Chapter 460 – Respawning Privilege

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Zhao Fu didn’t plan to show any mercy to the governmental faction, the Ancient Clans, the Hundred Schools of Thought, or Flower Moon. They had helped a lot in that battle, and he hadn’t even sought revenge for the incident with the Chaos Imperial Star.

They had come to attack Great Qin time and time again. If he didn’t show them who was boss, they would continue doing this without any fear.

Because these factions were discussing Great Qin’s two Writs, they hadn’t expected Great Qin to suddenly attack, and they responded with panic and terror.

Great Qin’s Assassins didn’t hold back and stabbed their hidden blades into their targets’ throats, ending their lives and completing their first blood refining.

Within the governmental faction’s headquarters, a handsome young man holding a saber fought against five of Great Qin’s Assassins, but he was starting to be forced back. His body was covered with wounds, and he yelled, “Who are you? Why are you attacking us? Do you know just who we are?”

Ordinary people didn’t dare to offend the governmental faction, and the governmental faction wasn’t weak either. The lives of those who offended the governmental faction would become miserable in the real world.

No one answered him, and a small, skinny figure suddenly attacked. A blood-red light flashed as a long gash was cut open on the young man’s chest, causing him to powerlessly fall to the ground. However, he didn’t die and still had a trace of life left in him.

Little Sha had attacked incredibly accurately and precisely, and he emotionlessly looked at the young man on the ground before saying to the people next to him, “Take him away!”

They obeyed, bounding the young man and feeding him a few healing medicinal pills. This young man was the son of an important figure in the governmental faction. He had a high status, so Zhao Fu ordered that such people weren’t to be killed because he had plans for them.

Within the Ancient Clans’ headquarters, a valiant young man stabbed towards Tuoba Qing vigorously with his spear. Tuoba Qing yelled as she swung her large sword, sending out a blood-red wind that knocked the young man flying and caused him to faint.

Within the School of Military’s headquarters, a soldierly-looking young man lay within a pool of blood. Wang Ergou calmly said to the people next to him, “Take him away and treat his wounds.”

“Yes, sir!” Great Qin’s Assassins obeyed and took the young man’s body before quickly leaving.

Within Flower Moon’s headquarters, a beautiful woman heard the fighting outside and immediately realized that things were bad. Just as she tried to leave the Heaven Awaken World, she found that she was already in a battle state and was unable to leave.

She didn’t know what faction was attacking them, but now that Great Qin had issued those Writs, any faction that wasn’t part of Great Qin was in danger.

Currently, there weren’t many people within Flower Moon’s headquarters, so they were wholly unable to defend against the ferocious faction. The woman wisely decided to go to the back door and try to escape.

However, just as she stepped outside, she saw an enchanting-looking woman smiling as she stood there. Just as she was about to move, Liu Mei’s body suddenly flickered before appearing before her. She punched the woman’s abdomen, and the massive power that the punch contained caused the woman to lose all of her strength. Following this, she was also taken away by a few Assassins.

After that night, a shocking piece of news spread throughout the world – countless factions within four regions had been destroyed overnight. In fact, many innocent people had been killed, and blood stained the system main cities. Players’ corpses were all over the place, and it seemed that the system main cities didn’t even care about the players being killed on the streets. It could be seen just how arrogant Great Qin had become.

The governmental faction, the Ancient Clans, Flower Moon, and the other factions had immediately found out about their forces being destroyed, making them feel incredibly startled and furious.

Great Qin had shown absolutely no mercy and annihilated their forces – it was evident what its attitude towards them was. It would no longer show any mercy, and Great Qin’s coldness and bloodthirstiness forced them to take Great Qin completely seriously.

This was because from now on, Great Qin wouldn’t hold back against them, and if they dared to do anything, it wouldn’t hesitate to slaughter them all.

What shocked them even more was that after the people with high statuses were taken away by Great Qin in the Heaven Awaken World, their bodies in the real world also disappeared.

This shocked countless people, and they couldn’t understand what had happened – their disappearance in the real world most likely had something to do with Great Qin, but they had no idea just how Great Qin had done it.

Great Qin didn’t hide anything either, and it announced that it had a way to take people from the real world into the Heaven Awaken World. Whether the six people they had taken from the real world into the Heaven Awaken World would stay alive depended on the performance of their respective factions.

This caused everyone in the world to feel incredibly shocked. If Great Qin really had such a monstrous card up its sleeve, this meant that players were no longer safe within the Heaven Awaken World, and their respawning privilege was in danger.

Now that Great Qin had such a method, it became tens of times more dangerous. The countless factions weren’t the only ones truly terrified of Great Qin now; ordinary people were truly terrified of Great Qin as well.

Now, who dared to say anything about Great Qin? No one dared to offend Great Qin anymore because it could lead to a real death. Who didn’t fear death?

Now, all of the factions truly started to fear Great Qin because losing to it meant a true death. After dying, who would still have any more opportunities?

Under the threat of death, the countless factions felt incredibly terrified and understood how weak they were. They no longer dared to fight against Great Qin anymore, and they started to submit to the Writs that Great Qin had issued. These factions didn’t dare to fight anymore, so the ordinary people too followed suit.

The Great Qin Writ and Holy Daughter Writ quickly spread more and more. People started to ask how to obtain the Great Qin Writ because the requirements weren’t as stringent as the Holy Daughter Writ, which required the person to be exceptionally beautiful.

In fact, Holy Daughter Writs could be used in the same manner as Great Qin Writs, as factions with Holy Daughter Writs would also belong to Great Qin. However, this required them to give up a woman who fulfilled the requirements.

Factions with a Holy Daughter Writ would also receive some support from Great Qin, while those with just a Great Qin Writ wouldn’t receive any and wouldn’t be valued as much as those with Holy Daughter Writs.

Zhao Fu wanted to give out as many Great Qin Writs as possible, so he didn’t set any stringent requirements.

After fulfilling all of the requirements, a faction could go to the Ying family to claim a Great Qin Writ, and that faction would be acknowledged by Great Qin. This caused all sorts of factions from all over China to head to the Ying family.

Seeing the massive amount of strength that Great Qin had demonstrated, even some foreign factions came to obtain Great Qin Writs because after Great Qin swept through China, they would be next.

Now, there were mountains and seas of people in front of the Ying family’s residence, and no Legatee could stop them. Great Qin’s name once again returned to the peak, and it seemed even more terrifying.



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