Chapter 478 – Thousand Meter Rock Pillar

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“Whatever I want… could you give Heavenstone City to me?” Zhao Fu coldly laughed before asking.

“Absolutely not!” Shi Jian immediately refused; how could he just give out a system main city like that? How could he face the soldiers and residents who trusted and respected him so much?

Moreover, Heavenstone City was something that had developed for a long time, and it had taken great efforts to establish it. How could Shi Jian be willing to just hand it over to someone else?

If he lost his city, he would just be someone with Stage 4 cultivation. If he encountered a City Lord, even if it was a City Lord of a Basic City, he wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

When that time came, anyone who wanted to kill him would be able to do so easily, and he would have no way of protecting himself.

Zhao Fu knew that things would turn out like this, and since Shi Jian wasn’t willing to compromise on this, what else could he offer? Zhao Fu didn’t bother saying anything else because there was nothing that Shi Jian could offer him except the system main city.

As such, Zhao Fu sent his power into the Sin Dragon Sword, causing it to give off a terrifying green light. There seemed to a dragon swimming up and down the blade of the sword, and seeing this, Shi Jian was quite startled and wanted to stop him. However, it was too late.

The Sin Dragon Sword gave off a massive sword qi that smashed against the Rock Giant, resulting in a muffled explosion. The sword qi swept out like a berserk wind, causing some cracks on the surface of the Rock Giant’s body.

Zhao Fu had used his full strength in this attack, but because the Rock Giant’s defense was too solid, he was barely able to deal any damage to it.


A massive earth-shaking sound could be heard as the slumbering Rock Giant furiously roared, shaking the heavens. No one would be happy to be so rudely disturbed from one’s slumber – the Rock Giant felt a massive pain, shocking it awake, and started to climb to its feet.

Zhao Fu completely hid his aura and activated the Stealther, making it seem as if he had suddenly disappeared. No one would be able to detect his presence.

Shi Jian was both startled and furious, and he quickly rushed towards the Rock Giant because the cage that his son was in was bound to the Rock Giant’s body.

“Hah!!!” Knowing that time was of the essence, Shi Jian loudly roared and used all of his strength as the large saber that he gripped with both hands gave off an incredibly sharp saber light as he slashed out with it.


Space itself seemed to explode as a massive azure sword light slashed towards the cage. However, even though the cage was covered with cracks after striking the cage, it didn’t show any sign of breaking open. That cage had been able to withstand a full-powered hit from him!

Shi Jian felt quite confused, but he knew that the cage was already badly damaged. All it would take would be another hit to destroy it.

However, just as Shi Jian wanted to attack again, the Rock Giant fully woke up.

“Roarrrr!!!!” The Rock Giant once again gave off a terrifying roar because that azure sword light had also hit it due to how close the cage was to it. After suddenly suffering two massive attacks, the Rock Giant came completely infuriated. Before it had even fully stood up, it swatted its hand towards Shi Jian.

The massive rock hand gave off a terrifying power, and just by traveling through the air, it created a massive sound, forcing Shi Jian to dodge.

After its attack missed, the Rock Giant had fully stood up.

Now, Zhao Fu finally saw the Rock Giant’s full form. Its body was indeed 1,000 meters tall, and its head seemed to poke into the clouds. Because its body was made of massive rocks, it looked quite crude, but one could roughly tell that it had a humanoid body and face.

Right now, this face was furiously staring at Shi Jian. It then suddenly realized something and turned to look elsewhere, and it found that the Fruit of Life Tree had disappeared.

Immediately, the Rock Giant’s anger rushed to unimaginable heights – it had been rudely woken up from its slumber, suffered two massive blows, and now the tree that it had been guarding had disappeared.

“Human! I’ll slaughter you!” The Rock Giant voice boomed before the Rock Giant clenched its fist and punching towards Shi Jian.

The rock fist brought with it unimaginable power, and a powerful aura of suppression covered Shi Jian’s entire body, making it difficult for him to dodge. He had wanted to explain, but the Rock Giant hadn’t given him an opportunity to do so.


Shi Jian could only take out his City Lord Seal and condense an azure hemisphere to block the Rock Giant’s attack.

Seeing that yet another of its attack hadn’t hit the other person, the Rock Giant furiously raised both of its fists, which looked like small mountains, as it smashed them down towards Shi Jian.

Shi Jian had no choice but to retaliate. He looked at the cage that was hanging from the Rock Giant and could only roar as he slashed out a 1,000-metre long azure saber light.


The mountain-like fists collided with the thousand meters long sabre light, resulting in a gigantic explosion and causing a wild gale to rush out.

The Rock Giant leaned back because of the explosion and took a step back before being able to stabilize its body – clearly, the azure saber light was a bit stronger.

As the Rock Giant was regaining its balance, Shi Jian took this opportunity to rush towards the Rock Giant and came beside the cage. He slashed the cage open and took Shi Wen, who was unconscious, in his arms. He didn’t hesitate to immediately run, turning into a ray of light.

“Roarrr!!” Seeing that Shi Jian was trying to run, the Rock Giant went berserk with anger and deafeningly roared as it smashed its palms onto the ground.


A gigantic explosion rang out, causing the ground to split as a thousand meter tall rock pillar suddenly burst forth from the ground.

This gave Shi Jian a great shock. He wanted to dodge, but it was already too late. In order to protect Shi Wen from being hurt, Shi Jian could only use his own body to protect him.


Shi Jian’s body flew up like a sandbag and was launched thousands of meters into the air by the rock pillar.

“Arghhhh!” Shi Jian coughed up a large mouthful of blood, and his body was wracked with pain as blood dyed the front of his clothes.


Another massive sound rang out as the Rock Giant kicked off from the ground, leaving two massive footprints on the ground as it leaped up into the air and attacked Shi Jian again.

“Hahhhh!!” Shi Jian once again roared. He knew that if he didn’t struggle for his life with all he had, he would die here. The City Lord Seal gave off a massive amount of azure light, and Heavenstone City’s City Heart continuously trembled, causing everyone in Heavenstone City to notice that something was off.

The 100,000 soldiers could sense that their City Lord was in danger, and they immediately wanted to go and save Shi Jian.

If anything happened to the City Lord, Heavenstone City would fall, as the City Lord Seal was the core item of the city. One of the Great Generals had remained in the city to defend against anyone who wanted to attack, but they were now faced with a tough decision: were they to defend the city or save the City Lord?

They had to save the City Lord because if the City Lord Seal fell into someone else’s hands, they would lose Heavenstone City anyway. After all, the City Lord Seal contained far too much power.



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