Chapter 514: Clown Bone
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Many factions had expected this slaughter. Facing four million people, Great Qin had weighed the costs and benefits and wisely chosen to retreat. However, this made the ordinary people naively think that Great Qin was defenseless, which was completely wrong. Once they became scattered, Great Qin was able to hunt them down easily. With the ordinary people's power, facing Great Qin meant death.

Now, they had been arrogant to try to find Great Qin's headquarters; how could they not face resistance? After looking around, countless ordinary people had been massacred without any resistance.

Within a day, 400,000 players had died, greatly reducing the players' morale. All of their expressions were quite dim, and none of them dared to continue to oppose Great Qin.

However, the 400,000 players had not died for nothing. There were many ability users and espers, and they gathered information from where they had died and had been able to make a few guesses as to Great Qin's rough location.

This was incredibly good news, and the various factions and Dynasty Legatees once again gave out large rewards to motivate the players to find Great Qin.

They once again gathered a massive army. Even if they couldn't destroy Great Qin, they would be able to heavily wound it and level the playing field.

In the face of massive benefits, the ordinary players were once again moved. Their low morale was boosted high because this time, they would be gathered together instead of split up. Now that they had a better idea of where Great Qin was, they just had to stick together and move.

After hearing about this, the three system main cities moved out as well. With the support of three system main cities, the countless players became even more confident.

Very soon, the army once again formed, and three million or so people headed towards Great Qin.

Great Qin quickly received news of this, and Zhao Fu looked at Bai Qi and asked, "Has everything been prepared?"

Bai Qi slightly smiled and nodded.

Zhao Fu felt relieved and looked at soldiers as he said in a loud voice, "Set out!"

Great Qin's soldiers started to advance towards the player army with high morale.

The player army excitedly advanced incredibly quickly and reached Great Qin's territory. Immediately, they were greeted with all sorts of presents.

Some fell into pits and were impaled on sharp wooden spikes, while others were crushed by falling objects. Others were stabbed by countless bamboo spears that shot out of nowhere.

There were all sorts of traps, and they instantly caused many deaths, causing the player army to pause in its tracks.

Seeing the countless traps and the 40,000 to 50,000 players who had died in an instant, the three City Lords frowned and gave the order to advance carefully.

Moreover, there were isolation barriers everywhere, making it impossible to use teleportation channels to skip past the countless traps.

The tools that they had used to break the isolation barriers were connected to their system main cities' teleportation channels, so it was impossible to use them here.

However, just in case, Zhao Fu had ordered people to be stationed in high places to send alerts of people using teleportation channels to teleport over. Once this happened, they would immediately be surrounded and killed.

The player army advanced with great difficulty because there were simply too many of them and too many traps. Soon, the casualties had reached nearly 100,000 players.

This was not that great of a number – after all, these traps had been created by 1.45 million people, which was quite shocking. This was the benefit to defending.

The player army continued to advance forwards and soon reached a large lake. The lake covered a few kilometers, and the water was a dirt-yellow color and quite murky. However, it was not very deep, being less than half a meter deep, which made it easy to wade through and did not seem very dangerous.

After suffering much just then, the three City Lords and various leaders did not dare to be careless, and they wanted to go around it. However, there were mountains on either side of the lake, and it would take a long time for so many people to climb over the mountains.

There was also a narrow ravine, but that was a perfect spot for an ambush. Moreover, with so many people, they would be at a great disadvantage in such terrain and would suffer great casualties.

As such, they decided to wade through the lake. Of course, they sent people to scout the way first. Seeing that the scouts were able to make it through, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Following this, the player army started to enter the lake. Surprisingly, people easily made it to the other side without any issues, and they all started to relax, thinking that they were too alert and that this was just a normal lake.

Soon, one million players had crossed over, and everyone let down their guards and felt quite safe.

However, at that moment, something surprising happened – countless waves started to surge towards the people within the water.

Immediately, pained cries sounded out. Countless people felt something biting at their feet, causing them to instinctively raise their feet. However, this sent them off balance, causing them to completely fall into the water while the things in the water ferociously bit at their bodies.

Blood quickly dyed the murky water red, and everyone else became quite startled and quickly retreated.

The three City Lords' expressions became grim, and they simultaneously acted. An incredibly powerful force hit the surface of the lake, causing ugly little fish with sharp teeth to splash out of the water.

They were Clown Bone Fish, which Great Qin had obtained during the Divine Fish Festival and had been raising this entire time. After such a long time, there were now hundreds of thousands of these fish, and they had incredibly sharp teeth that could even bite through iron. They were incredibly frightening, and they were why so many people were afraid of Seeping River.

These Clown Bone Fish were incredibly weak, and they all died under the three City Lords' attacks.

The rest of the players quickly saved those who were still alive. Most of them had not died, but their feet had been mostly bitten off. The players immediately realized Great Qin's plan and couldn't help but curse at Great Qin for being so insidious.

This was because they realized that Great Qin's goal was not to kill them but to get rid of their battle power. Those who had their feet bitten off were unable to walk anymore.

In just an instant, another 400,000 people had lost the power to walk or fight. Adding on the 100,000 or so people lost from the traps, that was 500,000 people in total, and combined with those killed by Great Qin's Assassins, that was 900,000 people in total.

Now, they only had around 2.7 million people who were still able to fight. They had lost so many people without even seeing Great Qin, making them wonder if they wanted to even continue.



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