Chapter 459 – Fate of the World

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Everyone nodded, but the problem was when the regions would finally be linked. They couldn’t just keep waiting like this, or the Undead Disaster would soon spread throughout all of China’s territory. When that time came, even if the regions were opened, they wouldn’t have the strength to deal with Great Qin.

They couldn’t be hasty in this matter, and the important figures from the governmental factions continued to discuss.

As for the Dynasty and Nation Legatees, they tried to think of ways to resist the Great Qin’s two writs. Great Qin’s Undead Disaster was already terrifying enough, and without a massive number of ordinary players, they were unable to deal with it at all. They were in an incredibly weak position.

They had no way to negotiate with Great Qin unlike the ordinary factions – after all, their factions couldn’t tolerate the existence of each other: Only when one side was destroyed would the other obtain victory. Whoever wanted to unify China would never allow there to be a second nation or empire within one’s territory.

As such, the various Dynasty and Nation Legatees couldn’t give in or surrender easily, nor would Great Qin spare them. That was the dynamic between them.

Currently, the northern side’s factions were just a pile of loose sand that was disorganized and not together. Everyone did what one wanted, and Su Yan couldn’t find a way to unite them again.

The Ancient Clans were also discussing Great Qin and felt quite displeased about the two writs it had issued. Not only had Great Qin killed a large number of ordinary players, but it was also dragging everyone into it and forcing everyone to make a decision.

Before, the Undead Disaster only targeted factions, and ordinary players didn’t suffer much. Now, everyone was dragged in, and no one could escape.

This was effectively destroying China’s foundation, but because Great Qin had been forced to this position, who could blame who?

The Ancient Clans didn’t care too much about the Holy Daughter Writ, and this was the same for the Hundred Schools of Thought. After all, Great Qin was just collecting some women, and this was normal for Emperors. In the end, how could these women compare to the fate of the world?

As such, what all of these factions cared about was the Great Qin Writ, and they more or less didn’t care about the Holy Daughter Writ.

Many people even guessed that the tenth-ranked pill, the Dragon Sun Pill, had been claimed by Great Qin’s Legatee; otherwise, it would be impossible for him to have his way with so many women. This caused many men to feel great admiration towards him.

However, Flower Moon was different in that it didn’t care about the Great Qin Writ. Instead, Flower Moon was focused on the Holy Daughter Writ. Flower Moon didn’t care too much about the world itself but more so about its own businesses. The Holy Daughter Writ required women to give up their bodies, and this caused Flower Moon’s women to feel quite furious.

As an organization made up of women, they believed that women should be the center, not men. They also thought that men should submit to women.

In fact, they even wanted to establish Flower Moon Kingdom, which would be a matriarchy, and women would be superior to men there.

As such, they felt quite furious that Great Qin was seemingly treating women as objects, and they no longer had any thoughts about negotiating with Great Qin.

As the various factions discussed Great Qin’s two Writs, Great Qin started to set another plan into motion.

When he had begun the Undead Disaster, Zhao Fu ordered Little Sha and a few other experienced Assassins to continuously train Eternal Night members until there were 30,000 members. Now, it was time to put those people to use.

Zhao Fu felt that he needed to give the people a push to accept the two Writs and cause them to fear Great Qin even more. Only then would they submit easier.

First, Zhao Fu’s targets were the four regions close to the eighth region. These four regions and the eighth region had allied together to resist Great Qin, so all of them would suffer because of that.

The eighth region had been completely annihilated, so Zhao Fu now turned his gaze to the four other regions. Before, Zhao Fu had wanted to split the Undead Disaster into four waves to invade the four regions.

However, Zhao Fu was worried that the Undead Disaster’s strength would grow too weak. If his enemies once again allied with other regions and ambushed the Undead army, it was likely that Great Qin would lose. As such, Zhao Fu wanted to use the two Writs to reduce their power first.

Most of the people from those four regions had participated in the battle at Pouring Sun, so they were fairly empty. However, there were still new players spawning there.

Because most of the members of the factions from the four regions had died in that battle, the four regions were still quite weak and would be easy to deal with. As such, Zhao Fu gave the order to destroy all remaining factions – without doing things to the extreme, they wouldn’t become afraid.

The 30,000 Eternal Night members felt quite excited as this was the first time they had carried out a real mission. They put on their black hoods and equipped their hidden blades, and their eyes beneath their hoods radiated bloodlust and excitement.

Zhao Fu had ordered Little Sha and the other Assassins to develop a group of killing machines, so the training had been extremely cruel. Apparently, hundreds of people had died in the process.

Even though there had been some casualties, Eternal Night had become more powerful overall.

It was a dark night, and there was a cold wind blowing, making it easy to fall asleep. With everyone relaxed, it was the perfect opportunity for some assassinations.

Eternal Night’s members arrived at the four regions through teleportation channels and started to execute their plan. Figures continuously appeared on streets and roofs as they waited.

Currently, it was completely silent within the system main cities, and there weren’t any soldiers patrolling. This was because after hearing about the miserable outcome of Pouring Sun, the City Lords were all too eager to negotiate with Zhao Fu.

When Zhao Fu came to find them, they didn’t hesitate to agree to his terms because if they didn’t agree, their outcome would be the same as Pouring Sun’s. With their strength, how could they defeat 32 City Lords?

Now that Zhao Fu had conquered four system main cities, he had made four of his subordinates City Lords, so he had 32 City Lords under his command. If they didn’t agree, each of them would have to fight eight City Lords.

For Zhao Fu’s side of the contract, he promised that he wouldn’t attack anyone from the system faction, but he could kill any players within the system main cities. This meant that Great Qin could kill people on the streets without anyone stepping in – with Great Qin’s strength, even City Lords had to submit. Such a thing would have been impossible before.

With the system main city’s tacit acceptance, Great Qin could do essentially whatever it wanted within system main cities. Great Qin’s Assassins directly went into the streets and buildings and started to kill.

Pitiful cries sounded out in the night as the stench of blood spread everywhere. The system main cities were covered by an oppressive and dangerous atmosphere, and people didn’t dare to venture outdoors.

These factions were still in a weak state, and because they didn’t have many people yet, it was very easy for Great Qin’s Assassins to destroy a faction.



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