Chapter 497 – Great Qin Attacks Vietnam

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Even though they didn’t know who Great Qin’s Legatee was, they understood that he definitely wasn’t any ordinary person, or else he would not have been able to ally with two system main cities to attack them. Without any power on his side, how could those two Chinese system main cities be willing to fight on his side?

Just his army of 400,000 soldiers alone was very difficult to deal with.

With two system main cities and countless players by his side, it was not just the Vietnamese players who became fearful. The Vietnamese system main cities also started to panic as well.

They were in a much weaker situation, and a single system main city definitely wouldn’t be able to defend against so many people. As such, countless people started to feel terrified.

News of this quickly spread into the real world, and any information related to Great Qin drew countless gazes.

Now, there were two major pieces of news on the Heaven Awaken World forum: the two-colored General Star and Great Qin attacking Vietnam.

There were many people who were interested in the two-colored General Star, but they were mostly large factions. Ordinary people did not care about such things. However, Great Qin attacking Vietnam was an international war, so even the ordinary people were quite interested.

Everyone knew how chaotic the boundary regions were; those in boundary regions were continuously provoked, insulted, and attacked.

The tension in the boundary regions affected all of China, making many Chinese people quite furious, but they were unable to do anything because the boundaries had not been opened up yet. Even though they felt angry, there was nothing they could do, so they could only watch on.

Both sides continuously attacked each other, taking both victories and losses, but this did not solve the problem. After all, neither side could destroy the other, and the fights only made both sides hate each other even more.

China’s territory was quite large, and it neighbored many other countries. All of them continuously probed China, making the Chinese side feel a great amount of pressure. A single wolf was not very scary, but a pack of wolves was quite dangerous.

The Chinese side was unable to deal with so many enemies, and many factions did not wish for battles to happen either.

If the regions were all opened up, many ordinary people would head to the boundaries, as the clashes at boundary regions had angered many people on both sides.

Once the regions were opened up, there would definitely be a massive battle, and countless ordinary people would be dragged in.

This would be an opportunity for countless factions to rise up, but most of the large families would choose to sit aside instead of rushing in hot-headedly.

The countless up-and-rising factions would be like spears charging forward, while the large families would be like solid shields. This was not just the case for China but other countries as well – the large and powerful families only cared about their interests and would not charge into things like the ordinary people would.

These intense battles would create many powerful factions, but the large families were not weak either. If they fought, it was unclear who would win.

Countless Chinese people were paying attention to the battle, as it was led by Great Qin. Many people felt quite excited, as they felt confident that Great Qin could destroy those two Vietnamese system main cities and take the first step in resolving the problem at the boundary regions.

This would calm down the countries that bordered China and show them that the Chinese side could destroy them.

Soon, many people who hated and feared Great Qin started to like it again – that was just how two-faced people were.

The ordinary people just wanted Great Qin to bring honor to China and destroy its enemies, but what the countless factions were focused on was something else – Great Qin already had four system main cities, and it had just taken down Heavenstone City not too long ago, which made five system main cities in total. With the Great Qin City, that was already six City Lords that they knew about.

Moreover, Great Qin’s army was simply too terrifying – it had 450,000 soldiers, and now, it was about to obtain two more system main cities.

Great Qin was simply too powerful now, so compared to the ordinary people, who were excited, the countless factions became even more terrified.

However, not all the factions felt this way, such as those whose goals weren’t to become overlords, such as the Ancient Clans, the Hundred Schools of Thought, and some righteous sects; they all more or less supported Great Qin’s conduct.

After all, they were quite supportive of Great Qin attacking foreign factions, increasing China’s strength, and bringing China glory. At the same time, they felt glad that Great Qin could do some good things for China instead of simply harming it.

Compared to China, the Vietnamese side was covered with a cloud of worry. With Great Qin’s Legatee leading such a massive force, could they resist him?

If this region perished, then other regions would not be safe either. In the future, Great Qin could invade deeper into Vietnam, bringing Vietnam into danger.

The Great Qin’s actions caused all of Vietnam to start panicking. If it was within China, they would have been happy for it to rampage as much as it wanted, as those who died would all be Chinese people. However, Great Qin had set its gaze on Vietnam, and with a disaster imminent, they couldn’t feel happy at all. All of Vietnam’s factions started to conduct emergency meetings to discuss how to face Great Qin.

After doing this for the first time, Great Qin would definitely do this even more times in the future – and they weren’t wrong, as Zhao Fu’s plan had always been to destroy Vietnam first. However, he had been forced to change his plans because of various things, and now that he had the opportunity, he wouldn’t let Vietnam off.

Some people cursed China for being shameless and unfair; if they had any pride, they wouldn’t have Great Qin move out. Instead, they should fight fairly.

Countless Vietnamese people supported such notions, so there were all sorts of battle invitations on the internet, demanding for there to be a fair fight without Great Qin.

However, this only caused the Chinese side to wildly laugh – who wanted to have a fair fight with Vietnam? The notion of fairness simply didn’t exist in war.

Indeed, when had wars ever cared about fairness? There were only victors and losers, and only idiots demanded fairness and justice in wars.

Hearing this, the Vietnamese people became even more enraged, and they continued to curse the Chinese side. The Chinese side did not back down either and cursed and insulted them back. Before the battles in the Heaven Awaken World had even started, a battle of insults had begun in the real world.

Of course, Zhao Fu still did not know about any of this.

News that two system main cities were about to attack caused all of the people in Flowing Water City to feel quite melancholic because Flowing Water City was the weakest out of the four system main cities. As such, it was only natural that the first one to be attacked would be them.



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