Chapter 446 – Spirit Flame

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The governmental factions ordered all of their forces in the northern side to start defending against the Undead Disaster. The governmental factions were the most powerful factions in China, and even though their forces in each region weren’t very strong, they were located in almost every region.

With how many regions there were within China’s territory in the Heaven Awaken World, it was a monstrous force when added together. Moreover, within each of the regions, the governmental factions were at least middle-class factions.

With more factions joining the resistance against Great Qin, everyone felt much more at ease and confident. They didn’t believe that they wouldn’t be able to stand up against Great Qin with so many people.

Su Yan couldn’t help but smile – this was what he wanted to see. With so many factions joining, it would be easy for his plan to succeed. Great Qin’s Undead Disaster would no longer sweep through with no obstructions, and it wouldn’t be able to rampage as it wished.

He was going to stop the Undead Disaster!

In order for a corpse to become a Skeleton, the corpse needed to have a spirit flame. Only after a person died would the person become a Skeleton, but because players’ bodies were just shells, they didn’t die true deaths. This meant that players wouldn’t become Skeletons.

Only players’ consciousness entered the Heaven Awaken World, and because their true spirit flame was within their bodies in the real world, players couldn’t become Skeletons.

Moreover, because players would respawn after dying, Su Yan’s plan was to use players to whittle down the Undead Disaster.

If he could gather the players into an army and continuously kill the Skeletons, this would greatly restrain and slow down the Undead army.

At the same time, the players who died wouldn’t become Skeletons, so the Undead Disaster wouldn’t have many new Skeletons joining. Adding on the fact that Skeletons would continuously be dying in battle, the number of Skeletons would gradually diminish.

Before, Su Yan could mobilize almost all of the factions in the northern side, but within each region, their combined strength was far too weak to face the Undead Disaster. However, things were different now because many more factions had joined.

This was especially so with the top-tier factions, which caused the northern side’s factions’ strength to increase greatly. This gave Su Yan the confidence to carry out his plan.

What was also key was that Great Qin’s reputation had plummeted because it had destroyed the peace and hope in China. This caused the countless ordinary players to hate Great Qin.

Su Yan could take advantage of this to make people despise Great Qin and have countless ordinary players join in. Now, their side had a massive amount of money, and if the ordinary players were given some benefits, they would definitely join.

A system main city usually had at least one million players, so four system main cities would have roughly four million players. If he could use all of them, they would be of great help against Great Qin.

Moreover, ordinary Skeletons were quite weak – an average person could take on a few Skeletons, so four million players should be able to take down at least ten million Skeletons. If they were able to repeat this a few times, the Undead Disaster would naturally stop.

Great Qin had used the Disaster Festival to collect a large number of corpses. In the future, it would be difficult to obtain so many corpses, and even if Great Qin wanted to cast Undead Disaster, it wouldn’t have an opportunity to do so in the future.

Now, the situation had reversed, and Great Qin was in the more disadvantageous position. Moreover, Su Yan had confirmed that Great Qin wasn’t in East Green and was more likely in the Forest of Horrors.

Once Great Qin lost, they would be able to find Great Qin’s location by combing all of the suspicious regions. By joining with the other Dynasties, they would finally be able to destroy Great Qin.

Currently, Great Qin had a Nation Armament and a Clan Armament, which was its trump card. However, if it faced off against multiple Nation Armaments, Great Qin would still be at a disadvantage. Su Yan simply didn’t believe that 11 Nation Armaments would lose to Great Qin.

However, they couldn’t carry out this plan yet because Great Qin was still too powerful.

Zhao Fu didn’t hesitate and told his plans to the countless factions. The various factions were fairly happy with this plan, and they started carrying it out.

They first posted all sorts of threads to make people think even less of Great Qin.

“Are you going to tolerate Great Qin’s tyranny? Are you going to continue to endure the fear and humiliation from Great Qin every day? I’m sure everyone has seen how violent and bloodthirsty Great Qin is. Why not retaliate against Great Qin?”

“Great Qin doesn’t care about our lives at all, and it will kill us at a whim. We are all like ants in front of Great Qin, and it won’t spare any of us. Only by resisting can we live; let’s all resist Great Qin together, or we’ll die under the Undead Disaster.”

“It’s not like we’ll really die, so why should we bow in front of Great Qin’s threats? Why not fight with dignity and let high-and-mighty Great Qin see our strength? We’ll shatter its arrogance and show how good always triumphs against evil!”

“If you join us, no matter if you survive or die, you’ll receive all sorts of rewards; they’re definitely better than the rewards you’ll get from an ordinary faction.”

The threads about the rewards immediately attracted many players.

There were already many factions joining, and with the ordinary players, a system main city had roughly 800,000 people, so four main cities had 3.2 million people.

It could be seen how many people despised Great Qin, and with the good rewards, many people joined the Qin Resistance Alliance.

However, there were still some people who weren’t swept up in the heat of things, and they didn’t join in spite of the rewards. They felt that even though Great Qin was quite bloodthirsty, it would only take down those who had offended it and wouldn’t indiscriminately massacre people. This incident was a good example of this: only the factions in the northern side that had angered it were expelled from the system main cities.

If Great Qin was hell-bent on killing everyone, it could have had the main cities expel all of the players, but it only had the main cities expel those who had offended it.

As such, these people decided not to join in. However, they were insulted as cowards and idiots by the others.

Even though Su Yan now had an army of three million or so, he wasn’t yet satisfied. Looking at the seventh region, he was able to predict the next region.

There were two other choices: one was a mountainous region that was quite difficult to traverse, and the other was a marshland, which was also quite hard to cross, so there was only one option left.

Su Yan planned to gather the players from this region and the surrounding regions. Now that this region had an army of three million people, the Void Zone would be no problem. With the support of the various factions, it would be much easier for Su Yan to deal with things.



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