Chapter 549: Level 4 Nian
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Of course, Zhao Fu also saw the golden glutinous riceball and immediately rushed over. However, someone beat him to the chase – it was a Level 2 Nian who had happened to be close by.

Seeing the golden light nearby, the Level 2 Nian was quite startled before feeling incredibly excited, running over to devour the golden glutinous riceball. Its body continuously grew as it became a Level 3 Nian.

Seeing the other Nians swarming over, the Level 3 Nian roared, scaring the ordinary Level 1 Nians and making it so that they did not dare to approach.

However, there were ten or so Level 2 Nians and two Level 3 Nians that did not leave, and they instead looked at the Level 3 Nian that had just devoured the golden glutinous riceball.

Zhao Fu did not join them because looking at the Level 3 Nian at the center and the other Nians surrounding it, if he dumbly rushed in, he would not be able to obtain anything. Instead, he might be attacked by others.

Seeing so many Nians ferociously staring it down, the Nian that had eaten the golden glutinous riceball immediately turned and ran, and the other Nians chased after it.

A slight smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he followed behind them. However, his target was not the escaping Nian but the ones chasing after it.

This was because they were focused on their target ahead, making it easy for Zhao Fu to attack from behind. Moreover, with so many of them grouped together, he did not have to hunt them down individually.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Zhao Fu rushed up behind a Level 2 Nian and hit its bottom three times. In just an instant, he had done this to six of them, and the other Level 2 Nians did not dare to give chase anymore, scattering in all directions.

The two Level 3 Nians were also afraid of being attacked from behind by Zhao Fu, so they also stopped. One of the Level 3 Nians said in a loud voice, "Let's kill this meddlesome sneak first!"

Seeing that it was two Level 3 Nians against one, the escaping Level 2 Nians all hesitated before returning and running towards Zhao Fu. On one hand, they felt quite angry about Zhao Fu sneak-attacking them. On the other hand, they might be able to obtain some benefits.

After all, they had two Level 3 Nians on their side, so it was unlikely that they would lose.

The Level 3 Nian that had eaten the golden glutinous riceball also stopped and waited to see if there were any opportunities for it to obtain more benefits.

Even though Zhao Fu had just helped him, he did not feel any gratitude, as he knew that Zhao Fu just wanted his New Year Points.

Seeing the Nians coming over to surround him, Zhao Fu did not feel any fear and instead started to laugh. His body gave off a large amount of white light as his body became as big as a lion – he was now a Level 4 Nian.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had become a Level 4 Nian, the others became incredibly startled, and those that were about to rush at him immediately turned and ran.

However, Zhao Fu definitely wouldn't spare them. In less than a minute, he had caught up with the two Level 3 Nians and whacked their bottoms, gaining him 1,200 New Year Points.

After this, Zhao Fu turned to look at the Nian who had eaten the golden glutinous riceball, causing its expression to fall. However, it was already quite far away, and because Zhao Fu could not catch up to it, he turned his gaze at the Level 2 Nians that were closer.

In just a few leaps, Zhao Fu caught up with a few Level 2 Nians. Just as he was about to attack them, he sensed a little Nian coming at him from behind. Zhao Fu quickly spun and used one paw to press it against the ground.

"Ah… let go of me, you bastard!" the little Nian said in a familiar female voice.

Zhao Fu started to feel quite frustrated – it was this young woman yet again, the one who had tried to sneak attack him.

Now, his body was as big as a lion while she was still only as big as a cat. Zhao Fu pressed her against the ground with a single paw, and no matter how she struggled, she could not break free.

"You bastard! That hurts!" the young woman Nian yelled as she glared at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smirked – weren't people supposed to respawn at different places? How could he have encountered her yet again? However, after killing her twice, as a Level 4 Nian, he had no interest in her anymore.

Zhao Fu took his paw off her and said disdainfully, "Off you go, off you go… I won't kill you this time, but if you still come after me, I won't show mercy anymore!"

The young woman Nian looked at Zhao Fu tearily, looking incredibly wronged.

Seeing her like this, Zhao Fu thought about it and said sympathetically, "Alright, I'll let you hit me once. Happy?"

After saying this, Zhao Fu turned and pointed his bottom at the young woman Nian.

The young woman Nian looked at the bottom that she had wanted to attack this entire time, and her face lit up as she rushed up. However, thinking about this person's words, she started to hesitate, as he did not seem like a bad person and was instead quite nice.

After all, she had tried to sneak-attack him first, so there was nothing wrong about him killing her. Should she not attack him then? However, thinking about how he had killed her and humiliated her, she felt a bit wronged.

After thinking for a moment, the young woman Nian decided to hit him just once to relieve some of her anger.

The young woman Nian jumped up from the ground, swinging her little paw towards Zhao Fu. While she was in the air, she considered maybe becoming friends with Zhao Fu.

However, the scene before her suddenly changed – just as she was about to hit Zhao Fu, he suddenly turned around and swatted her away and laughed. What an idiot – she fell for something like this!

"Ahhh!! I'll kill you!!" Now that she had been humiliated and tricked by him, the young woman Nian went mad and rushed towards Zhao Fu, wanting to bite off a chunk of his flesh.

Seeing her rush over, Zhao Fu killed her in an instant. He had wanted to let her off, but she had actually tried to hit him.

By now, she probably hated him to her bones. However, Zhao Fu did not mind too much, and he didn't think that he would see her again. Even if he did, he would just kill her again.

After this, Zhao Fu continued to hunt down Level 2 Nians and continuously obtain more New Year Points.

After rising to Level 4, Zhao Fu had obtained a new attribute, which was enhanced senses. They allowed him to sense everything around him. With this attribute, it made it very hard for him to be sneak-attacked.

Now that Zhao Fu was a Level 4 Nian, he was essentially the most powerful being. However, he felt that the rate at which he obtained New Year Points was quite slow and wondered if there was any way for him to obtain a large amount of New Year Points.

Outside the New Year Dreamland, Zhao Fu's body lay on the bed as the female attendants also slept soundly. After sensing Zhao Fu's thoughts, the golden dragon opened its eyes and said to the four swords beside the bed, "Do you want to help your owner?"

The four swords lightly trembled and gave off different-colored lights, and the Slaughtering Ghost Sword said, "What method do you have to help owner?"

The golden dragon spoke and told them its method.



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