.

Originally, it took it eight days to go through a region, but now, it only took four days. If this went on, the Undead Disaster would progress faster and faster.

Moreover, the Undead Disaster currently only had one wave. If its numbers expanded to the point that it could split into multiple waves, it would be able to instantly drag the northern side into an abyss of despair.

Once the northern side fell, next would be all of China. Great Qin’s Legatee was simply too ambitious and viewed lives as grass. As such, the factions were determined to join together to do something about it.

All of the factions understood this and contacted each other. They had to stop Great Qin right now and couldn’t hesitate, or else they would have no chance at stopping the Undead Disaster in the future.

Many people could tell Great Qin’s Legatee’s true goal, which was to have the Undead Disaster sweep across the world and wipe away all obstacles for Great Qin. That would allow it to restore its nation and reign above the rest of the world.

Of course, these factions wouldn’t allow Great Qin to step on their corpses to take its throne, so many Dynasty Legatees started to step out.

Xia, Shang, Zhou, Han, Jin…

All of the Dynasties no longer hid away, and they instead publicly announced that they were going to put an end to Great Qin’s plans and its ruthless massacre. Of course, they had to stand on the side of justice and pledge to stop this disaster.

This made countless Chinese people feel favorable towards them, and they greatly supported these Legatees, hoping that they would be able to stop Great Qin, which had destroyed the peace of this world. They were filled with anger towards Great Qin and rejoiced that someone had finally stepped out to stop Great Qin.

Now, Great Qin had become a synonym for evil to countless Chinese people, and it seemed incredibly bloodthirsty. After all, back then, Great Qin had killed and hung up countless bodies in that forest as a warning to the rest of the world.

Many people had reacted in fury, feeling that hanging up so many bodies was simply too cruel and inhumane. Moreover, those people had surrendered and were players just like Great Qin’s Legatee.

Some people thought that the Heaven Awaken World was just a game, and because they only saw the indigenous residents, Outlanders, and beasts as NPCs, they didn’t care much.

However, seeing that many players like them had surrendered and been treated like that, these people were quite angry and complained about captives being treated inhumanely.

The movies and documentaries on TV all affirmed that captives’ human rights should be protected, or they should at least be given a fair and easy death. However, Great Qin had hung them to death. That was simply too inhumane and humiliating. Even though these players didn’t die a true death, Great Qin should at least pay for their mental harm.

Moreover, even though Great Shun had provoked Great Qin and acted quite arrogantly, Great Qin retaliated in such a way that made many people feel antagonistic towards Great Qin. After what had happened, many people saw both Great Shun and Great Qin as evil factions.

Finally, many people believed that as the Legatee of a Dynasty, Great Qin’s Legatee should have been more compassionate and magnanimous. How could such a narrow-minded and cruel person have the right to rule the world?

The things that Great Qin did already made many people understand how cruelGreat Qin was, lowering their favorability towards it. Now that Great Qin had disregarded everything and started the Undead Disaster, almost all of China started to hate Great Qin.

As such, the people greatly supported the other Legatees to stop this disaster and Great Qin’s cold-blooded Legatee.

At the same time, the various Legatees said that they welcomed all people to join them. Countless ordinary people and factions were incredibly excited as this was something that many of them dreamed of, and many of them immediately agreed.

However, the problem was the people who wanted to join were in other regions.

Currently, those close to the seventh region didn’t dare to do anything, and they waited nervously. Once the Undead Disaster finished going through the seventh region, one of them would be targeted next.

With their deaths right before their eyes, they didn’t chastise Great Qin using grand philosophies like others. They could only pray that Great Qin’s Legatee wouldn’t choose their region to attack next.

Within the meeting hall of the Ancient Clans, ten or so elders were discussing what to do next. One of the elders said, “Since the peace talks have failed, we have to act to stop Great Qin’s slaughter. We can’t allow the Undead Disaster to sweep across all of China.”

After this elder spoke, a few elders nodded, but another elder frowned and said, “But if we act, we’ll greatly offend Great Qin, and it’ll be easy for us to become Great Qin’s enemy. Great Qin’s Legatee didn’t seek revenge for the sealing incident last time, but this time it might not be the same!”

Hearing this, everyone fell silent. They all understood how terrifying it was to make an enemy out of Great Qin. Normally, the Ancient Clans wouldn’t want to make an enemy out of any Dynasty.

Finally, one elder sighed and said, “We have no other choice. We were willing to enter peace talks with him, but Great Qin’s Legatee is determined to continue on with the Undead Disaster. However, the results of the Undead Disaster are too severe, so we must stop him!”

The other elders could only nod and agree.

Within Flower Moon, 20 or so women were also discussing this matter. One of the women said, “Big sis! Now, all of China, including the governmental factions, have become part of this. Do you think we should also get involved? Because of the Undead Disaster, our businesses in each of the regions has been severely affected; we must stop Great Qin’s Legatee!”

However, another woman spoke up and reminded them, “But Great Qin is incredibly terrifying, and if we enter this maelstrom, we might fall into great danger.”

These words caused the women to all fall silent – they all understood how powerful Great Qin’s Legatee was.

Suddenly, another woman said, “If we don’t stop Great Qin, our businesses might be reduced by 80%; can Flower Moon accept such a thing? I believe we should join in; since all of the factions in China are joining, I just don’t believe that Great Qin’s Legatee can slaughter all of China!”

“That’s right! Big sis, our losses will be too disastrous; it’s best that we join! Great Qin won’t be able to do much to us. Even though so many factions involved themselves during the sealing of the Chaos Imperial Star, nothing has happened to them. We just need to be secretive when we act.”

The other women all started to persuade the beautiful woman sitting in the main seat because only she could decide what Flower Moon would do.

Hearing these words, the mature woman felt a bit of a headache, but she still nodded in the end.



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