Chapter 530: White Lotus Society
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After pulling down her clothes, Mei Xiaoyan wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's neck and leaned in towards him. Her red lips were incredibly close to Zhao Fu, with only a few centimeters between them, and Zhao Fu could smell her fragrant breath.

Zheng Jiao lightly hugged Zhao Fu from behind, causing her large chest to press against Zhao Fu's back – this sensation was quite exceptional.

"Lord, act quickly, or we'll be discovered by them. Right now, I'm your younger cousin's girlfriend, while Zheng Jiao is your older cousin's fiancée; I'm sure it'll feel great doing us together," Mei Xiaoyan flirtatious smiled as she seduced Zhao Fu.

Because her body was pressed against Zhao Fu's body, she could clearly feel some changes, and she lightly moaned, causing her face to blush as she moved her lips towards Zhao Fu's.

However, Zhao Fu stretched out his arms and stopped her. At that moment, he heard his grandpa's voice from outside, "Fu'Er, it's been a while; are you alright in there?"

Zhao Fu hurriedly told his grandpa that he was fine and that he was doing a number two. After his grandpa left, he said to the women, "You can let go now; I'll consider working with the White Lotus Society!"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Mei Xiaoyan was so happy that she couldn't help but kiss Zhao Fu as he said, "Lord, we belong to you from today onwards!"

Zheng Jiao also breathed a sigh of relief and let go of Zhao Fu before quickly putting on her clothes.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's grandpa's voice once again sounded out from outside, and Mei Xiaoyan also let go of Zhao Fu and tidied her clothes. Zhao Fu left first, with the two women coming back to the table afterward.

The table became lively again. Zheng Jiao said that she wasn't feeling very well, so she returned to her room while Mei Xiaoyan continued to secretly flirt with Zhao Fu.

After a while, they finally finished eating, and Zhao Fu returned to his own villa and ordered people to bring him information on the White Lotus Society.

He had some impression of the White Lotus Society, but because he couldn't remember what it was, he took this opportunity to do some research on it.

"Proxy leader, here is the information you want." The Ying family was one of the five Great Families, so it was easy for the Ying family to collect information.

Zhao Fu took the documents handed over by Mu Guilin and looked through them seriously. An hour later, he more or less understood what sort of faction the White Lotus Society was.

No wonder why it seemed so familiar – it was in many television shows and movies.

The White Lotus Society was a secretive movement that began during the Tang Dynasty. It originated from the Pure Land School of Buddhism and was founded by Huiyuan. Huiyuan, Liu Yimin, and others created the White Lotus Sect to pray to Buddha together, and their followers gradually increased and followed their example. During the Southern Song Dynasty, the monk Mao Ziyuan build on their foundations and re-established the White Lotus Society.

Because the White Lotus Society originated from Buddhism, many of its doctrines were similar to those from Buddhism, but as time passed, it gradually became a famous cult.

Its doctrines were quite simple and easy to understand, and they were usually accepted by the lower class people. As such, the White Lotus Society often led rebellions of the ordinary people. During the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, many of the rebellions were started by the White Lotus Society. During the start of the Qin Dynasty, it became a secret anti-Qin group and was bloodily suppressed by Great Qin.

Apart from the Taoist and Buddhist Sects, very few sects or societies had survived for so long. For example, Peace Road, created by Zhang Jiao and the God-Worshipping Society, had only lasted for brief periods in history.

As for why it was called a cult and was suppressed by many dynasties, it was because it could cause both rebellions and peace, allowing it to perform two functions in society.

During peaceful times, the White Lotus Society could do what the Buddhist and Taoist sects could not do and filled in the gaps that were lacking, which was why they had survived even now.

However, whenever things went bad or society fell into chaos, the White Lotus Society would act against the doctrines of Taoism and Buddhism and lead the lower-class people in rebellions. That was why the White Lotus Society was different from ordinary sects.

There was no dynasty that liked a society or sect that regularly caused uprisings. Most of the dynasties chose to bloodily suppress such sects.

The White Lotus Society was usually suppressed or destroyed by the various dynasties; after all, no dynasty tolerated such an existence.

Of course, Zhao Fu didn't like this sort of society either. No nation liked people who regularly caused rebellions, so he too would suppress such existences and not allow them to exist.

After all, such a society would make a nation quite unstable, and it would be best to get rid of such a threat.

However, since the White Lotus Society was able to survive the suppression of so many dynasties and had not been fully destroyed, that meant that it had power and the potential for development.

Right now, their circumstances were quite similar to Great Qin's. Great Qin was viewed as an enemy by the various dynasties and factions, but the difference was that those factions were afraid of Great Qin, while they only saw the White Lotus Society as a nuisance.

As such, Zhao Fu considered the possibility of working together. After all, they had common enemies, but he could not work too closely with them. After all, he didn't want rebels to stay within Great Qin.

Zhao Fu took out his phone and called the number that Mei Xiaoyan had slipped him earlier, and she quickly picked up. "Hello? How are you, my lord? Have you told Great Qin's Legatee about what I asked you about? Is he willing to work together?"

"He's willing, but do you have the authority to discuss the specifics?"

Zhao Fu was willing to work together for now, as this would reduce the pressure that Great Qin was bearing and cause some trouble for the various Dynasty Legatees.

Mei Xiaoyan replied, "Lord, you must be kidding. How could I have the authority to discuss such an important matter? I'll let our Saintess know, and she'll talk to you about it."

After hanging up, Zhao Fu waited for a while, after which his phone rang – it was an unknown number. An incredibly captivating voice came through; Zhao Fu knew that this was most likely the White Lotus Society's Saintess.

After talking about the specifics of their cooperation, such as what each side would provide and what each side would gain, both of them were quite satisfied.

Great Qin primarily wanted to destroy the various Dynasty Legatees and large factions; even if he did not work together with the White Lotus Society, Zhao Fu would do this.

The White Lotus Society had people in every region within China's territory, and even though there were not many of them in every region, the information that they collected was quite comprehensive. They would be able to provide intelligence during key moments and help Great Qin during battles. This allowed Great Qin to cast its gaze not only on the northern side but all of China's territory within the Heaven Awaken World.

After talking, Zhao Fu put down his phone in satisfaction. Just as he was about to enter the Heaven Awaken World, his phone rang again.

Zhao Fu looked at the screen and saw that it was from Mei Xiaoyan, so he picked up. "Lord, I'm so glad that you're willing to work together with us. Now, I belong to you, so do you want me to go over and serve you? Back then, there was a response from you and from me, and I really want lord to do me right now."



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