Chapter 466 – Deathly Intent

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With their experiences from last time, the northern side’s factions didn’t dare to be even a bit careless. Even though they had an absolute advantage, they still made various preparations because they understood that they were facing Great Qin.

With how terrifying Great Qin was, it was difficult to say what terrifying cards it had up its sleeves, so they had to make sufficient preparations to utterly destroy it this time.

If they could truly destroy Great Qin, everything they had done would have been worth it. With the person with the greatest threat gone, their futures in the Heaven Awaken World would become more secure.

Moreover, there were massive benefits to be had by taking down Great Qin – just the four system main cities that it controlled alone were enough to make countless Dynasty factions feel incredibly envious. It was likely that it had other good things as well.

If Great Qin was able to create such a massive Undead Disaster and had things that could bring people from the real world into the Heaven Awaken World, it definitely had countless treasures of immeasurable value.

This was enough to make everyone go mad, and even if they obtained a single one of those treasures, they would benefit greatly. It was evident just how big of a temptation Great Qin was for them.

In order to obtain more items that could deal with the Undead, these factions begged the Buddhist Sect, the School of Taoism, and the forces of the Vatican within China’s territory. There were many Chinese people who believed in God, so the Vatican’s forces within China weren’t weak at all.

As the northern side’s factions made various preparations, Zhao Fu finally made a decision. His eyes became filled with killing intent as he muttered, “You’ve done this because you were afraid that I’d kill too many people… but if Great Qin dies, I’ll drag the entire Heaven Awaken World to die with Great Qin!

“Li Si! Shang Yang! Come in!” After making this decision, Zhao Fu called out to Li Si and Shang Yang, who were waiting outside.

Li Si and Shang Yang walked in, expecting Zhao Fu to decide to negotiate; otherwise, Great Qin wouldn’t be able to resist its attackers.

The two of them said simultaneously, “What matters do you have, Your Majesty?”

Zhao Fu replied, “See how much food Great Qin has, and prepare enough for Great Qin for five years. Take care of the other resources as well. If there’s not enough, you can buy more. Also, buy all Undead-resisting talismans on the market – this matter concerns the survival of Great Qin, so there’s no need to be stingy with money.

“Also, have everyone in Great Qin stop working and quickly build an underground city underneath the Great Qin City, big enough to accommodate all of Great Qin.”

After hearing these orders, it took Li Si and Shang Yang a while to process them. His Majesty wasn’t telling them to go and negotiate but to prepare these strange things. However, since Zhao Fu had ordered them, they would obey.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” the two of them replied before quickly leaving.

Zhao Fu summoned the Black and White Impermanences and took them to the eighth region before setting his plan into motion.

The original plan was for the four waves of Skeletons to invade the surrounding four regions because there were very few players in those regions. Most of the players had died in the massive battle, and because the rest had been massacred by Great Qin, there still weren’t many people within those regions.

The Skeleton waves should’ve been able to rampage through those four regions incredibly quickly, and because of the system announcement stating that corpses would turn into Undead after three days, this would’ve been of some help to the Undead Disaster. As the Skeletons were reinforced by deathly intent, their strength would have also increased.

Also, it was said that the corpses that turned into Undead after three days also included creatures that were near death, and this too would increase the strength of the Undead army.

However, the creatures that turned into Undead wouldn’t have the disaster attribute, and they would be weaker than those that the Disaster Cavalry summoned. Moreover, the Disaster Cavalry wouldn’t be able to guide them, but they would still roughly follow along with the rest of the Undead.

Even though the Undead army was split into four waves, the aura given off by the four waves wasn’t any weaker, and they were just as terrifying as they entered the four regions.


The four waves of Skeletons flooded forwards, giving off terrifying sounds. They destroyed everything in their path, condensing an immense amount of deathly aura that followed them. As they moved forward, the ground lost its vitality, and grass and plants withered and died.

Under this terrifying aura, countless birds and beasts escaped madly, creating a beast tide. Feeling this living aura, the countless Skeletons became incredibly excited, and they eerily laughter as they rushed towards these living creatures. A massacre had once again started.

Following this, the boundless ocean of bones started to kill, but its scale didn’t increase as almost all of the Skeleton Mages stayed in the eighth region.

In order to keep them behind, the Disaster Cavalry added all of the Skeleton Mages to the Skeletons they could control.

The Disaster Cavalry could originally command 300 Skeletons, and after becoming Lord class, they were able to control 3,000 Skeletons. With ten of them, they were able to control 30,000 Skeletons.

As such, Zhao Fu was able to directly control 30,000 Skeleton Mages, unlike the other Skeletons that could only be guided.

The four Skeleton waves madly killed everything in their way while Zhao Fu had the Skeleton Mages wait with him in the eighth region. He sat on the ground and cut his wrist, causing his blood to continuously drip onto the ground. The Black and White Impermanences performed hand signs, causing their hands to shine with black and white lights as they performed curses.

The northern side’s factions had already successfully obtained the support of the School of Taoism, the Buddhist Sect, and the Vatican. The School of Taoism could provide a large number of talismans, the Buddhist Sect could buff items with Buddha’s Light, and the Vatican could provide holy water and special equipment, which were useful against the Undead.

The School of Taoism, the Buddhist Sect, and the Vatican were all righteous factions, so they disapproved greatly of Great Qin after it created the Undead Disaster and caused so many creatures to die.

During the last battle, they had wanted to help the northern side’s factions to stop Great Qin’s Undead Disaster, but because of the Void Zones, they were unable to fulfill their desire.

However, things were different now – all of the passages between the regions in the northern side had been opened, and because they could freely visit different system main cities in different regions, they naturally became the greatest supporting force.

With their full support, the northern side’s factions became much more powerful, giving them much more confidence.

It was not just the School of Taoism, the Buddhist Sect, and the Vatican supporting them; there were many other factions giving them their support as well.

For example, the School of Military sent many disciples to lead the troops, to organize the forces, and to take command of this battle. There was also the School of Confucianism – even though it wasn’t very proficient in dealing with the Undead, it still sent over many items that could weaken the Undead.

Finally, there were also sects that specialized in dealing with the Undead, such as the Maoshan Sect. The Maoshan Sect not only provided items, but it also shared its experience and techniques, which were of great help to the northern side’s factions.



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