Chapter 593: Here’s Your Reward
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Zhao Fu thought for a moment before replying, "We'll do what we can! Even though Great Qin is recovering, after the shift in Fate ends, the other Dynasty Legatees and factions will turn their attention to Great Qin again and will most likely act against Great Qin again.

"However, it's impossible for Great Qin to not recover, and that would be bad for not only Great Qin but for them as well. As such, we'll do our best to help Great Qin recover as soon as possible!"

Wu Qingniang nodded and raised her head before kissing Zhao Fu. She smiled as she said, "Alright, I'll be going now. Do I need to make a meritorious contribution to see Mr Important next time?"

Zhao Fu grinned as he replied, "No, I'll tell my bodyguard to let you in next time."

Wu Qingniang smiled and harrumphed, "That's more like it!"

Wu Qingniang suddenly pushed Zhao Fu down on the sofa and pressed her delicate figure against his, her red lips kissing Zhao Fu's lips. Her domineering tongue snaked into Zhao Fu's mouth, and their tongues continuously wrapped around each other as both of them revelled in this experience.

After a while, Wu Qingniang got up, her face red as she said to Zhao Fu, "I'll be going now!"

Zhao Fu nodded, after which Wu Qingniang left. Zhao Fu sighed – he really did not know what to do about Wu Qingniang.

After eating, Zhao Fu met with the Ying family's leaders – they were all quite concerned about the current situation, and after Zhao Fu talked with them, they left feeling much more relieved.

Many other factions also sent representatives, as Great Qin was quite important to the shift in Fate, so they wanted to hear what Great Qin's thoughts were.

Even people from the governmental faction came and tried to persuade Great Qin to let go of their grievances and unite with the rest of China, and the other factions wanted to help Great Qin recover.

Zhao Fu did not bother meeting with these people, as he did not need their help. Zhao Fu told the family leaders to announce Great Qin's thoughts, causing them all to let out a sigh of relief.

There was nothing he could do about this – even though he did not want to help them, Great Qin could not just continue to stagnate; if that happened, Great Qin would suffer the most. Moreover, Zhao Fu knew of a bigger danger that was coming.

He could not allow Great Qin to be destroyed in the future just because of these people, so he could only do this.

Finally, there was another person who wanted to see Zhao Fu, Su Yuyan. She was most likely here for Flower Moon's people, and after thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to meet with her.

Su Yuyan came in and angrily looked at Zhao Fu, saying accusingly, "Flower Moon hasn't opposed Great Qin, so why has Great Qin caught three of our people?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu could only sincerely apologize, saying, "I'm very sorry!"

Su Yuyan never expected Zhao Fu to apologize so sincerely, and she felt much less angry. She then said in a softer tone, "When do you plan on releasing our people?"

"That's not possible; their bodies have already entered the Heaven Awaken World. With Great Qin's protection, they will be very safe!" Zhao Fu said as he resolutely refused.

Su Yuyan had thought that Great Qin would someday release their people, but after hearing this, she became angry again. "Flower Moon's people don't need Great Qin to protect them. Please release our people."

Hearing Su Yuyan's words, Zhao Fu's face became slightly cold as he said, "And so what? Do you think that Great Qin fears Flower Moon? You've opposed Great Qin before, and you can be counted to be Great Qin's enemies. You have caused a lot of damage to Great Qin. Do you think things will just disappear just like that? Moreover, Li Wu is still in your hands. Who are you trying to fool?"

Su Yuyan had said what she wanted to say, and she felt a bit of coldness within her heart. Great Qin indeed did not fear Flower Moon, and if they continued to oppose Great Qin, it would be Flower Moon that would suffer more.

At that moment, Su Yuyan made a decision and deeply breathed in before saying, "I'll deal with Li Wu, but if you're willing to release Flower Moon's people, my body will be yours!"

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and immediately laughed as he said, "I'm sorry, but I still can't agree. They've already become the Legatee's women and are doing quite well. You don't need to worry about them. However, I can help pass on a message for you."

"They've really already become Great Qin's Legatee's women!"

Su Yuyan's heart sank because this meant that there would be no hope in rescuing her sisters. She felt some anger towards Great Qin's lascivious Legatee.

However, she had no idea that the person in front of her was Great Qin's Legatee; who knew what she would think if she knew that this was the case.

Since there was no chance of rescuing her sisters, she could only hope that they would live happily. As such, she could only ask this of Zhao Fu, as he was someone favored by Great Qin's Legatee. With his help, they would most likely be able to live well.

"Zhao Fu, can I trouble you to look after Flower Moon's people?" Su Yuyan's voice was no longer as sharp and was much gentler now.

Zhao Fu lightly nodded and agreed. After all, Zhao Fu had no reason to harm them or to treat them poorly.

Su Yuyan felt much better and smiled as she walked over to Zhao Fu, bent over, and kissed him on the cheek, saying in a soft voice, "That's your reward!"

After that, Su Yuyan turned and left.

Now that Zhao Fu was the Ying family's proxy leader, he did not lack money, power, or women; he could have essentially anything that he wanted. As such, the only thing that Su Yuyan had to offer was herself. She had quite a lot of confidence in herself.

Right now, forming a good relationship with Zhao Fu was the same as forming a good relationship with Great Qin. It would not only be beneficial for the Flower Moon, but it would also be beneficial for her captured sisters.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and never thought that such a thing would happen – the big superstar Su Yuyan had actually taken the initiative to kiss him.

After returning to Flower Moon, Su Yuyan thought for a while, and in the end, she sighed and gave the order to kill Li Wu. After all, if they wanted to develop their relationship with Great Qin, he could not remain.

Li Wu did not know about any of this. Right now, he was conquering villages in the Heaven Awaken World and was doing quite well. Right now, he just wanted to make his faction powerful and marry Su Yuyan.

Su Yuyan was now his only hope, and she was the woman who he had set his sights on. Even though Li Wu had a few pretty women in his village, they were just tools for Li Wu to release his lust. His heart only belonged to Su Yuyan.

At that moment, Li Wu was shaken awake and fed a bottle of medicine. In just a few seconds, he was dead, without even knowing what was going on.

Su Yuyan had specially ordered for Li Wu to be killed with poison that was quick and painless. That was the only thing she could do for him – that was what the lives of minor characters were like; they could not resist at all.

Su Yuyan found a place in a cemetery for Li Wu's corpse and had him buried. Of course, Su Yuyan was not directly involved in any of this. After interacting with him for so long and then suddenly killing him, Su Yuyan felt a bit sad.



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