Chapter 525: Bad News
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Zhao Fu continued to wait silently, not in a hurry for the woman in white's reply.

After a while, the woman in white made her decision and said in a negotiating tone, "I want to pick the first option but also the second one as well. I can become your concubine and obey your commands, but I will not participate in anything extremely cruel or bloody!"

After saying this, the woman in white felt quite nervous. This was because she was trying to negotiate despite being the loser of the fight, and this might cause Zhao Fu to feel angry, resulting in her obtaining nothing in the end.

However, Zhao Fu thought for a moment before agreeing, and he felt quite satisfied. This way, he would be able to have her obey him as well as obtain her Phoenix Qi. Now, there was not much else he wanted from her.

As for anything extremely cruel or bloody, Zhao Fu felt that nothing that Great Qin had done so far could be characterized as such. However, this was not the same for others, so he decided that if there was something that she decided to be too cruel or bloody, he would send someone else to take care of it. This was not a big deal.

In actuality, Zhao Fu did not want to take away City Lord Seal because this would help pacify Holy Light City. Holy Light City had a population of 500,000 people, so he had to take them quite seriously.

Seeing Zhao Fu agree, a slight smile appeared on the woman in white's face, and she could finally relax.

"What's your name?" Zhao Fu then asked.

The woman in white did not feel that there was anything to hide, so she replied, "I'm called Bai Ruoxue!"

Zhao Fu looked at Xianru beside him, and she smiled as she picked up a brush and wrote Bai Ruoxue's name on a piece of paper, then handed it to Zhao Fu.

Following this, Zhao Fu made Bai Ruoxue an Imperial Concubine, and her massive amount of Phoenix Qi was absorbed by the Emperor Phoenix Statute. Bai Ruoxue sensed something but did not say anything.

Zhao Fu did not have any other matters for her, so he dismissed her. Even though she had been made a concubine, he did not restrict her freedom or make her live with the other concubines.

After obtaining the 500,000 residents from Holy Light City, Great Qin's population swelled to 3.32 million people. At the same time, Holy Light City's 130,000 Stage 1 soldiers all joined Great Qin as well.

The reason why Holy Light City had 130,000 soldiers was because it had taken in some of the soldiers from Demon Tree City. After Great Qin had killed Demon Tree City's City Lord, the residents and soldiers had gone to the two other system main cities.

The reason why Great Qin had been able to get so many soldiers for free was because the City Lord had surrendered, resulting in there being no obstacles.

Zhao Fu gladly took in these soldiers and added them into Great Qin'a army. Now, he had 580,000 soldiers, and after recruiting 20,000 more, Great Qin army now had 600,000 soldiers.

Within this army, there wwere 400,000 Stage 1 soldiers, as Great Qin already had more than 270,000 previously. Now, with another 130,000 system main city soldiers, they had more than 400,000 Stage 1 soldiers, which was a monstrous force.

As the city that Zhao Fu had spent the most time in, Zhao Fu knew many of the residents. For example, Qin Nan, the chubby Internal Affairs Minister, the General who had spoken during the auction, the Captain who had protected the Westfall Restaurant, and the official in charge of real estate…

Now, all of these people lowered their heads respectfully whenever they saw him, not daring to say anything.

Qin Nan had never thought that 'Brother Zhao' was actually a Dynasty Legatee and had already taken down Holy Light City. In fact, the noble City Lord had even submitted and become his concubine.

Thinking back to everything that had happened, Qin Nan felt quite complicated. Even though his relationship with Zhao Fu had been quite good, that was based on his superior authority and Zhao Fu's reliance on him. Now, things were different – Qin Nan was like an ant in front of Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu could kill him whenever he wanted.

As such, Qin Nan felt quite afraid. He didn't know if he had unintentionally offended Zhao Fu and was afraid that Zhao Fu would come and take revenge if he had.

As for Zhao Fu, he only smiled whenever he thought of those things and did not bother chasing any of them.

After taking care of the various matters, Zhao Fu gave the army the day off. The next day, he would begin his big plan.

Suddenly, a piece of bag news came, causing Zhao Fu to frown and feel quite troubled. Those people just weren't going to give up!

The bad news was that Great Qin had been surrounded and trapped.

The various Dynasty Legatees had once again used the countless ordinary people in the four regions surrounding the Forest of Horrors to set up defensive walls to surround the Forest of Horrors.

Each of the defensive walls was formed with millions of players, and they had also set up countless isolation barriers, wanting to lock Great Qin into the Forest of Horrors.

It was once again the ordinary players who were threatening Great Qin. They were incredibly greedy, and they were once again being used by the Dynasty Legatees and other factions against Great Qin. Just as he had resolved matters in the Forest of Horrors, even more problems had come, making Zhao Fu feel as if a headache was coming on.

Even though these players were quite weak, there were many of them, and they were quite troublesome. Even if he killed them all, Great Qin's development would be slowed down by them, making Zhao Fu feel quite depressed.

Moreover, Great Qin had no way of breaking through the isolation barriers, but Zhao Fu wondered if the Void Crystals could do anything about them.

Right now, the Great Qin primarily relied on Void Crystals to pass through Void Zones and go to other regions, so perhaps they had the power to break through isolation barriers.

Zhao Fu felt quite hopeful as he went into a teleportation channel, but he found that he was still unable to leave the Forest of Horrors. Could it be that Great Qin really was trapped?

Suddenly, Zhao Fu remembered that the three system main cities had something that could break through isolation barriers. He could use that and see if he could break through.

However, after asking Bai Ruoxue about it, he felt quite disappointed. This was because the thing they had used to break through isolation barriers had been fused with the teleportation channels, and now that he had relocated the system main city, the teleportation channel had been destroyed and was unusable.

If he had known about this, he would not have relocated Holy Light City. Now, they were stuck in the Forest of Horrors and could only think of other ways. As such, Zhao Fu could only ask Bai Shan and some other Scholars to see if they could fix that teleportation channel.

However, Zhao Fu was not in a hurry to leave. Now that he had unified the Forest of Horrors, he had to get rid of all the factions that did not belong to Great Qin. Whether they were player villages or indigenous resident villages, he had to get rid of all of them.

This was because the Forest of Horrors would be the heart of Great Qin in the future, and he could not allow anything unexpected to happen within it. As such, he needed to make the Forest of Horrors completely Great Qin's and get rid of all opposing factions.

After all, how could Great Qin be at ease with enemies at the center of its empire? No faction would allow any uncertainty in its headquarters.



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