Chapter 572: Terrifying Regime
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"System announcement! The Ocean Wave Region has been conquered by South Korea, and China's overall Fate has decreased while South Korea's overall Fate has increased."

As countless Chinese players fled from the region, the South Korean players were able to easily conquer this region and turn it into South Korea's territory.

South Korea was carrying out slavery, continuously catching Chinese indigenous residents and bringing them back to South Korea to serve them as slaves.

Turning to the Japanese side, their methods were even crueler, making countless Chinese players incredibly furious.

The person leading the Japanese army was Oda Kamiya, the descendant of Oda Nobunaga. Because he was the descendant of Oda Nobunaga, he was greatly respected by countless Japanese people.

His performance in the early stages had been quite outstanding, but following the rise of Great Qin, his performance had seemed to become worse and worse. In actuality, it did not actually become worse, but compared to Great Qin's Legatee, he seemed like nothing.

He had taken a great blow, so he had disappeared with his demon blade for a while. After the shift in Fate, he had found his opportunity to reappear.

He saw Great Qin's Legatee as his greatest opponent, and after suffering the Fate backlash, although it was unclear whether he was alive or dead, at the very least, he would be grievously injured. After all, no ordinary person could survive a backlash from the heaven and earth Fate – this gave him an opportunity to rise.

Before, they did not dare to invade China and would at least prepare for a long time before actually invading. This was because many people feared Great Qin's Legatee. He had felt greatly threatened as well. As such, factions from all over the world had worked together to try to destroy Great Qin.

Now that Great Qin had used up all of its Fate, it was in an extremely weak state, and Great Qin's Legatee had also bee heavily injured. Without the threat of Great Qin, the other nations felt that it was safe to invade.

Now, some changes had happened to Oda Kamiya – his eyes had become completely blood-red, and there were two fangs in his mouth, making him look like a savage monster. This new Oda Kamiya had obtained an even greater power.

This time, he led ten million Japanese players, giving off a terrifying aura as they madly flooded into China's territory. However, the Chinese players in that region had long since heard about this and all fled.

Even if he wanted to, Oda Kamiya was unable to catch any Chinese players, making him feel quite furious. He had been extremely excited while coming, but he had not been able to kill a single Chinese person.

Finally, Oda Kamiya turned his gaze to the Chinese indigenous residents and gave the order to find villages.

Very soon, because they had so many people, the Japanese players found many indigenous resident villages. Oda Kamiya was unwilling to let off any of the Chinese indigenous residents, who spoke the same language and had the same customs as the Chinese players.

Even though they were not real Chinese people, but they would definitely be part of the Chinese nation in the future. After the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, there would be essentially no difference between these indigenous residents and players, so Oda Kamiya did not plan to spare them.

As such, Oda Kamiya gave out cruel orders to the Japanese players.

Countless Japanese players lewdly grinned as they rushed into villages and killed all of the men, elderly, and children before leaping at the women.

"Sir, please don't harm my family. I surrender! I'll kowtow to you!" Seeing that there was no way to stop the Japanese players, many Chinese indigenous residents didn't want to see their families hurt, so they could only choose to surrender.

They were not players and would not be able to respawn after dying; if they died, they would remain dead without any opportunity of revival.

Oda Kamiya looked at an honest-looking middle-aged man kowtowing before him as he sobbed, begging Oda Kamiya to let off his family.

Oda Kamiya only coldly smiled as he swung his demon blade, slicing the middle-aged man in two as blood spurted out from both ends.

Warm blood spurted onto Oda Kamiya's face, but he did not feel any guilt. Instead, he felt incredibly refreshed and happy; to him, all Chinese people deserved death.

He turned to look at the middle-aged mans' wife and saw that she had decent looks, so he grabbed her and pressed her against the ground. He disregarded her crying and pleading and ripped off her clothes before starting to violate her in front of everyone.

The Japanese players laughed as they searched for other women. The regions that they found did not have too many women, so it was usually 20 or so men surrounding a single woman.

Moreover, even older women and younger girls were violated as well.

The older women could endure this, but many of the younger girls, whose bodies had not even matured yet, died because of being forcefully violated. However, many Japanese players did not even let off their corpses and continued going.

Following this, the Japanese players did not kill these women and instead brought them out – by now, their eyes were completely empty, and their bodies were covered with fluids.

Oda Kamiya wanted to bring these women back to Japan, as he wanted to enforce a woman slave regime, making all women from China slaves to be used to satisfy the lust of the Japanese players.

They would be kept in cages, and any Japanese player could go in to violate them for free however they wanted. It would even be fine if they died.

Some high-quality female slaves would be kept as pets with ropes tied around their bodies, and they would crawl around naked. They would also be used to fulfill the lust of the Japanese players.

The Japanese players did not even see these female slaves as people, and because they saw them as animals, they did whatever they wanted to them.

It was a pity that they could only do this to indigenous residents, as players could easily commit suicide without suffering a true death. After the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, perhaps they would be able to do this to actual Chinese women as well.

The Japanese players did not hide their aim either, publicly declaring their intentions to set up this female slave regime, turning all Chinese women into their slaves to play with.

This caused even more Chinese people to feel furious. Even though these indigenous residents were not players, they were still part of China, and seeing their own people being trampled on, there were naturally many people who were enraged.

This was especially so for Chinese women, who felt incredibly furious and wanted to bite the Japanese players to death.

One of China's most powerful factions, Flower Moon, prepared to make a move against Japan. Right now, they just wanted to do two things: defend against Japan and get their people back from Great Qin.

Great Qin had not only taken their Fourteenth Sister but also their Twenty-Sixth Sister, making Flower Moon's members quite angry. Flower Moon's members were given their numbers based on when they joined Flower Moon, so it was often possible to have people who were younger with higher-ranked numbers.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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