Chapter 552: Eight Absolute Sword Formation
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After obtaining the General Medallion, Zhao Fu put it away. He then thought of something else – rather than just himself obtaining these attributes by killing many Nians, it would be better if all of Great Qin's residents had such attributes.

A single person having these attributes would not be as good as everyone having these attributes, so Zhao Fu asked the golden dragon if it had any other methods.

The golden dragon immediately replied that it knew of an 'Eight Absolute Sword Formation' that could allow everyone to obtain a trace of sword qi. Even though this sword qi was not as powerful, it would still be quite useful.

However, Zhao Fu would not be able to wield his powerful sword lights, and he would also need eight exquisite swords in order to create this formation.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite happy – this golden dragon was simply a treasure trove, allowing him to do things that seemed to be impossible.

Of course, Zhao Fu didn't mind not having those sword lights anymore. After all, his singular gains would not be able to compare to the collective gains of Great Qin.

However, it would be impossible for him to obtain first place in the New Year Dreamland in the future. Moreover, Zhao Fu only had four swords, which were all exquisite swords.

There were also Bai Qi's Seven Murders Sword, Wang Jian's Army Destroyer Sword, and Wei Liao's Voracious Wolf Sword, which could also be said to be exquisite swords.

As such, he was only lacking one sword. Zhao Fu suddenly thought of the Light Sword that he had just obtained, but the golden dragon said that the Light Sword was too lacking and did not fulfill the requirements.

Even ordinary Epic grade weapons were too lacking – Zhao Fu was speechless.

He first ordered his people to see if they could find another exquisite sword before turning his attention to the day event.

The New Year Festival was split into day and night events: the night event was the New Year Dreamland, which people could participate in while sleeping.

The day event was something that required people to actually get up and do things.

During the new year, chicken, duck, fish, and red meat were often eaten, so the daytime event was to catch such animals. However, the form of the event was quite fantasy-like.

First, people had to leave their doors open, as closing doors on the New Year was taboo. This was because closing doors meant that the New Year could not enter, and keeping the Old Year was not good luck.

After opening their doors, almost every house or building would spawn golden chickens, golden ducks, golden fish, or golden pigs. Anyone who caught them would be able to obtain new years presents but would not obtain any New Year Points. However, they could obtain all sorts of presents.

Each golden animal would only appear eight times and remain at a place for eight minutes at a time. If they were not caught within that time, they would disappear.

Golden animals also appeared within the City Hall, and because Zhao Fu felt quite interested, he decided to participate as well.

He waited for a while, and soon, a golden chicken appeared. Because the City Hall was quite big, the golden animals were also bigger than normal.

The golden chicken in front of Zhao Fu was two meters tall and gave off a resplendent golden light. It looked quite intelligent and seemed as if it was a real, living creature.

The golden chicken was incredibly fast and beat its wings as it turned into a ray of golden light, flying all over the place. Golden chickens like this would be quite difficult to catch.

However, catching it was still incredibly simple for Zhao Fu. He looked at the golden chicken flying everywhere and grabbed at the air, causing a formless hand to instantly grab that golden chicken.

After catching the golden chicken, the golden chicken gave off an ear-piercing cry that was filled with joy as opposed to fear or grief. Its body then turned into golden motes of light, leaving behind a small blessing pouch that looked similar to the one from the previous night.

Zhao Fu opened the blessing pouch and obtained a Gold grade material.

Seeing that it was only a Gold grade material, Zhao Fu felt quite disappointed.

After waiting for a bit longer, a golden pig appeared in the City Hall. This golden pig was also two meters tall and gave off a golden light. It charged all over the place in the City Hall but was quickly caught by Zhao Fu, and it gave him another Gold grade item.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu completely lost interest and gave up on catching these golden animals, leaving this to his subordinates.

He then turned his attention back to the Eight Absolute Sword Formation, which needed just one more sword. This made him feel quite frustrated because without that final sword, he would not be able to create the Eight Absolute Sword Formation, which would bring Great Qin great gains.

He was surprised that even an ordinary Epic grade weapon was not sufficient, and anything above ordinary Epic grade weapons was difficult to obtain. Even ordinary Legendary grade equipment was rare, let alone Epic grade equipment.

Zhao Fu came before the Exchange Stone Stele and saw that many General Medallions and General Fates had been exchanged. Time was of the essence, and Zhao Fu was worried that the second-ranked General Medallion could be taken soon.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought of something, and he couldn't help but grin. He almost forgot that he had received a Seraph Heart not too long ago – that Seraph Heart contained a massive amount of Holy Light power, and the Light Sword also contained Holy Light power.

If he fused the two together, the Light Sword's stats would definitely be greatly boosted, and it would definitely be able to fulfill the requirements to set up the Eight Absolute Sword Formation.

When he thought of that, Zhao Fu did not hesitate to go to an empty area and take out the Seraph Heart and the Light Sword. He then chose to fuse them together.

The Seraph Heart slowly fused into the Light Sword, causing the Light Sword to continuously tremble and give off a clear sword hum.


An explosion sounded out as the Light Sword turned into a ray of white light and shot into the sky, turning into a giant orb of light, floating in the air and giving off a very powerful aura.

The white light that the orb of light gave off gave off a holy aura but was not very intense. Instead, it gave off a feeling of warmth, in contrast to the cold temperature.

Within the orb of light, a figure slowly appeared – at that moment, countless rays of white light fell from the sky as the orb of light also turned into motes of white light that slowly floated down.

An angel appeared – she was tall and slim, and she had golden hair and golden eyes. She looked incredibly beautiful and was wearing long, white robes. She had three pairs of pristine-white wings, giving off a pure, holy and warm aura.

She lightly beat her wings and descended with the motes of white light. When she came before Zhao Fu, she gently hugged Zhao Fu's head and lightly kissed his forehead, brilliantly smiling as she said, "Owner, may the light be with you!"

Zhao Fu lightly chuckled – how could the light be with him? He stretched out his hand, and the Seraph turned into a sword that hovered in the air.

This made Long Xiaoxiao feel incredibly jealous – that person had been able to openly hug and kiss Zhao Fu, yet she had not made him angry.

Zhao Fu grasped the sword and looked at it carefully. The sword seemed to be forged out of platinum and was about a meter long. Its blade was quite thin, being only a few centimeters wide. There was a pair of wings at the hilt, and even though it did not give off a very sharp aura, it gave off a warm and powerful feeling.



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