Chapter 556: Golden Phoenix
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Zhao Fu smiled – if even the golden dragon was that shocked, that meant that the Emperor Phoenix Statue was definitely quite extraordinary. Great Qin definitely had to continue collecting Phoenix Qi.

After going outside, they saw a golden phoenix with a wingspan of ten meters giving off a bright golden light flying in the sky. Its movements were incredibly elegant, and its cries were quite pleasant to listen to. Countless birds were attracted over, and they flew behind the golden phoenix, painting a beautiful scene.

Traces of a black aura rose up from the ground, and Zhao Fu could feel Great Qin's Fate continuously becoming purified. The golden phoenix's light also caused Zhao Fu's body to go through changes, and sensing this, the golden dragon and black dragon within Zhao Fu's body cried out.

Following this, the Emperor Phoenix returned to the Heaven Prayer Platform and became a crystal statue again. Zhao Fu went back into the hall and had people take Sun Hanxiang and the other women away.

Zhao Fu did not participate in the daytime event. Instead, he took care of some other matters. Soon, it was night time, and this event was one that Zhao Fu had to participate in.

After going to his bedroom, the four women were already there – they had all had makeup put on them, and they were all wearing women's clothing, looking even more enchanting than before.

Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi's expressions were all quite unpleasant, and they stood in the corner, not willing to approach, while Bai Xihan was already in the bed.

Zhao Fu walked in and coldly looked at the three women as he said, "You can get in the bed yourself, and we can keep things amicable; don't make me use force!"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, they thought that Zhao Fu wanted to take their bodies by force. Their faces paled, and they slightly hesitated as their eyes became filled with tears. They then went to the bed. They had never suffered such humiliation before; if it was before, they would rather have died than suffer this humiliation.

However, after being made concubines by Zhao Fu and being restricted by Great Qin's Fate and Emperor Phoenix Statue, they could not even die.

However, hearing that they could at least keep things amicable, they decided to get on the bed; after all, that would be better than being forced by Zhao Fu. With their strength, it was impossible to resist Zhao Fu, and they would still lose their bodies.

After the four women were all lying on the bed, Zhao Fu took off his outer clothes and laid on the bed, but he did not do anything after.

Since they were so reluctant, it was impossible for Zhao Fu to actually force them. Even if he did force himself on them, he would just have some temporary pleasure, while they would definitely try to find ways to commit suicide afterward. With their personalities, they would definitely do such a thing; this was obvious.

Even if they didn't die, they would never serve Great Qin, and Great Qin would lose them forever. After all, they were Great Generals, and losing them would be a great loss to Great Qin.

Right now, Zhao Fu just wanted them to accept the position they were in and slowly change their minds, as opposed to harming them.

Zhao Fu was on the rightmost side of the bed, and next to him was Bai Xihan. She was still just as cold-looking, lying there like a block of wood and not moving at all. Her breathing remained steady, and it was as if she was lying on the bed by herself.

If it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Fu could sense the heat from her body, he would have thought that there was a corpse beside him.

After lying down and pulling the blanket over himself, Zhao Fu did not move. Sun Han Xiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi inwardly let out sighs of relief, while Bai Xihan opened her eyes and turned her head to look at Zhao Fu.

Feeling her eyes on him, Zhao Fu also looked over, and their eyes met. Bai Xihan did not say anything and continued to look at Zhao Fu with her cold eyes.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite curious, and he asked the question he had wanted to ask the previous day, "Why were you willing to become my concubine?"

Bai Xihan expressionlessly replied, "This is Great Qin, and you are the ruler of Great Qin; also, I like domineering men. If my body is useful to Great Qin or to Your Majesty, I'm willing to give it up!"

Hearing her words, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel a trace of respect – this was a woman who was willing to give everything for Great Qin.

However, her Loyalty was only 60, yet if she really did decide to serve Great Qin, she would be completely loyal to it to the death.

Moreover, as Zhao Fu thought about it, he realized that her heart was most likely still at the parallel world's Great Qin. She was loyal to that Great Qin, and even though she was willing to serve Zhao Fu's Great Qin, her heart was not here.

Zhao Fu lightly nodded and said, "Sleep early!"

It was past 8 PM, and because the New Year Dreamland had opened, Zhao Fu could not dally and waste time.

As for sleeping with them, he did not have to worry about being assassinated. After all, they were restricted by Great Qin's Fate, and with the golden dragon, even if Zhao Fu entered the New Year Dreamland, they would not be able to succeed.

After entering the New Year Dreamland, Zhao Fu once again became a little Nian, and he started fighting, continuously killing other Nians. His level became higher and higher as he collected more and more New Year Points.

"System announcement! The New Year Dreamland is about to close, and the Dreamland Rankings will be revealed. The top 1,000 rankers will all receive prizes."

Soon, it was time for the New Year Dreamland to close. Zhao Fu's gains were better than last time, and he wondered what his rank would be this time.

Number 1: Tina Pendragon, 210,000 New Year Points!

Number 2: Caesar Augustus, 190,000 New Year Points!

Number 3: Minamoto Jin, 170,000 New Year Points!

Number 4: Si Ji, 160,000 New Year Points!

The person in first place was Tina Pendragon again, and because of her performance the previous night, no one was too surprised. The second-ranked person was the Roman Empire's Caesar Augustus, which made many people quite shocked.

No one had expected the third-ranked person to be someone called Minamoto Jin. He was a Japanese person, the successor to Japan's Imperial Family

Japan's Imperial Family had always been a single family, and even though Japan had been controlled by various different factions throughout the ages, the Imperial Family and the position of Emperor had always existed.

Minamoto Jin was a dark horse in this competition, and countless people felt quite shocked. After all, Japan was not very big, so it did not have much Fate. In previous events, it had always been the major Dynasty Legatees taking the top spots.

A Japanese person taking third caused all of Japan to erupt into celebrations – indeed, this was something worth celebrating.

What also surprised many people was that no Chinese person had entered the top three, and Great Xia's Legatee had only ranked fourth.

Countless Chinese people's expressions darkened, and their hearts were filled with disappointment. However, seeing that Great Qin's Legatee was still not within the top ten, they felt a bit better. Not just China's factions, but many factions all over the world were quite happy.

Zhao Fu's gains this time were a bit better than last time, but he was still only ranked 31st.

He had only been able to achieve this with his sword qi and his Sovereign Bloodline. He wondered what methods the other Dynasty Legatees had used; their methods definitely weren't weak at all.



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