Chapter 522: Jiang Family
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After Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin, he re-established Soldier Forest and gave the City Lord Seal to Zhang Dahu. Now, Great Qin had yet another City Lord.

Now, only Holy Light City was left in the Forest of Horrors. The size of its army and population were similar to Soldier Forest, but now that Soldier Forest had been destroyed, Great Qin did not have to fear Holy Light City as much. Now, by itself, Holy Light City was essentially unable to defend against Great Qin and was fated to lose.

Zhao Fu gathered his Generals and started to discuss how to take down Holy Light City. After taking down Holy Light City, Great Qin would have truly united a region and established a firm cornerstone to re-establish Great Qin. When he thought of this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel a bit excited.

After some discussion, Great Qin quickly came up with a battle plan.

A day later, Zhao Fu came with the Disaster Cavalrymen to where Soldier Forest had originally been. The ground here was burnt black, and only ruins remained. Only a few walls were still standing, and everything else had been burnt to a crisp.

Zhao Fu gave the order, and the Disaster Cavalrymen started to act. Black pillars of light shot up into the clouds as a black magic formation appeared, and Skeletons slowly climbed out of the ruins.

There were roughly 300,000 Skeletons, as most of the corpses had been burnt into nothing. It was unlikely that the corpses that had survived could be refined, so Zhao Fu decided to try to see if they could be turned into Skeletons and was surprised that it was possible.

Apart from the ordinary Skeletons, some of the Skeletons had been summoned from the corpses of Stage 1 soldiers, so they were naturally much more powerful than the ordinary Skeletons.

After taking care of these matters, a figure came to Zhao Fu's mind. After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to sneak into Holy Light City.

"Miss Jiang, there's someone outside who says that he's your friend and wants to see you." Hearing this, Jiang Rou felt a bit curious and went outside to see who it was.

After going outside, a black-cloaked, mysterious-looking person appeared before her.

Jiang Rou immediately recognized this person, ran over, and said happily, "Zhao Xin, you're finally back! Are you alright?"

Seeing how concerned Jiang Rou seemed, Zhao Fu smiled and said, "I'm fine. What is it?"

Hearing Zhao Fu's reply, Jiang Rou let out a sigh of relief and said, "Westfall Restaurant was closed down, and I was worried that something had happened to you!"

So it was that. Zhao Fu smiled and replied, "It's not a big deal; I'm here to take you to leave."

"Take me to leave? To where?" Jiang Rou asked, blushing.

Zhao Fu realized that his words were quite ambiguous, and he quickly explained, "Holy Light City is about to be attacked. I found a teleportation channel to another region, so quickly prepare and leave!"

Jiang Rou felt quite shocked – she understood that Holy Light City would be attacked by Great Qin soon, and Holy Light City had descended into chaos. Everyone was trying to think of how to escape, as it would not be a good idea to stay in Holy Light City any longer. After all, it was impossible for them to defend against Great Qin.

Soldier Forest had the same strength as them, yet they had all been locked in the city by Great Qin and burned to death. With just ten City Lords, Great Qin had been able to burn more than one million people to death; they didn't want to end up the same as Soldier Forest.

As such, many factions returned to their village's headquarters, while others went to the Void Zones and tried to cross to another region. The Forest of Horrors essentially already belonged to Great Qin, and staying here would be seeking death.

The number of players in Holy Light City continuously dwindled. Since it was impossible to defend the city, they were not willing to stupidly wait here for death. With how ruthless Great Qin was, how could it treat them well?

Many factions quickly gathered their things and left. If they waited until Great Qin arrived, they would not even be able to run.

This was the same for the Jiang family – Great Qin would definitely destroy a family like them. Jiang Feng felt quite worried and prepared to take the risk to escape the Forest of Horrors – he knew the consequences of going against Great Qin.

As such, he had told Jiang Rou to leave with him. This was because Jiang Rou was a member of the main family of the Jiang family, and if she stayed, she would most likely die a true death.

After all, Great Qin could bring people from the real world into the Heaven Awaken World. Even though they could not do this on a large scale, Great Qin could capture the leaders of the various factions. Once they were caught by Great Qin, they would die a true death. This was why all of the factions' leaders were desperately running, as none of them wanted to die.

As the older brother, Jiang Feng wanted to take care of his little sister and did not want anything to happen to her. There was also the fact that Jiang Rou would be able to provide them with support in terms of resources.

Jiang Rou knew that Great Qin was about to attack Holy Light City – Holy Light City was on high alert, and an oppressive aura covered the entire city.

If the indigenous residents surrendered they could live, but as players, Great Qin would not spare them. As such, Jiang Rou understood that she had to escape.

However, she had never expected that Zhao Fu would have a teleportation channel to another region. This meant that she would not have to pass through a Void Zone with great difficulty and would be able to directly go to another region.

She had never expected that Zhao Xin would think of her at such a critical time, and she sweetly smiled and said, "Mm! I've already prepared everything and can leave at any time!"

Zhao Fu nodded and prepared to send Jiang Rou and some of Great Qin workers out of the region.

Right now, Zhao Fu would not easily trust players, but since they had worked for Great Qin, he decided to send them off and give them some money as compensation.

At that moment, Jiang Rou suddenly thought and asked, "Umm Zhao Xin, can I bring some people from the Jiang family as well?"

Even though the Jiang family had not treated her very well, it was still her family, so she couldn't help but think of the Jiang family.

"The Jiang family's people?" Zhao Fu hadn't wanted to spare them, as they had also participated in this matter. However, because of Jiang Rou, he didn't want to destroy all of their forces here.

After thinking about it, since the Jiang family would have lost a lot of strength, numbers, and Fate after this event, facing Jiang Rou's expectant gaze, Zhao Fu decided to nod and agree.

"That's great. Thank you so much Zhao Xin!" Jiang Rou said happily, and she couldn't help but hug his arm.

Zhao Fu did not think too much about this intimate action and was instead thinking about something else. He didn't want to hide things from Jiang Rou any longer, so he said seriously, "Jiang Rou, Great Qin can let off the Jiang family this time, but I hope there won't be a next time. Else, I really will destroy the Jiang family. Also, my name isn't Zhao Xin but Zhao Fu."

Zhao Fu took off his hood, revealing his handsome face as well as his noble and overbearing aura.

Upon hearing Zhao Fu's words, Jiang Rou's face became pale – she had never thought that Zhao Fu was actually someone from Great Qin.

She had heard Zhao Fu's name somewhere… that's right, Great Qin's Legatee's representative in the real world was Zhao Fu – could the person in front of her be Great Qin's Legatee's representative?



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