Chapter 588: Tree of Life
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Zhao Fu could sense Celia's emotions, and he said comfortingly, "Don't worry. As long as they're willing to surrender, I won't kill them all!"

Celia felt a warmth within her heart, and she came out of her sword and happily hugged Zhao Fu as she smiled and said, "Mm! Thank you, Owner!"

Seeing how cute and embarrassed she seemed, Zhao Fu smiled and stroked her hair.

Seeing this, Long Xiaoxiao thought to herself and also came out of her sword as she rubbed her large chests and acted as if she was in pain. "Owner, I also feel terrible! I also want a hug!"

After saying this, Long Xiaoxiao leaped towards Zhao Fu but was pushed aside by Zhao Fu, who said, "Forget about it!"

Long Xiaoxiao could only gloomily look at Zhao Fu while the red-faced Celia returned to her sword.

Long Xiaoxiao refused to go back and was only pacified after hugging Zhao Fu's arm. However, she started to move Zhao Fu's hand inside her clothes, and she only calmed down after being rapped on the head by Zhao Fu.

By now, the battle had finished, and the Elf City Lord had been pierced in the heart by Meng Tian's spear. The remaining soldiers briefly struggled before being completely suppressed.

The Elf City Lord Seal was a wooden seal, and there was an elf carved on it. There were only 100,000 out of the 210,000 Elves left, of which 90,000 were civilians and 10,000 were soldiers.

Zhao Fu directly went into the city and looked at the things he was interested in.

The first place was the Barracks. Zhao Fu did not bother looking at the basic military professions and looked at the two special professions.

[Giant Deer Cavalry]: D- grade Military, Description: Cavalry unique to the Elf race. They are suited to doing battle in forests. Effects: Receives [Elf Courage].

[Divine Tree Warrior]: B- grade Military, Description: Guardian warriors of the Divine Tree. They have powerful Divine Tree Power, Effects: Receives [Tree of Life Power].

Zhao Fu felt that the Elf Cavalry were quite good, and Great Qin could nurture a group of these Cavalrymen to help Great Qin adapt to various battlefields. It was essential to have many military types.

Divine Tree Warriors were the soldiers who wore silver equipment had held silver swords. They were quite powerful, and their strength was a bit stronger than ordinary Stage 2 soldiers.

As expected from a B- grade profession. However, the limit to this profession was only 500 people, which was not very much.

However, the number of Divine Tree Warriors was dependent on the Tree of Life – the taller and stronger the Tree of Life became, the more Divine Tree Warriors there could be.

Zhao Fu went over to the ten meter tall, two meter wide tree. The treetop was incredibly lush, spreading out like an umbrella. The leaves were all green, and the tree gave off a faint green light that contained the aura of life.

[Tree of Life]: A Level 1 Elf Race's Divine Tree of Life. It has a powerful Life attribute and power, and it can give Elves various buffs and the Divine Tree Warrior special profession.

If they could take this tree back and mass-plant it, they would be able to develop a large group of Divine Tree Warriors. This profession was incredibly powerful.

Following this, Zhao Fu gave the order to dig the tree up. He then went to a Den, which was similar to the Den next to the Orc City. There was a stone platform, above which there was a crystal glowing with green light.

[Giant Deer Den]: (Basic Town 28,834/450,000) Grade: Gold, Description: A Special Den fused from an Elf Blood Crystal and Deer Den. It can spawn 45-75 Giant Deer per day.

After looking through the Den's stats, Zhao Fu relocated the Elf City, obtaining 420,000 EXP, 40 War Points, and 2,000 Achievement Points.

After bringing the Elves back to Great Qin, Zhao Fu re-established the Elf City and gave the Elf City Lord Seal to Daisy, making her a new City Lord.

He did not have to worry too much about everything else, and he ordered people to re-plant the Tree of Life. He was not sure if anything would happen to it after moving it, and he also wondered how to obtain Tree of Life seeds.

Zhao Fu knew that for some trees, planting their branches into the ground would result in them germinating, turning into a new tree.

However, most trees would bear fruit and produce seeds, and because Zhao Fu did not know anything about the Tree of Life, he asked Celia about it.

Celia told him that Tree of Life would only produce five Fruits of Life every ten years, and if they were consumed, one would gain an immense amount of life energy that could heal countless injuries. At the same time, they could be planted to produce new Trees of Life.

Of course, Trees of Life had different levels, and the higher the level, the more powerful it would be. However, it would take a longer time to produce Fruits of Life.

The Tree of Life that Zhao Fu had obtained was only Level 1, so it would produce five Fruits of Life every ten years.

However, ten years was too long, and Zhao Fu could not wait for that – who knew what would happen in ten years? As such, Zhao Fu decided to give up on mass-producing Divine Tree Warriors.

However, Celia said that if they had Water of Life, they could speed up the growth of the Tree of Life. Moreover, if they planted branches on the ground and watered them with Water of Life, there was a possibility of success.

Zhao Fu knew of Water of Life because it was very famous and very expensive. Even within the Elf Race, it was incredibly rare, and it was mostly sold in droplets. After all, it contained an immense amount of life energy and was a divine medicine for healing all sorts of injuries and ailments.

Legends said that only the Elf Kingdom could produce Water of Life, and it was impossible for Zhao Fu to do so.

Zhao Fu sighed and thought about giving up, but the golden dragon within him suddenly said, "I know of a special method to create a Fountain of Life."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt pleasantly surprised. Obtaining this golden dragon was equivalent to obtaining a massive treasure trove.

"What is it?" Zhao Fu asked.

The golden dragon quickly replied, "Water of Life is a very good healing item, and our Heaven Murder Empire used a lot of it for treating soldiers' injuries. However, Water of Life is indeed quite rare, even for the Elves. However, a demonic genius from the Heaven Murder Empire found a way to create a special Fountain of Life."

Because of the information he had from the demon god, Zhao Fu knew how valuable Water of Life was, and he inwardly marveled, "The Heaven Murder Empire was quite extravagant to give even ordinary soldiers Water of Life to treat their injuries!"

Zhao Fu asked, "What is the method?"

"You first need to cut down five Trees of Life and use their trunks to form a Well of Life. Afterward, you need a World Tree seed for the life energy it contains – this will create the purest water. If that's not possible, using a Tree of Life seed is fine as well, but the Water of Life will not be as pure."



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