Chapter 526: Seraph
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Since there was nothing that they could do about the isolation barriers, they could only put it aside for now. Zhao Fu put most of his attention into military matters, as getting rid of all of the factions within the Forest of Horrors was Great Qin's main mission.

However, since the region was so big and the Forest of Horrors had forests all over the place, it was difficult to see far into the distance, and it was difficult for the army to move around. Despite being in the Forest of Horrors for so long, they only controlled everything within 10,000 kilometers.

The monumental task of getting rid of all of the remaining factions would take a long time.

Of course, getting rid of the remaining forces would also provide Great Qin with more people, resources, and EXP.


Just as Zhao Fu was thinking about this matter, a massive might descended, causing the air to seem to freeze. Everyone in Great Qin was greatly startled and went outside to take a look.

In the sky, a 1,000 meter long black flood dragon had appeared, spiraling around in the sky and looking down at everyone in Great Qin.

Seeing that the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon dared to come to Great Qin, Bai Qi and the other City Lords exploded out with their City Lord Seals' power, turning into rays of light that shot into the sky. They gave off a terrifying aura, giving the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon a big fright and causing it to retreat far away.

"What are you doing? Your Lord said that I could come and play!" The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon's voice was scared and nervous, and it was like a young girl's.

Now that Great Qin had so many City Lords, any ordinary boss monster would have to run in fear.

Hearing the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon's words, the City Lords felt quite surprised and paused, and Zhao Fu quickly came out.

Seeing Zhao Fu, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon felt quite happy and quickly said, "Zhao Fu, your people are bullying me!"

Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh, and he told the City Lords to withdraw as he flew into the sky and asked the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon, "Why have you come here?"

The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon smiled as she said, "Now that you've become the Region Lord, the restrictions on me have disappeared. Now, I can go anywhere I want and don't need to stay at the center of the region anymore."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu understood – it was likely that the Lord monster of each region had restrictions, and now that he had conquered the system main cities in this region, the Lord of this region was no longer restricted.

"You can play here then! However, you have to withdraw your might. Otherwise, it'll have negative effects on others," Zhao Fu said as he smiled. Right now, the greatest variable in the Forest of Horrors was the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon.

After taking care of this variable, there would not be much left in the Forest of Horrors that could threaten Great Qin.

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon immediately withdrew her might and said, "Zhao Fu, is this fine now?"

Zhao Fu nodded. The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon's might made the atmosphere in Great Qin incredibly oppressive, and ordinary creatures could not withstand it.

However, looking at the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon's massive body, Zhao Fu asked, "Are you able to make your body smaller or turn into human form?"

The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon shook her head and said, "I can't do that right now; I either need incredibly strong power or I need to evolve into a higher-grade creature."

"Incredibly strong power?" Zhao Fu was quite shocked because the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon was already quite powerful, yet it was not enough. That meant that every humanoid monster was incomprehensibly powerful.

Zhao Fu looked through the information he had obtained from God Kerr and found that the existences within the Legacy Land were too weak and that there weren't any high-grade existences within it. However, Zhao Fu could understand this, or else the Heaven Awaken World would have long since been destroyed by those high-grade existences.

"Zhao Fu! I want to eat yummy things!" the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon asked like a little young girl requesting snacks.

When Zhao Fu was free, he would bring some things that children liked to eat over. Seeing how she was craving food, Zhao Fu had her land on the ground and ordered some people to prepare food for her.

After happily eating a big meal, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon decided to leave. However, she was not returning to the depths of the Forest of Horrors but going to another region to see what other good things there were.

Before she left, she made sure to tell Zhao Fu that she would be back.

From the beginning, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon had not been hostile to Great Qin, and now that she had decided to leave and go exploring, the Forest of Horrors truly belonged to Great Qin.

The next day, Great Qin's soldiers had finished resting and began the clearing operation.

Of course, Zhao Fu discussed this with his Generals first as to how to quickly get rid of the remaining factions. The original method was too slow, so he wanted a new method.

After the discussions, Zhao Fu decided to split the 600,0000 soldiers into 600 teams of 1,000 soldiers. Most ordinary villages only had a few hundred people, so facing their strength, they would not be able to retaliate at all.

If they encountered any Intermediate Villages, Advanced Villages, or Basic Towns, multiple teams would group together before attacking.

Each team had a pack of Gray Wolves, one Kobold, and one Ratfolk with them. With these three additions, they would be able to find villages much easier.

Because of the Grey Wolves, Kobolds, and Ratfolk, Great Qin soldiers would be able to find villages much faster and increase Great Qin's clearing speed. In order to not miss any of the factions, the 600 teams conducted blanket searches with Great Qin as the center and expanded out.

As for the 12 City Lords, they were in charge of controlling the overall situation. They stood in the sky and observed anything in order to prevent any unexpected incidents.

They started carrying out the plan, and Zhao Fu let out a breath as he watched the teams of soldiers leave. Now, there would most likely not be any more danger in the Forest of Horrors. Who knew how long Great Qin would take to finish clearing out all of the factions? At the very least, it would take quite a long period of time.

Seeing everything stabilize in Great Qin, Zhao Fu was able to relax. He felt that there wasn't much for him to do here, so he decided to return to the real world.

His bodyguard had mentioned last time that the family leaders wanted to talk to him, and because it had been quite a long time, he decided to go and take a look.

At the same time, he also needed to think about what to do about the suppression of the other Dynasty Legatees and factions. He couldn't allow this situation to continue and had to think of a way to suppress them.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to return to the real world, he suddenly remembered that he still had not opened the Region Treasure Box.

The last Region Treasure Box he had opened had given him a Reality Tree; Zhao Fu wondered what he would obtain this time and opened the box.

A blinding white light shined as a crystal floated out of the treasure box.

This crystal was as big as a fist and held an abnormal shape. It had no blemishes on it and gave off a faint white light that brought with it a warm energy.

[Seraph's Heart]: A Seraph's heart that contains a Seraph's purest source energy. It contains extremely powerful Holy Light attribute energy and can deal an enormous amount of damage against evil creatures.



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