Chapter 579: Northern Qi’s Legatee
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Northern Qi's Basic City was situated in a basin with only one entrance and exit, and it was hidden quite well, making it quite difficult to find.

Its population was roughly 100,000, and it had 30,000 soldiers, including a few thousand Stage 1 soldiers. It was one of the most powerful factions in its region.

After all, the largest player factions only had 60,000 to 70,000 people, and having a few hundred people with Stage 1 Cultivation was already very good.

It was a pity that it was facing Great Qin. Great Qin quickly got rid of Northern Qi's surrounding villages before tightly surrounding the city.

Everyone within Northern Qi City felt incredibly panicked when they saw the dark ocean of people gathered outside, and they could not build up any thoughts of resistance.

There were at least 700,000 people outside, and all of them had at least Stage 1 Cultivation. Why were there so many Stage 1 soldiers? Just what faction did they belong to?

All of Northern Qi's residents felt a sense of crisis, and they knew that they would not be able to stop this faction's attack. As such, all of them looked incredibly scared.

Powerful auras shot into the sky, causing the air to seem to freeze. Northern Qi City's residents felt their bodies sink, and they could not even stand steadily.

All of these people in the air were City Lords – Northern Qi was doomed! Everyone's faces became ashen, and the situation within the city started to become chaotic. Now, they had no chance of victory at all – just the 20 or so City Lords alone were enough to slaughter their Northern Qi City, and they would not be able to retaliate at all.

"Surrender, you have already lost. Don't pointlessly struggle – if you enrage His Majesty, I'll slaughter all of you!"

Bai Qi stood in the air and spoke with his cold voice filled with killing intent. His voice traveled through the entirety of Northern Qi City, and everyone heard it clearly.

A handsome, pretty-looking young man in white came to the city wall with a group of people and seriously looked at the 20 or so figures in the air, feeling incredibly shocked and powerless.

Northern Qi's Legatee deeply breathed in before saying, "I never thought that Great Qin, after being heavily wounded, would still have such power! Right now, all of China's major factions are uniting to defend against the invasions, but Great Qin is starting up internal conflict. Aren't you afraid of all people hating and ridiculing you?"

Northern Qi's Legatee knew that they had no chance at victory, so they could only try to appeal to justice, hoping for a chance at survival.

Bai Qi coldly harrumphed, "Do you think Great Qin would care about such things? You people will be slaughtered by Great Qin sooner or later. I'll ask you one last time: do you want to live or die?"

Northern Qi's Legatee felt quite angry after hearing Bai Qi's condescending words. However, Northern Qi's forces indeed seemed incredibly pitiful and weak compared to Great Qin's.

Moreover, Great Qin had a way to bring people from the real world into the Heaven Awaken World. Even though they could only do this for a small number of people, it was perfect for dealing with Legatees like him. This meant that there was a possibility of a true death. When he thought of death, Northern Qi's Legatee felt quite worried.

Did they have to just surrender like this? Northern Qi's Legatee felt quite reluctant, as he had wanted to restore Northern Qi and fulfill his family's desires by establishing a powerful nation.

However, now that things had come to this, they could only choose to surrender or die.

Zhao Fu looked at Northern Qi's Legatee from the back of the army and waited for his decision. It would be best to obtain a Nation Legacy without any fighting.

"Your Majesty, this person not only has Dragon Qi, but he also has a large amount of Phoenix Qi!" Xianru said as faintly smiled.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised at he looked at Xianru curiously. He couldn't understand how a man could have Phoenix Qi.

Xianru couldn't help but lightly laugh and say, "Your Majesty, haven't you realized it yet? That person is a woman!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel surprised – Northern Qi's Legatee was quite handsome and pretty-looking, but he had never expected her to be a woman.

After all, this was not heard of before – Northern Qi's Gao family had an extremely handsome and pretty-looking man, the Prince of Lanling. It was said that his looks were enough to make countless women go crazy, so he wore a mask every day.


A gray pillar of light rushed into the sky, causing it to tremble as an explosion rang out. Countless traces of gray dragon qi condensed in the sky, causing the weather to change and for a powerful aura of might to form.

"Roarrrr!!" A dragon's roar sounded out as a 100-meter long gray dragon appeared in the sky, giving off a powerful aura as it rippled out like a gust of wind.

It seemed that Northern Qi's Legatee had made her decision. Bai Qi also gave the order to attack and destroy Northern Qi. With Great Qin's current strength, conquering a Basic City like this would only result in a few thousand injuries and casualties.

Great Qin's army, which had been waiting, gave off a terrifying aura and flooded towards Northern Qi City like a tsunami. Black arrows filled the sky, giving off a sharp aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything, and enveloped Northern Qi City, making it so that not a single person dared to reveal themselves.


Colorful City Lord Seals rose up out of Great Qin's City Lords' bodies and floated above their heads. The City Lords waved their hands, sending the City Lord Seals shooting into the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions sounded out as the City Lord Seals gave off a large amount of light and formed gigantic orbs of light, giving off an even more immense power.

The massive orbs of light gave off powerful auras of suppression and linked together as they descended towards the gray dragon.

In just one exchange, the gray dragon was locked down by the 20 or so orbs of light in the sky. The gray dragon continuously struggled and resisted, but it could not move at all and could only reluctantly and furiously roar.

Now, Zhao Fu did not even have to do anything when facing off against another Legatee. With how many City Lords Great Qin had, it was incredibly easy to suppress a Legatee's Fate Dragon.

It was not just suppressing her strength but also suppressing her Fate as well. After all, each City Lord Seal contained an immense amount of Fate.

Northern Qi's Legatee's face fell – she had never thought that Great Qin would have such powerful methods to be able to easily suppress her Fate Dragon. She shouted as a gray jade seal with a dragon engraved on it appeared from her body, giving off an immense aura.

Zhao Fu saw that Northern Qi's Legatee wanted to still struggle for a bit, so he lightly said, "Make sure you keep her alive!"

The 20 or so City Lords all heard this and nodded, turning into rays of light and shooting towards Northern Qi's Legatee. The battle finished incredibly quickly.

It didn't take too much effort for 20 or so City Lords to fight a Basic City's City Lord, so the battle concluded incredibly quickly. It could only be called bullying.

Northern Qi's Legatee saw that she had no chance at winning, so she had wanted to commit suicide. However, she had been captured. She was then fed a Reality Fruit, fusing her body in the real world with her body in the Heaven Awaken World.

After being captured, the battle immediately stopped, and those in Northern Qi City decided to surrender.



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