Chapter 511: The Search for Great Qin
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Luckily, the Ying family had not accepted many women, only the four from earlier. Otherwise, many large families would have come to demand their people back. It was impossible that everyone would put their faith in Great Qin and stand against the other factions.

The Ying family paid a great deal of attention to this matter, and the family leaders came to Zhao Fu's villa. However, after hearing that he was still in the Heaven Awaken World, they did not disturb him because they knew that things would be quite chaotic for him in the Heaven Awaken World.

As such, they told the bodyguard to alert them immediately when Zhao Fu woke up.

After hearing about this news, the four women did not react too greatly. Before, Liu Ruyan and Pan Yuling held onto a trace of hope that their families would take them back, but after hearing from their families, they could only give up completely.

From that moment onwards, they resigned themselves to the fact that they belonged to Great Qin and Great Qin's Legatee.

Feng Shiyu paid a great deal of attention about Great Qin's Legatee, and after hearing the news, she ran to Zhao Fu's villa, wanting to hear about Great Qin's Legatee's condition. After all, she already thought of herself as Great Qin'a Legatee's woman, but she was stopped by the bodyguard.

On the other hand, Li Muqing showed the least reaction. She continued to do what she normally did, which was reading books and occasionally painting. She occasionally talked with Liu Ruyan about music and acted as if she hadn't heard about the matter.

Back at the Forest of Horrors, all of the shops related to Great Qin were closed. Since they had chosen to fight, the system main cities would not hold back.

Luckily, Great Qin had already recalled all of its people, so there were not any injuries or casualties.

However, Heaven's Choice was not so lucky. Its headquarters was surrounded by countless players, and most people chose to leave the faction. Only a small portion of people chose to remain loyal and resist, and they were all killed.

It could be said that all of Great Qin's factions in the Forest of Horrors had been destroyed, and nothing affiliated with it had survived.

However, even though Heaven's Choice had been destroyed, its core members had already been sent to the Ying family's residence. Nevertheless, Heaven's Choice would cease to exist from now on.

This was because after dying, people would be randomly sent to another location, so it was almost impossible for the core members to be sent to the same place, making it impossible to re-establish the same Heaven's Choice. Only after the regions were all opened up would Zhao Fu be able to re-establish the same Heaven's Choice.

Apart from destroying Great Qin's factions, the three system main cities also gave out quests to start conducting a blanket search to seek out where Great Qin was.

Through the abnormal signs caused by Great Qin, the three system main cities could guess roughly which direction it was in, so they hoped to find it through a large-scale blanket search.

Now, all of the players were willing to do their bidding, so this was a good opportunity to find Great Qin. If they could really find it, they would be able to quickly get rid of this menace. Only after they destroyed Great Qin would they be able to feel safe.

In actuality, the players were not doing their bidding but the Dynasty Legatees'. They had just received massive rewards from the various Dynasty Legatees, so they were incredibly happy and were naturally willing to obey them. Just as the three system main cities wanted to destroy Great Qin, the Dynasty Legatees did too.

The reward for finding Great Qin was incredibly alluring: the three system main cities offered a reward of 300,000 gold coins while the Dynasty Legatees offered a total of $1 billion in the real world and would allow them to become a core member of one of their factions and receive protection.

Those rewards were incredibly tempting, and many people went out to madly search for Great Qin.

"Damnit!" Zhao Fu gnashed his teeth in fury as he slammed his fist onto a table. Everyone in the hall lowered their heads, not daring to make a sound, and the atmosphere within the hall was quite oppressive.

After Great Qin retreated, Zhao Fu gathered all of his Generals. After receiving various pieces of news, he felt incredibly furious.

Every time, it was ordinary people who had been a grave threat to Great Qin. Zhao Fu had never wanted to kill ordinary people, only those who opposed him. However, now, he wanted to kill all of the ordinary people as well.

He could not allow them to threaten Great Qin time and time again. Zhao Fu's eyes gave off a cold glow, thinking whether he should cause another catastrophe.

However, that was not quite possible – he had promised the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon that he wouldn't do anything that would destroy the Heaven Awaken World, and even if he broke that promise, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon would definitely step in again. Right now, Great Qin was unable to resist it.

Apart from the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon, there were also three other Guardian Beasts that would definitely step in. Just the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon alone was incredibly powerful, let alone the others.

Zhao Fu felt that Great Qin was simply too weak right now, and it was as if it could be easily destroyed by anyone without much resistance. Zhao Fu hated this feeling – only by throwing away everything else would they be able to continuously grow more and more powerful.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's handsome face became quite savage, and his eyes became even redder, making him look quite berserk. Everyone who saw him trembled.

Within the boundless darkness, the gigantic devilish star suddenly gave off an incredibly intense blood-red light, and an energy filled with an aura of destruction gradually formed. The Chaotic Imperial Star seemed as if it was no longer bound by the laws of the universe.

What was even more shocking was that a large amount of a black aura started to rise up from Zhao Fu's body – this was his King's Power and his King's Fate, and at this moment, it started to turn blood-red.

Within Zhao Fu's soul, that demon god attribute slowly unleashed its power, causing Zhao Fu's soul to change.

A chilling feeling spread out, making everyone feel as if they had fallen into a bottomless abyss, and their expressions became ones of shock as they looked at Zhao Fu.

Immediately, they found that Zhao Fu's appearance started to become inhuman – two fangs started growing out of his mouth, and his ears became sharper. His black hair slowly became blood-red, and his noble and domineering aura became one of bloodlust and slaughter.

Standing beside Zhao Fu, Xianru looked quite serious and walked over, stretching out her hand. A five-colored light shined on her palm as she lightly patted Zhao Fu's back, saying, "Your Majesty, you're the ruler of Great Qin; you can't allow yourself to be affected by other powers."

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt as if he had been woken up from a dream. He looked up and hazily looked around him, returning to his former self.

This allowed everyone in the hall to release a sigh of relief. They looked at Xianru with gratitude – if it wasn't for her, none of them would have been able to stop Zhao Fu.

No matter what Zhao Fu became like, they would still follow his orders absolutely.

Xianru knowingly smiled and slightly lowered her head, acknowledging the Generals' looks as she returned to Zhao Fu's side.

"Your Majesty, what should Great Qin do about the blanket search being conducted?" Bai Qi said, drawing Zhao Fu's mind to something else.



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