Chapter 510: Destroy Great Qin
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Hearing that person's voice, everyone else felt one's blood course through one's veins. Right now, Great Qin was indeed running away from them. It was shocking to think that Great Qin would ever show fear and run.

Moreover, when they thought about the large reward even if they died, the ocean of people once again flooded forward with even more momentum. Someone called out, "That's right! There's nothing to be afraid of, so let's all charge and kill everyone in Great Qin. They're not invincible. They are feeling afraid as well!"

Seeing the ocean of people rush forwards, Zhao Fu felt quite furious and drew the Sky Demon Sword. He raised it and roared, "Godly Hell's Doors!"

This time, Zhao Fu used all of his power, including the Nation Armament and Clan Armament, and the massive power entered the Sky Demon Sword, causing it to give off a shocking demonic light.


An explosion rang out as a black pillar of light shot into the sky, and an enormous black hole that was 10,000 meters wide suddenly opened. Countless streams of demonic qi rushed out as terrifying howls could be heard and countless demons charged out.

This time, it was not only the little demons but also demons that were two meters tall, demons with ferocious faces, demons with slim bodies, and demons with flames burning around them.

There were hundreds of thousands of these demons, and they fearsomely roared as they charged at the ocean of people.

The two groups soon clashed together. Countless demons slashed with their claws, leaving behind icy lights as they dismembered players into countless pieces, sending blood everywhere. The little demons also stabbed with their pitchforks, piercing many players' chests.

However, the players showed no fear and continued to rush up. Their weapons stabbed into the demons' bodies, causing them to howl and burst into countless traces of demonic qi.

The wave of demons continuously charged at the players, causing the ocean of people to slightly pause before they were destroyed.

However, this allowed Great Qin's army to open up a considerable gap between them. By now, many of Great Qin's soldiers had already passed through the teleportation channels and returned to the Great Qin City.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and also disappeared in the air.

Countless people looked at Great Qin's escaping soldiers and did not continue chasing. Instead, they loudly cheered.

They were all incredibly excited and emotional – this was the first time that anyone had triumphed against Great Qin and caused it to run away so wretchedly. With how terrifying and ruthless Great Qin was, they had never thought that they would be able to do such a thing.

Today, they were bound to become incredibly famous because they had defeated Great Qin and would be admired by the whole world.

How could they not feel excited? Who had done such a thing before?

The countless spies of various factions couldn't help but laugh. They had thought that Great Qin would have another trump card and had been prepared to die, hoping to at least heavily injure Great Qin. Who would have thought that Great Qin would have run like that?

Even though Great Qin had barely lost any people, it was a big blow to its morale.

Countless people celebrated, feeling incredibly victorious.

However, the three City Lords in the air looked quite worried – they had allowed Great Qin to escape. They would never have such a good opportunity again, and they would face a furious counterattack from Great Qin.

Great Qin had narrowly avoided disaster, but it had lost all of its reputation. This matter quickly spread to the real world, shocking everyone who heard it.

Great Qin had lost? And had run away from four million people?

Countless people couldn't help but laugh, and they felt much better. This meant that Great Qin was not invincible and that they could defeat Great Qin.

Even though there was not a single faction that could survive an attack from four million people, Great Qin was different. Within countless people's hearts, Great Qin was something that stood above gods.

However, no one expected it to suddenly crash down like this – this meant that Great Qin did not have any more powerful cards up its sleeve and that it was defeatable. They no longer had to be afraid, because it was possible for them to destroy Great Qin.

Many factions started to feel much better about the situation, and the happiest were the various Dynasty Legatees because this had all been planned by them.

As Dynasty Legatees, it was impossible for them to settle in peace, so they had to think of ways to destroy Great Qin or limit Great Qin's development.

However, none of them had expected to force Great Qin into retreat. This was the first time that they had beaten Great Qin, and after losing so many times in the past, they had lost all confidence. This had been a complete surprise.

They quickly fulfilled their promises, giving everyone who had participated rewards. They had to keep their promise, or it would be impossible to fight Great Qin in the future.

This made the entire Forest of Horrors even more joyful.

This matter did indeed cause Great Qin's reputation to fall. Now that they had won against Great Qin once, they no longer felt afraid of Great Qin anymore. Many people had vented out the anger in their hearts and felt much better.

The foreign factions all let out a sigh of relief as well. Great Qin had put an immense amount of pressure on them, and now that Great Qin had lost, they felt quite relieved.

In actuality, Great Qin did not really lose because it had just performed a tactical retreat. It had barely lost any people, and this was quite common on battlefields.

However, in terms of might, they had lost – this was something that the whole world was happy to see.

The many people gathered outside the Ying family's residence quickly dispersed, no longer wanting Great Qin Writs and Holy Daughter Writs. Only a few people remained.

Some of these people thought that this was a good opportunity – after all, Great Qin had just retreated and was still incredibly powerful. Now that everyone else had left, perhaps by staying they would seem more sincere and perhaps would obtain one of the Writs.

Some of the families that had sent women to the Ying family also decided to support Great Qin. After all, if they sent someone over then brought the person back, that would be far too shameful.

Moreover, they believed that Great Qin was still hiding some cards up its sleeve, and it just wasn't time to use them yet. The memory of Great Qin instantly annihilating 100 million players was still deeply engraved in them.

They were betting on Great Qin's potential – once Great Qin continued to win, they, who had supported Great Qin, would receive great benefits and would be able to officially join it.

If they continuously hopped about and were indecisive, they would never be valued by Great Qin.



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