Chapter 563: Five General Armaments
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An explosion rang out as the ferocious demon tide smashed into the player army. Blood and limbs flew everywhere as howls sounded out and death descended.

The demons' attacks were incredibly cruel: some tore players' bodies apart, while others bit off large chunks from players' heads. Others dug out players' hearts or simply sliced the players in half.

The players also desperately retaliated; even though the demons were terrifying, they couldn't just stand there and let themselves be killed. However, their attacks' effects were quite weak.

Now that the demons were flesh and blood existences, they could think by themselves and evade their attacks. They were not like the demons summoned from Hell's Doors that only knew to charge forward. Moreover, their stats were far superior to players', and unless the players hit the demons' vitals, it would be very hard for them to kill the demons.

The demon tide was only a third of the size of the player army, but the player army was unable to withstand the onslaught of demons. The demons continuously pushed ahead while the player army continuously backed down as they screamed, and bloodied corpses littered the ground.

Under the command of the ten Disaster Cavalrymen, Great Qin's remaining one million Skeletons rushed at the player army from the side.

The countless Skeletons excitedly started to kill, and facing attacks from two sides, the player army was forced to defend. They wanted to create a shield wall to give themselves some breathing room to kill the Skeletons and demons in a more orderly way.

However, most of the demons could fly, and before the player army could form a shield wall, it would be destroyed by the demons, and the Disaster Cavalrymen continuously gathered a large amount of deathly aura and launched them at the gathering shield walls.

The players were not very unified, and their battle intent was lacking; they were not as thirsty for killing as the demons and Skeletons, and they would often retreat because of fear. Whenever they retreated, the Skeletons and demons would advance even more ferociously as they madly killed everyone in front of them.

Compared to this disorganized mob, the system main city soldiers were all elites and Great Qin's true enemies. Even though they were from ten different system main cities, they were already able to work together in perfect harmony. Their battle intent was also incredibly strong, and they were completely dauntless, giving off a terrifying aura.

Great Qin's soldiers' gazes were also resolute as they gripped their weapons and prepared themselves for death as they gave off a similarly sharp aura.

"Charge!!" Both armies gave off a terrifying aura as they rushed at the other side, creating an astounding rumbling.

At that moment, Bai Qi, Wei Liao, Wang Jian, Meng Tian, and Sima Cuo took out their General Armaments and roared as five stars that gave off different colored lights descended.

"Seven Murders… Open!""Army Destroyer… Open!""Voracious Wolf… Open!""Heaven Pillar… Open!""Great Gate… Open!"

Five shouts sounded out as the five General Armaments gave off different-colored lights. Sensing this power, the five stars in the sky gave off an even more intense starlight and burst forth with shocking power.

Great Qin's soldiers below now had five different auras around their bodies, and all of their faces were red. Their expressions were also savage; the only thing in their hearts was killing. Their bodies became larger, and they grew two fangs as they roared like beasts.

Great Qin's 800,000 soldiers turned into a group of uncontrollable, maddened beasts, charging at the system main city soldiers without any regard for their lives.


The system main city soldiers also exploded out with strength and roared as they gave off an austere aura and ferociously rushed towards Great Qin's soldiers.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two waves clashed, making it seem as if the air around them had exploded. The two waves froze for a moment before the five-colored Great Qin army started to charge through the system main city army.

The sixth effects of all of the General Armaments were released, giving the soldiers various buffs. The power they obtained was terrifying and far surpassed what the system main city soldiers had.

After breaking into the system main city army, Great Qin's soldiers started to madly kill, their swords and sabers shooting out lights that killed the system main city soldiers.

Even though Great Qin's soldiers were incredibly bold and courageous, the system main city army had a large numbers advantage, and their soldiers continuously rushed up.

Clang, clang, clang…

The sounds of weapons clashing continuously sounded out as the two armies engaged in an intense battle. The City Lords in the sky also started to attack as the 12 system main city City Lords and Great Qin's 12 City Lords all exploded out with their City Lord Seals' power.

Immediately, the heavens and earth seemed to dim as a terrifying aura rushed out like a gale, blowing even trees and boulders away.

However, at that moment, a cold and handsome-looking young City Lord suddenly drew his sword, which streaked out like lightning, piercing through the chest of a fellow system main city City Lord.

That City Lord had never expected the cold-looking City Lord to attack him, but it was too late as his heart had been pierced. Blood flowed out of his lips as his eyes closed and his body powerlessly fell to the ground.

A black wooden City Lord Seal floated out of that City Lord's body and was grasped by the cold-looking young man.

The sudden change caused everyone on the system main city side to feel incredibly confused; they had never expected the cold-looking young man to do such a thing. After all, they had a common enemy, so why would he attack his own side?

On the other hand, Great Qin's side did not seem surprised at all, as they had expected this – after all, that cold-looking young man was Ge Nia.

After such a long time, Ge Nia had passed the old City Lord's test and become Battle City's Young City Lord. At first, he did not know about this matter, but after hearing about it and finding out that they were attacking Great Qin, it was already too late. As such, he could only beg the old City Lord to allow him to lead the army.

"Ge Nia, you traitor! You're killing people on your own side! It looks like Old Luo chose the wrong successor!" a middle-aged City Lord furiously yelled.

Ge Nia did not reply. Sneak attacks like this were not how he liked to act and was in conflict with his way of the sword. However, in desperate times, as long as it benefitted Great Qin, it did not matter if he betrayed his principles.


Ge Nia's sword flashed as it slashed towards another City Lord without giving any explanation.

The City Lord could only hurriedly block, while the other system main city City Lords planned to deal with Ge Nia first.

However, how could Great Qin's City Lords allow them to kill Ge Nia? They gave off powerful auras as they turned into rays of light and shot towards different City Lords, and a shocking battle erupted.

At the same time, the battle between the two armies on the ground was still going on fiercely. Countless weapons clashed as all sorts of lights flashed about. Blood flew everywhere as people continuously fell.

Battle City's 100,000 soldiers at the back of the system main city army also suddenly attacked the other system main city soldiers around them. Even though they didn't know why they were doing this, they trusted in the Young City Lord's orders.



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