Chapter 469 – Annihilating Calamity

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A massive explosion rang out, and it was as if everyone in the Heaven Awaken World heard it and looked north.

Pendragon’s Legatee, Roman Empire’s Legatee, Egypt’s Legatee, Great Xia’s Legatee, Great Shang’s Legatee, School of Taoism’s Sect Master, School of Yin Yang’s Sect Master, Buddhist Sect’s Head Monk, the Vatican’s Pope…

Countless people seemed to detect something, and it was as if an annihilating calamity was about to descend. Their expressions became one of panic as they quickly said, “Everyone, get out of the Heaven Awaken World!”

Everyone didn’t understand just what had happened for their leaders to become so panicked, but they still obeyed and tried to heave. However, they received a system announcement. “System announcement! Due to abnormal changes, you are unable to leave the Heaven Awaken World…”

System announcements continuously sounded out as it was already too late.

Everyone watched as a massive blood-red star that gave off a boundlessly terrifying aura slowly descended from the sky.

The blood-red star gave off a devilish, evil, bloodthirsty aura, and the sky seemed to be dyed red. The redness continuously spread until it seemed as if the entire Heaven Awaken World had become blood-red.

Some ordinary people had no idea what was happening, and they looked up at the blood-red sky, wondering just what was going on.

Within the eighth region, countless people looked at the blood-red star in shock and felt an ominous feeling. Su Yan also felt that things were bad, and a wave of fear spread through his heart.

Following this, a truly terrifying thing happened.

Clang, clang, clang…

The sound of massive chains could suddenly be heard. Because everyone had gone silent, the sound seemed incredibly loud. Zhao Fu’s raised arm, which was incredibly withered and wrinkled, shot out five chains, and those five chains shot into the ground like bolts of lightning.

The ground instantly cracked, and a soul-freezing chilling intent rushed out from the ground, causing everyone to feel as if they had fallen into an icy cavern.

The ground started to suddenly tremble as massive demonic hands that were hundreds of meters long stretched out and pressed against the ground. Massive holes appeared in the ground as terrifying bodies climbed out of the ground.

Six incredibly terrifyingly suffocating auras rippled outward, and the countless people felt as if they were just a small boat on top of a raging ocean. Their bodies continuously trembled from the terror that they felt in their souls, and even buddha’s light was of no use to calm their hearts.

The six demon god images crawled up out of the ground and appeared before everyone.

These six demon god images were thousands of meters tall, and there was a chain around each of their necks. Each of their bodies gave off a demonic flame that reached the sky, giving off a mighty aura of suppression. In front of these six demon god images, everyone seemed incredibly weak and small.

The demon god images were all different – apart from the Asura Demon Image wearing battle armor and holding a spear, there were five other demon god images.

Hell Demon Image!

Its appearance looked like a demon fiend, and it had a muscular body and black skin. It was completely naked. Tongues of flame occasionally appeared on its body, and it gave off the smell of sulfur. There were two black horns on its head, and it held a trident.

Hungry Ghost Demon Image!

This demon god image looked like a skinny person without any muscles. Its four limbs were quite long and thin, and its stomach was incredibly big and round. It had gray skin and a twisted, ugly face, and its ears were also quite sharp. Its gray-white eyes were filled with ferocity, and there was a piece of cloth around its waist that covered its lower body. It also held a large bone knife.

Human Demon Image!

It looked like a human with a handsome face and a fine-looking body, and it wore white clothes and had a blood-red sword. Its eyes were also blood-red, and it gave off a dense killing intent.

Heaven Demon Image!

This demon god image looked like a demon fiend with pure-black eyes and sharp teeth, and it also had a pair of large wings and a tail. It was dressed in black armor and held a large halberd.

Animal Demon Image!

It was humanoid and had a muscular body that was tall and sturdy. It had gray-white skin and three heads – one was a chicken head, one was a duck head, and one was a pig head. It had a beast skin wrapped around its waist, and its body gave off an immense amount of power.

These were the Six Paths Demon Images, and the auras that they gave off were all abnormally powerful – after all, each one had been summoned using tens of millions of lives. That was why the Undead Disaster hadn’t become bigger after going through four more regions – Zhao Fu had used all of the corpses to summon them.

After being summoned, these demon god images couldn’t be controlled just like the Aura Demon Image. Just like wild beasts, they wanted to kill and destroy everything. Zhao Fu could only use his blood to strengthen his control over the demon god images and use the King’s Crown’s chains to help, which helped him finally control them.

That was why Zhao Fu looked like a skeleton right now – in order to control the Six Paths Demon Images, Zhao Fu had lost a lot of blood and was in an extremely weak state, and his life was in danger at any moment.

The Chaos Imperial Star was formed from the Chaos Demon Star and the Myrtle Imperial Star. Both of these stars were quite powerful – because one represented Kings and the other represented boundless disaster, their combined power was even greater.

Back when the Chaos Imperial Star descended, it had been incredibly terrifying, and it had been quite difficult for Zhao Fu to summon it. Because of how powerful it was, if Zhao Fu wasn’t careful, it was easy for him to receive a backlash.

The Six Paths Demon Images were an extremely powerful force within the Underworld – they were powerful enough to kill gods and cause all undead creatures to feel fear. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to control them, which was why it was a forbidden technique.

Zhao Fu had used countless creatures’ corpses and blood to summon them, causing them to have such terrifying power.

Now that the Chaos Imperial Star’s power and the Six Paths Demon Images’ power had combined, even Zhao Fu had no idea how powerful they would be. The power would definitely be of a world-ending nature, dragging the entire Heaven Awaken World into a crisis. After all, it had made it so that people were unable to leave.

Feeling this power, the various Legatees, leaders, and Sect Masters felt incredibly panicked and told their people to leave the Heaven Awaken World. However, it was too late.

Now, they all looked seriously towards the north – even those far away could detect those terrifying ripples, making them feel incredibly shocked.

This terrifying disaster was most likely caused by Great Qin’s Legatee as well, but this power was simply too monstrous. In fact, it was probably impossible to destroy Great Qin, and countless corpses would litter the ground. The entire northern side would be heavily wounded, and even if it wasn’t completely destroyed, it would at least be incredibly ravaged.

Even though they knew that it was incredibly dangerous in the northern side, none of them had realized that they were all in danger as well.



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