Chapter 523: Will We Meet Again?
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Jiang Rou had never thought that Zhao Fu's true identity would be so terrifying. Just from his status alone, let alone the Jiang family, even Dynasty Legatees had to treat him with fear and respect.

With how monstrous Great Qin was, there was not a single faction that did not fear it. As Great Qin's Legatee's representative, Zhao Fu's status within Great Qin was definitely quite high. No wonder Zhao Fu was so powerful – he had Great Qin standing behind him.

Jiang Rou then thought about Zhao Fu's words – she could not control the Jiang family, and she knew what would happen as a result of them opposing Great Qin. However, she had never thought that Great Qin would spare them.

It was most likely because her relationship with Zhao Fu that Great Qin had decided to spare the Jiang family; if that was the case, Zhao Fu would most likely be under great pressure within Great Qin, especially since he had to face Great Qin's ruthless and bloodthirsty Legatee.

When she thought of this, Jiang Rou let go of Zhao Fu's arm – Zhao Fu had already helped her so much, and she did not want him to suffer because of her.

"Zhao Fu, I think I might stay," Jiang Rou said as she lowered her head.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked. Looking at her expression, he realized what she was thinking and lightly laughed as he said, "If you don't leave, wouldn't that mean that I did all of this for nothing? Plus, aren't we friends?"

"But you've done so much for me already!" Jiang Rou looked up at Zhao Fu with teary eyes, feeling incredibly guilty.

"Well… you can pay me back in future then!" Zhao Fu said as he lightly smiled. Everything he did for Jiang Rou was not a big deal to him, so he did not mind.

Hearing Zhao Fu's answer, Jiang Rou said seriously, "What would you like? I'll do my best to repay you!"

Of course, Zhao Fu did not want anything from her, but seeing how serious she was, he smiled, saying, "I haven't thought about it yet, but we need to quickly leave. We don't have much time, and Great Qin will attack at any moment!"

Hearing this, Jiang Rou realized that time was of the essence, so she nodded and quickly went to find the Jiang family's people, while Zhao Fu gathered all of the people who had worked for him before.

"Boss, I don't want to leave you. In the future, I still want to work for you," a group of women surrounded Zhao Fu as they sadly said their goodbyes. They all used to be waitresses at the Westfall Restaurant, and because Great Qin had run the Westfall Restaurant for such a long time, they were all quite familiar with Zhao Fu. He had been a good boss, and they all quite liked him.

"Boss, where's my master? Why isn't she leaving? Don't tell me you did something to my master!" Huo Qing was blocked by the many women and could only yell out.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite speechless and replied, "Don't worry about your master! She'll be fine!"

Zhao Fu had long since investigated Huo Qing's identity and found that he was the descendant of the Han Dynasty's famed General, Huo Qubing. However, Zhao Fu did not plan on recruiting him as a General, as he could feel that Huo Qing only desired to be a chef.

Following this, Zhao Fu sent them off and waited for Jiang Rou.

After a while, a handsome young man brought over a group of people – it was Jiang Feng, Jiang Rou's older brother, who controlled everything in the Jiang family.

"Brother Zhao! Many thanks for your help!"

It seemed that Jiang Rou had not told his true identity to Jiang Feng, so Jiang Feng still thought that he was Zhao Xin. He enthusiastically walked over and started to talk with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu chatted with him for a bit before sending them off. In the end, only Jiang Rou remained.

"Will we meet again?" Now that Jiang Rou knew Zhao Fu's identity, she knew that it would be difficult to meet him again. After all, Zhao Fu was an important figure in Great Qin and was valued by Great Qin's Legatee. In the future, he would be fighting non-stop for Great Qin.

Seeing how hopeful Jiang Rou looked, he smiled and nodded, "I'll come to find you when I have time."

Hearing this, Jiang Rou happily smiled and said, "Please be careful and don't do anything that's too dangerous. I'll be waiting for you, so if you're ever tired, come and find me!"

Zhao Fu felt a warmth within his heart and looked at Jiang Rou as he also nodded earnestly.

Following this, Jiang Rou stepped into the teleportation channel, and her body instantly vanished and went to a new region. Jiang Rou looked up at the blue sky and suddenly remembered that the first time she had met Zhao Fu, someone had called him 'Your Majesty.'

However, Zhao Fu's identity was Great Qin's Legatee's representative, so why would someone call him Your Majesty? Could it be… Jiang Rou's expression changed, thinking of a possibility, but she immediately lightly smiled and shook her head. How could Zhao Fu be such a terrifying person?

After watching Jiang Rou disappear, Zhao Fu sighed – when he was tired? His fate had long since been determined, and there would never be such a day. His life was bound to Great Qin, and Great Qin would only continuously grow or perish.

Even though he casually thought about it, he never knew that in the future…

Zhao Fu waited two days for the ordinary players to escape. Even though he didn't want to spare any of them and wanted to kill them all, them leaving would reduce Holy Light City's battle power and reduce the difficulty in sieging the city, so he gave up on killing them.

Perhaps he would deal with these people after destroying Holy Light City. When the time came, perhaps they would not be able to escape the Forest of Horrors yet. There were essentially no players left within Holy Light City, and even though the city wanted them to stay and gave out great rewards, no one was willing to remain. After all, they knew that if they lost, they would die, so no rewards would be enough to make them willing to stay.

Zhao Fu gathered his army and came outside of Holy Light City. The 12 City Lords all released their terrifying auras, making it feel as if there was a massive mountain weighing down on Holy Light City.

The countless people within the city felt as if their hearts were being gripped by a formless hand, and all of their hairs stood on end as they felt an instinctive fear. The 12 City Lords' terrifying aura destroyed Holy Light City's confidence, and apart from the 12 City Lords, Great Qin's 450,000 soldiers also gave off an austere and bloodthirsty aura.

Zhao Fu looked at the woman in white and said, "Surrender! There's no chance of victory for you."

"If you want to fight, then fight. I won't submit to such a cruel and ruthless person like you," the woman in white resolutely refused and gripped her sword, preparing to fight.

Zhao Fu frowned, saying, "Do you really think you can beat the 12 of us? Even if you have 500,000 people, it won't be possible.

"Of course, Great Qin might have to pay a price, but if our injuries and casualties are too high, not only will I not accept any surrenders, but I'll also show you what true cruelty is.

"Whether they are male or female, elderly or young, I'll have their limbs and tongues cut off and their eyes dug out. I'll have them skinned and hung under the sun, allowing them to howl until they turn into dry corpses.

"However, I'll let you keep living and make you watch all of that. Even if you want to die, you won't be able to.

"I'll give you one last chance – will you fight? Or will you surrender?"



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