Chapter 558: Sudden Attack
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The sound of the door being knocked woke the four women on the bed, and they looked at each other, sensing that something big was going to happen. They felt quite curious, and they hadn't realized that they had started to care a bit about Great Qin. Their views of Zhao Fu slightly changed, and their Loyalty slowly increased.

After going outside, Zhao Fu looked at the soldier in front of him and asked, "What's going on?"

The soldier immediately respectfully replied, "Your Majesty, the player armies from the four regions around us have started to invade the Forest of Horrors. The Generals are all in the Meeting Hall; please meet with them as soon as possible, Your Majesty."

Zhao Fu's expression became serious – he had never thought that they would attack Great Qin at such a time. It was only the fourth day of the New Year Festival, and there were still three more days until it concluded.

They did not care about the snow, or the debuffs to their stats, and they had suddenly attacked Great Qin?

Zhao Fu felt quite shocked as he went to the Meeting Hall. After arriving, everyone paid their respects to him, and Zhao Fu nodded as he sat down in the main seat and looked at Bai Qi as he asked, "What's going on? Tell me the situation in detail!"

Bai Qi immediately replied, "It's like this, Your Majesty. We're not too sure what's happening, but right after the New Year Dreamland closed, the Dynasty Legatees ordered the players to attack Great Qin and that any losses would be compensated by them.

"As soon as they started to move, our spies quickly came back to report this to us. By now, they've already crossed the Void Zone and have entered the Forest of Horrors.

"Luckily, we were prepared and set up a large number of isolation barriers, making it impossible for them to use teleportation channels. As such, they can only march through the snow, making their advance much slower. Otherwise, they might have reached us already!"

Zhao Fu nodded, then returned to the real world.

Zhao Fu could not obtain very detailed information in the Heaven Awaken World, so he returned to the real world to do some investigating and heard about some recent matters.

Currently, the relations between China and the foreign factions were not too good, and there had been some conflict.

Ordinarily, these conflicts would not be Great Qin's problem, but they all viewed Great Qin as their common enemy. As such, they decided to heavily wound Great Qin first before fighting; otherwise, with Great Qin as a threat, they would not be able to feel safe.

Another reason was that after not being within the top ten for three days, all of the factions thought that something had happened to Great Qin. Moreover, given that the attack would be in the middle of a festival, they believed that Great Qin would not expect them to suddenly attack, and perhaps they would be able to achieve great things.

Indeed, Great Qin had not expected them to launch an attack halfway through the festival. Luckily, Zhao Fu had not let down his guard and had made various preparations. Otherwise, they might have been doomed this time.

After gaining some more information, Zhao Fu returned to the Heaven Awaken World.

There were four player armies in total, and each of them had three million people. They came from all directions to attack Great Qin.

Because of the battle from last time, Great Qins location had been exposed, and they all knew where it was. As such, they did not wander around aimlessly. Instead, they made a beeline for Great Qin.

Moreover, they had also made plenty of preparations as well. Even if Great Qin set up many traps, they would be able to deal with them in various ways to avoid the outcome from last time.

The four armies totaled 12 million people, and because they had made sufficient preparations, Great Qin was in a very disadvantageous position. Currently, their population was only 4.4 million or so, and they only had 800,000 soldiers. It would be very difficult for them to defend against 12 million people.

Luckily, none of the system main cities had participated; otherwise, just four system main cities would be quite difficult to defend against.

However, Great Qin had an advantage in the fact that it was defending. Moreover, the weather was quite cold, and snow covered the land, making their advance quite slow.

Moreover, the 'grinch' status reduced their stats by 30% and would cause their bodies to be more susceptible to getting sick, so Great Qin had a big advantage.

Moreover, Zhao Fu had long since discussed with his Generals how to face a player army invasion, so they had made preparations as well.

Great Qin's Assassins were used to the complex terrain and would be able to produce unexpected effects. As such, Zhao Fu had boosted the Assassins' numbers to 50,000 people, adding another 20,000 people.

The ordinary people created big problems for Great Qin every time and severely threatened Great Qin, and this was not just once or twice but many times.

Because of their ability to respawn, they were completely dauntless, and in the face of massive benefits, they had stood against Great Qin. Zhao Fu had had enough of them, so he decided to take drastic measures.

Zhao Fu's eyes gave off a cold light as he gave orders to the 50,000 Assassins, and they quickly left, carrying out Zhao Fu's orders.

Because Sun Hanxiang and the other women were all Great Generals, Zhao Fu did not restrict their movements and allowed them to participate.

After hearing the orders that Zhao Fu had given to the Assassins, they felt a chill within their hearts and looked at Zhao Fu in a new light. He was far more terrifying than they had expected.

At the same time, they realized how much mercy Zhao Fu had shown them. They didn't even want to think about how Zhao Fu would have treated them if they hadn't submitted.

The four armies slowly advanced towards Great Qin, and because of how thick the snow was, each step caused their bodies to sink halfway down. It was incredibly difficult to walk, but in order to attack Great Qin, they had made preparations.

One thing they had prepared was Ice Crystal Stones, which turned the soft snow into solid ice that people could work on. This essentially allowed them to create a massive path of ice.

This sort of method was much more effective than walking with their legs, but with how large a region was, if they walked the whole way, it would take them days to reach where Great Qin actually was. As such, their speed was still quite slow.

There were many people who were not very satisfied with suddenly attacking Great Qin in these conditions. If it wasn't for the money offered, no one would want to come out and fight during such cold days. Moreover, because they were using up the time that they could have been spending participating in events, the rewards they received from the events would be less.

However, since so much money was offered, they did not mind too much. Moreover, the daytime event was not too important, so it was not a big deal to give it up. They could still go into the New Year Dreamland at night, so they could receive two sets of rewards.



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