Chapter 551: General Medallion
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Time gradually passed, and soon, it had reached the time for the New Year Dreamland to close. Almost everyone had made significant gains.

A Nian that gave off a golden light devoured a violet glutinous riceball and domineeringly roared, making the other Nians not dare to come close.

This was because they understood how powerful this Nian was, and the Nians that gave off different-colored lights were especially terrifying. Nians that gave off blue lights could defeat two Nians of the same level, while those that gave off a silver light could defeat five Nians of the same level.

The Nians around had all personally seen this golden Nian defeat ten Nians of the same level. It was incredibly monstrous and struck fear into all who saw it.

From what they knew, the golden Nian was the most terrifying existence and simply invincible.

This golden Nian was Great Shang's Legatee, Di Wutian. Seeing the looks of fear and respect in the Nians around him, Di Wutian smiled before leaping and chasing after other Nians.

Apart from Di Wutian, most of the other Dynasty Legatees were also golden Nians, and they gave off terrifying auras, causing the Nians who saw them to immediately turn and run.

Of course, this sort of power filled them with immense confidence.

"System announcement! The New Year Dreamland is about to close, and the Dreamland Rankings will be revealed. The top 1,000 rankers will all receive prizes."

A system announcement sounded out in everyone's minds, after which a gigantic stone stele appeared in the sky with people's names and the number of New Year Points they had obtained.

There's a Ranking? Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and chose to hide his information.

Number 1: Unknown, 580,000 New Year Points!

Number 2: Ji Shenming: 140,000 New Year Points!

Number 3: Tina Pendragon: 120,000 New Year Points!

Number 4: Si Ji: 110,000 New Year Points!

Their names New Year Points caused countless people to stare in shock. Most of them had spent the night fighting over dozens of New Year Points, while these people had obtained hundreds of thousands.

It would have been fine if the rankings had not been publicly disclosed, but once it was revealed, countless people were given a big fright. Moreover, the difference between first place and second place was a whopping 440,00 New Year Points – was there some kind of bug? How could a person obtain so many New Year Points? This was simply too shocking.

However, even though this person hid his name, countless people gnashed their teeth. Seeing that Great Qin's Legatee's name was not within the top ten, they naturally guessed who the person in first place was.

None of them would believe that Great Qin's Legatee could not make in the top ten. As such, it was definitely Great Qin's Legatee who had obtained such a high score.

Zhao Fu's shocking amount of New Year Points caused the other Dynasty Legatees, who had felt quite pleased, to immediately feel quite bitter. The gap between them was simply too great, and if it wasn't for the fact that all of the paths were sealed by snow, they would have immediately given the order to attack Great Qin at all costs.

Seeing that he was ranked first, Zhao Fu did not feel too surprised.

Following this, the New Year Dreamland closed, and a big red box appeared in Zhao Fu's hands as his consciousness slowly returned to his body in the Heaven Awaken World.

However, just as Zhao Fu's consciousness returned to his body, he felt something strange in his mouth, continuously moving around, causing him to open his eyes.

He saw Long Xiaoxiao lying on his body, her hands holding his head as she closed her eyes, a greedy and infatuated look on her blushing face as she moaned and kissed him. Seeing this, Zhao Fu immediately frowned.

Long Xiaoxiao detected something and quickly opened her eyes. Seeing that Zhao Fu had woken up, she was given a big fright and turned into a green light that dove into the Sin Dragon Sword, desperately explaining, "Owner, I was doing this to help you, so don't misunderstand!"

Zhao Fu thought back to the four sword lights in the New Year Dreamland and immediately understood. However, Zhao Fu still looked at Long Xiaoxiao suspiciously about her 'help.'

"This is one of my Heaven Murder Empire's secret techniques; I said before that the Heaven Murder Empire controls countless secret techniques, and all of them will greatly beneficial to you. Now, you don't regret working together with me, right!

"However, this sort of festival is a blessing from the Heavens to your Legacy Land, so you must grasp this opportunity and obtain as many benefits as possible. After all, it's unlikely that these festivals will be repeated in the future. Once you miss out, you won't have another chance at these festivals.

"They can give you massive benefits and will be your greatest help. If it wasn't for the things from these festivals, it would be quite likely that you all would be easily slaughtered in the future!"

The golden dragon suddenly said from within Zhao Fu's body.

Hearing its words, Zhao Fu nodded. Because he had information from God Kerr, he knew more than ordinary people, so he knew what would be coming in the future.

Hearing the golden dragon's explanation, Long Xiaoxiao let out a sigh of relief, and its favorability towards the golden dragon greatly rose. The other three swords didn't say anything either, allowing Long Xiaoxiao to relax, and she promised to get along better with them in the future.

The Sky Demon Sword did not say much or feel much, while the two other women's faces were slightly red.

Zhao Fu didn't pay much mind to this matter and discussed with the golden dragon as to what would happen in the future before looking at the red box in his hands.

This was the prize for placing first in the New Year Dreamland, and Zhao Fu felt quite expectant. He then opened the red box as a blinding white light shot out from the box.

Following this, a snow-white sword that gave off a holy aura appeared before Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu stretched out his hand grasped it before looking at its stats.

[Light Sword]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +20, Intelligence +20, Constitution +15, Agility +15, Description: A sword forged from Light Stones. It has powerful Holy Light attributes.

It was yet another sword, and it was Epic grade. Even though it was only an ordinary Epic grade weapon, it was far more powerful than Legendary grade weapons. It was a pity that Daisy used staffs. Otherwise, he would have given her this sword.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Exchange Stone Stele. Because Great Qin had 4.4 million people and they could all pool their New Year Points due to being part of Great Qin, Zhao Fu was able to collect all of Great Qin's New Year Points.

Anyone who participated in the New Year Dreamland would automatically receive 100 New Year Points, so Great Qin would receive at least 440 million New Year Points. In total, Great Qin was able to gather roughly 500 million New Year Points.

In the face of such a monstrous number of New Year Points, the number that Zhao Fu had obtained was barely anything. It seemed that this festival relied on the masses, and a single person could not achieve much by themselves.

With so many New Year Points, Zhao Fu was able to easily claim the number one General Medallion, which cost all of his New Year Points. No one else had as many people as Great Qin, so there was no one to compete with him.



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