Chapter 465 – Heavens Exterminating Great Qin

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“Hahaha…” After hearing this system announcement, Su Yan couldn’t help but uproariously laugh, “The heavens are helping us!”

After all of the factions that had just negotiated with Great Qin received this system announcement, they all stopped what they were doing and conducted meetings.

The other Legatees all felt incredibly excited and happy – wasn’t this the heavens exterminating Great Qin? If all of the northern side’s factions allied together, how could Great Qin stop them? It would definitely lose.

No matter which Dynasty faction it was, facing so many factions, it would be impossible to win!

Great Qin had acted incredibly arrogantly and disregarded everything. It had killed countless people and committed countless crimes, and it was finally going to receive retribution.

The countless ordinary people who had been pressured by Great Qin all felt indescribably happy – the anger within their hearts was finally going to be released. After they heard the system announcement, all of the fear that they had felt disappeared.

Because of the changes in the northern side, Great Qin stopped distributing the Great Qin Writs and Holy Daughter Writs.

Now, the entire world’s attention was focused on the northern side, waiting to see how the situation would develop.

Su Yan once again raised the banners of the Qin Resistance Alliance, using ‘the heavens are exterminating Great Qin’ to rally people to the alliance.

“This time, Great Qin will lose without a doubt; even the system is preparing a chance for us to destroy Great Qin. Are we going to let go of such a good opportunity? Do you want to forever endure Great Qin’s tyrannical ways? Do you want to be trampled on? Do you want to forever live in terror?

“Don’t hesitate and fight for our glorious future. Everyone who opposes Great Qin’s ruthless ways, take up your weapons and fight. This time, Great Qin will definitely be destroyed; even if it has the Undead Disaster, it can’t stop all of us.”

Now that all of the northern side’s regions had been connected, the countless players could gather together. As their strength gradually grew, an ocean of players that was extremely terrifying started to form.

All of the factions that had just negotiated for peace with Great Qin didn’t hesitate to immediately join the Qin Resistance Alliance. Before, the players of five regions could somewhat reduce the Undead Disaster’s numbers, so how could Great Qin win against the players of 2,000 regions?

Compared to a humiliating peace, these factions would much rather destroy Great Qin. Once Great Qin was destroyed, there wouldn’t be any factions that would be able to threaten them in the northern side.

The heavens are exterminating Great Qin! The heavens are exterminating Great Qin! The heavens are exterminating Great Qin!

Countless players chanted this within the system main cities, and everyone was incredibly excited. The Great Qin Writs and Holy Daughter Writs had made countless people feel incredibly miserable, and they had only submitted because they feared the Undead Disaster.

However, things were different now – they could gather the entirety of the northern side’s factions. With such a massive force, let alone Great Qin, they would be able to crush five Dynasty factions. In just an instant, their aura was able to greatly suppress Great Qin.

On Great Qin’s side, they had become incredibly silent.

This time, Zhao Fu had completely miscalculated. The two Writs had aroused the fury of countless people, and there were many people who wanted to destroy Great Qin.

In actuality, it was the ordinary players who had forced Great Qin to issue the Great Qin Writ and Holy Daughter Writ – if they hadn't involved themselves, Zhao Fu wouldn’t have issued those Writs.

Zhao Fu wanted to use the Undead Disaster and Reality Fruits to cause widespread terror and to force them to submit, but this had naturally also garnered their hatred. As such, Great Qin was not only facing countless factions but also countless players as well.

There was nothing wrong about the Great Qin Writ and Holy Daughter Writ, but because of this sudden turn of events, they drew a great amount of hatred to Great Qin, which Zhao Fu hadn’t expected at all.

Within Great Qin’s meeting hall, the atmosphere was incredibly tense, and everyone looked incredibly serious.

Wei Liao walked out and cupped his hands as he said earnestly, “Your Majesty, I believe that we should relocate the Great Qin City and its residents. Great Qin is unable to defend against such a massive force.”

Wang Jian also stepped forward and said, “This subordinate agrees with what Wei Liao said. As long as Great Qin’s foundation isn’t destroyed, there is a chance for it to be rebuilt.”

Bai Qi deeply frowned, looking quite serious. In front of this massive force, all tricks and schemes were useless. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, Great Qin had lost this time.

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated as he sat above, and he sighed as he said, “Is there really nothing we can do to stop the northern side’s factions?”

The meeting hall fell silent, and no one could provide any ideas as to how to repel hundreds of millions of players.

Suddenly, Li Si walked out and cupped his hands as he said, “Your Majesty, how about negotiating with them? Right now, there’s no other way.”

“Your Majesty, if it’s negotiating, this subordinate is willing to go. I’m quite experienced in such matters.” Shang Yang walked out and lowered his head as he cupped his hands.

“Alright, you can all leave for now,” Zhao Fu said as he rubbed his temples.

Facing such a great crisis, all of the leaders had grim expression on their faces. They all obeyed and left the great hall, leaving Zhao Fu sitting alone as he sank into his thoughts.


“Should we participate? Great Qin has been acting so overbearingly, so I feel that we should join them in destroying Great Qin. After all, Great Qin is definitely going to lose,” a square-faced man said to the other government officials seated around the table.

The others all nodded, signaling that they agreed – this was a great opportunity to destroy Great Qin.

“What about Old Zhou’s son? If we act, his son will definitely die!” a skinny middle-aged man suddenly said.

The square-faced man coldly harrumphed, “In the face of such an important matter, who cares about a single person’s life? Old Zhou’s son will be dying for his country.”

Hearing his words, no one else said anything.

Within the Ancient Clans, a white-haired elder said, “Who would have thought that the situation would change so quickly? This system announcement was simply too unexpected, and Great Qin will not be able to escape this time. What should we do?”

“We don’t need to do anything. Great Qin has acted incredibly arrogantly, so it deserves whatever happens to it. Even if it was us, we would be unable to stop so many factions,” the boorish white-bearded elder – the Xingtian Clan’s Chief – retorted.

The others thought about it, and because they decided that it wasn’t something they could affect, they could only sigh. Great Qin had been the Dynasty with the most potential, but now, it would meet such an end.

Flower Moon’s women were also discussing this matter. A fairly quiet woman said, “Let’s remain neutral – there’s no point even if we join, as Great Qin has already lost. If we don’t participate, Fourteenth Sister will at least be able to live.”

The other women nodded, and the mature woman also made the decision not to participate.

Su Yuyan hadn’t expected the situation to change so quickly and for the invincible Great Qin to fall to such depths.

The other Dynasty factions and Nation factions all supported the Qin Resistance Alliance, providing a massive amount of resources and money to boost its strength.



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