Chapter 546: Nian
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After entering the New Year Dreamland, all Zhao Fu saw was a hazy whiteness, and he could not see anything properly.

Afterward, his vision started to become clearer, and he found that he was within a boundless white space. His body was hovering in the air, and what made him feel even more surprised was that he had become a little beast.

The little beast looked quite like a little cat and was about as big. However, it also looked a bit like a qilin, as it had a pair of big eyes and a furry body. It did not look scary at all. Instead, it looked a bit cute.

There were other little beasts around him, and they all looked about the same except for the fact that they all had a black mark on their heads. These black marks were one of the characters in their names, and it was quite difficult to tell what the characters were. However, they made it easier to distinguish between different little beasts.

The black mark on Zhao Fu's head was a twisted 'Fu' character.

Currently, Zhao Fu's body was being protected by a white light, and there were many little beasts that were floating in the air. Many of them were talking, making it sound quite raucous.

Some little beasts were chasing after orbs, and after catching up to them, they would bite down, resulting in their bodies becoming a bit bigger.

Some little beasts attacked other little beasts' bottoms, and those that were hit would release a white bubble that was absorbed by the little beast that had attacked, resulting in the attacker becoming a bit bigger.

Zhao Fu soon received a system announcement, and he realized that he had turned into a Nian beast. The white light protecting him was the protection for beginners and for the Nians that had died.

The white orbs were glutinous riceballs, which were split into different types, and they gave a different number of New Year Points. Level 1 glutinous riceballs gave off white lights and would give ten New Year Points, Level 2 glutinous riceballs gave off blue lights and were worth 50 New Year Points, Level 3 glutinous riceballs gave off silver lights and were worth 100 New Year Points.

The higher the level, the more New Year Points they gave. Of course, the higher the level, the rarer they were.

After eating a glutinous riceball, one would obtain New Year Points and become a bit bigger, and one's strength and speed would also be greatly increased.

However, any New Year Points obtained did not automatically belong to those who obtained them, because they could be attacked and the points could be stolen. This was what Zhao Fu was seeing again and again.

The little beasts that were attacked would lose New Year Points, and if they were successfully attacked three times while they had no New Year Points, they would die and respawn elsewhere.

Only after the New Year Dreamland was closed would everyone receive their New Year Points. However, even if one finished with 0 points, as long as they participated, they would receive 100 New Year Points at the end.

Zhao Fu was still under protection, and the other little beasts were not very interested in Zhao Fu. Some went to fight for glutinous riceballs, while others attacked other little beasts, resulting in a chaotic scene.

Zhao Fu first went to a remote place so that he would not be attacked after his protection disappeared. At the same time, he started observing for an opportunity and moved his limbs, trying to become accustomed to this body.

Zhao Fu was in a protected state and would not receive attacks, but he could not attack anyone either and could not eat any glutinous riceballs.

Time gradually passed, and the white light around Zhao Fu's body became weaker and weaker. Just as it was about to disappear, Zhao Fu started to act.

A relatively bigger Nian had just attacked a few other Nians and obtained many New Year Points. It was now being chased by a few other Nians.

Even though it was bigger and would not lose to any other Nian in a one on one fight, it could not face the combined attacks of multiple Nians, so it could only turn and run.

That was the situation that all of the bigger Nians found themselves in: unless they were powerful enough to make everyone fear them so that no one dared to face them, other Nians would group together and attack.

Those that only ate glutinous riceballs would also be attacked, so the most important thing was to protect one's bottom and not allow it to be attacked by others. It was also important to attack others and eat a lot of glutinous riceballs.

"Fudge! Stop running! I'm going to whoop your ass!" a vulgar youth shouted out at the Nian that was running away.

The Nian running away gave off a middle-aged uncle's voice and said disdainfully, "Fight me one on one, you brat. Your uncle will make your ass explode!"

"Enough trash talk. Het him together!" another Nian yelled out in a youth's voice.

The other Nians did not say anything and continued to chase after the uncle Nian.

Seeing that there were still a few Nians chasing after him, the uncle Nian could only continue to run away. The Nians chasing after him understood that he was faster and stronger, making it hard for them to catch up, so they planned to surround him.

The uncle Nian knew what they wanted to do, so he couldn't allow them to do as they wished. He suddenly turned and started to turn in a different direction.

The other Nians cursed and changed directions as they continued to chase after him.

The uncle Nian laughed, making the Nians chasing after him feel quite furious. However, suddenly, a Nian that still had a faint light around it rushed to the uncle Nian's side.

The uncle Nian felt quite surprised. He knew the rules, that Nians with the protective white light could not attack or be attacked. They could not dispel the white light by themselves and could only wait for the white light to disappear, so the uncle Nian felt quite surprised at this action.

However, in the next second, the white light around Zhao Fu's body disappeared, and the uncle Nian was greatly startled and quickly tried to dodge. However, it was too late.

Zhao Fu swiped out and clawed the uncle Nian's bottom, causing five bubbles to rise out of the uncle Nian's body and to be absorbed into Zhao Fu's body.

Immediately, Zhao Fu received a system announcement that he had obtained 50 New Year Points.

After obtaining the 50 New Year Points, Zhao Fu's body became a bit bigger while the uncle Nian's body became a bit smaller. However, it was still bigger than ordinary Nians', and he had at least 150 points in it still.

Zhao Fu ran towards the Nians that had originally been chasing after the uncle Nian, and seeing this, the uncle Nian could only curse. Once he was surrounded, he would not be able to do anything, so he could only turn and run.

Seeing that the uncle Nian had stopped chasing after him, he quickly ran to the side to prevent any of the other Nians from chasing after him.

The other Nians looked at Zhao Fu, who was slightly bigger, but decided to keep chasing after the uncle Nian, as he was clearly much bigger. Because of what Zhao Fu had done, they had slightly caught up to the uncle Nian, and they would soon be able to chase him down.



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