Chapter 499 – Falling Out

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“Charge!!” someone mightily bellowed as countless Chinese players rushed towards Fragrant Moon City like an ocean, seeming to be able to sweep away anything before them.

The countless defenders on the city walls looked incredibly serious as they gazed at the countless charging Chinese people. They knew that this battle would not be an easy one, so none of them dared to be careless.

Trần Xiangyue and Hồ Ming stood on the city walls as well, their expressions quite grim as they looked at the Chinese players. There was no space at all for negotiations, so they ordered, “Fire!”

Swish, swish, swish…

The defenders drew their bows, and arrows tore through the air, drawing arcs before falling like rain.

In just an instant, the Chinese side suffered some injuries and casualties, as the first wave that had rushed up had simple wooden shields. These wooden shields were unable to stop the arrows from Stage 1 soldiers, but they could easily withstand arrows shot by players.

The Vietnamese side had 2.5 million people, but excluding the children and elderly, they only had 2.3 million people, while the Chinese side had 2.6 million people.

However, in terms of sieging, the defenders had made many preparations and had the advantage. As such, victory was still uncertain.

The Vietnamese side and the Chinese side started to officially fight, and the eyes of the people on both sides were blood-red – the hatred between the two sides was finally going to be resolved today – only one side would live while the other side would die.

As the Chinese side vigorously attacked, the Vietnamese side powerfully defended; neither side wanted to lose.

“Fire!” Another wave of arrow rain shot out, and the sharp aura that the arrows gave off seemed to be able to pierce the sky, shocking countless people. This once again caused some injuries and casualties to the Chinese side.

By now, the Chinese side was able to counterattack, as many of them were close enough to attack. Now, waves of arrows also traveled upwards from below, and the defenders had to start raising their shields to protect themselves.

Soon, the bloodthirsty ocean of people below reached the city walls, and players started to set up ladders or grappling hooks, preparing to climb up the city walls.

The defenders above carried over all sorts of heavy objects, such as boulders or logs, and they threw them down towards the attackers. These heavy objects were quite effective at stopping the players.

After all, being dropped from so high up and being so heavy, any object would cause a lot of damage.

However, this was another matter for those with high cultivations, as they had the power to block those heavy objects. Only those with the same level of cultivation, sending their power into the heavy objects and throwing them down, would be able to injure those with high cultivations.

Not all of the defenders were Stage 1 soldiers, so soon, some of the people from the Chinese side were able to reach the top of the city walls.

Seeing that the situation was taking a turn for the worse, Hồ Ming immediately ordered all of the Archers to start firing directly downwards. At such close range, and also because the Chinese players were climbing up, it was very difficult to defend against the arrows.

The arrows easily pierced into many Chinese people’s bodies, and pitiful cries sounded out. Blood flew into the air as their bodies toppled down from above.

The Chinese side’s Archers also ferociously counter-attacked, continuously sending waves of arrows to the city wall. Soon, many Vietnamese people had also been injured or killed.

At that moment, the Vietnamese side started to pour buckets of oil. Once they were ignited, they would form a sea of flames, causing countless deaths.

At the same time, it would suppress their siege, lowering their side’s morale.

However, the Chinese side was prepared as well. Just as the sea of flames formed, the Chinese people threw out sparkling white powder, which gave off a hint of chilliness. The ground was instantly covered with ice, freezing the flaming oil.

This powder was called Ice Powder, and it would instantly form ice upon landing on something.

Seeing that the flaming oil had failed, the defenders continued to use arrows and heavy objects to defend, and the Chinese side continued to struggle. The battle was incredibly intense, and the number of casualties on both sides continuously rose.

Looking from a high place, one would be able to see enemies on all sides of the Fragrant Moon City. There were many people climbing up the city walls and countless people still approaching from the distance. Fragrant Moon City was in complete disorder, and many people hurriedly rushed to the various city walls, reinforcing that side and defending against the Chinese onslaught.

The battle cries from both sides were incredibly loud, and the sound of roaring and wailing continuously sounded out, creating an incredibly intense scene.

Zhao Fu, Bai Rusheng, and Xiao Ce stood in the air. Zhao Fu looked down and felt that the time was right, so he said to the two others with him, “Alright, carry out the plan!”

Hearing this, Bai Rusheng and Xiao Ce nodded and flew towards Fragrant Moon City. Instantly, two powerful auras covered Fragrant Moon City, and the massive gusts of wind they caused made those inside the city feel quite afraid.

Similarly, Trần Xiangyue and Hồ Ming also released their terrifying auras and blocked Bai Rusheng and Xiao Ce’s auras.

“I never thought that you two would work together with Otherworlders and obey their commands. What, isn’t he going to act?” Trần Xiangyue said to Bai Rusheng before looking at Zhao Fu in the distance. Upon seeing Zhao Fu, her heart sank – it was indeed him. Not much time had passed, but he had already become a City Lord and gave off such a dangerous aura.

Of course, Xiao Ce wouldn’t tell her the true reason, so he coldly harrumphed and said, “It’s best that you surrender; perhaps you’ll be able to live. Otherwise, your only path will be death!”

“Hahaha…” Standing beside Trần Xiangyue, Hồ Ming started to loudly laugh, “You think that you can beat us? What a joke!

“Also, Bai Rusheng, our battle before was a misunderstanding – all of that was caused by that person, resulting in us fighting!” Hồ Ming said as he pointed at Zhao Fu.

Hồ Ming believed that if he told this to Bai Rusheng, he would be able to make the Chinese side disjointed, allowing their side to easily win.

Back then, it had indeed been his fault, and not only did he suffer a heavy loss, but Whiteleaf City also suffered. As such, Bai Rusheng would most likely not tolerate that person for causing all of that. Logically, Great Qin’s Legatee should be Whiteleaf City’s enemy.

It was not just Hồ Ming. Trần Xiangyue also thought the same way as well. If they disclosed this, the other side would definitely have a falling out and might even start fighting. Once that happened, the Vietnamese side would win without a doubt.



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