Chapter 594: Godly Spirit World
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The last ones Zhao Fu met were Mei Xiaoyan and Zheng Jiao, and he directly asked, "What does your White Lotus Society want?"

Mei Xiaoyan directly sat on Zhao Fu's legs and wrapped her arms around his neck as she said coyly, "Nothing much, but is Great Qin really going to recover quickly? Slowing down the other Dynasties is actually quite beneficial – Great Qin just needs to not develop, but the other Dynasties will suffer heavy losses."

Zhao Fu understood what the White Lotus Society was thinking – they just wanted everyone to die together. However, Zhao Fu didn't want that, as he prioritised Great Qin. As such, he replied resolutely, "Great Qin's Legatee has already made his decision; no one can change his mind!"

Mei Xiaoyan tried to change his mind, but she was unable to do so. As such, she could only leave first to report this.

Zhao Fu turned to look at Zheng Jiao, who was sitting on the sofa beside him, and asked, "Do you have anything?"

Zheng Jiao's face became slightly red, and she looked around before sitting on Zhao Fu's lap and gently hugged his waist. She leaned her head against him and said softly, "Thank you for saving my family!"

Because of who Zheng Jiao was, Zhao Fu felt quite uncomfortable about this, and he tried to convince her, saying, "Just be at ease and be together with my cousin! You're safe now, and there's nothing that can threaten you. Plus, you like him."

"I don't want to! I already said that I'll be your woman. How about I break up with your cousin?" Zheng Jiao said with a slight pleading tone as she looked at Zhao Fu with wet eyes.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu didn't know what to say.

However, at that moment, Zheng Jiao suddenly stretched out her hand and caressed Zhao Fu's lower body. Feeling the changes there, she said embarrassedly, "You said that you weren't interested, but you're reacting like this!"

Zhao Fu felt quite speechless. Before, Mei Xiaoyan had been continuously flirting with him. With her sitting on his lap and pressing herself against him, it was only natural for his body to react; Zhao Fu wasn't a eunuch.

Zhao Fu decided it was better to end this conversation here; he couldn't allow this to continue. Just as Zhao Fu was about to say something and push Zheng Jiao away, she sensed this and raised her head, and she suddenly kissed Zhao Fu on the lips. Her delicate tongue entered Zhao Fu's mouth and continuously played with his tongue. This intimate kiss made Zhao Fu lose control, and he started to react more.

However, Zhao Fu still pushed her away. Zheng Jiao's face was completely red, and she embarrassedly laughed and said, "I'm your woman now; you can't run away."

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless, and even though he didn't want it, there was indeed a relationship between them now.

Zheng Jiao happily rested her head in Zhao Fu's embrace and stroked his chest. Zhao Fu did not push her away anymore, and he felt quite conflicted. His head started to ache.

Afterwards, he asked Zheng Jiao to leave.

Zhao Fu then returned to the Heaven Awaken World. By now, the door to the outside had been completed. Zhao Fu had it built a few hundred metres below, and he felt a bit worried that some things could pass through the door and force their way into the Legacy Land.

As such, Zhao Fu had built it a few hundred metres underground and set some restrictive barriers there. If anything unexpected happened there, they would be able to immediately destroy that place.

Another reason was to hide it away and prevent other people from discovering it. After all, the door to the outside world was very important to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu went to the place – it was an underground region that was 100 meters wide. There was a ten meter wide platform in the center, on which there was a magic formation and a pair of iron doors – or rather, door frames – at the center.

The door frames were two meters wide and three meters tall. There were iron pillars on either side that were three fingers thick, and there were many flowers and branches above. There was a Heaven Domain Stone at the center, which gave off a rainbow-colored light and looked quite beautiful.

Because there were only door frames, the inside was completely void, looking like a gray screen. Only with a Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel would these doors be able to work.

However, these doors were more or less complete. With 1.2 million soldiers with Village Compasses, they quickly cleared out two-thirds of Red Plum Plains, and there was only one-third left.

The Chaotic World Stone Stele was now only a few hundred War Points away from rising to Level 6.

One of the teams brought back an altar. It was like the Demon Priest Altar that Zhao Fu had obtained in the past, and it was a godly spirit altar that could summon godly spirits and give a profession.

Zhao Fu felt quite happy about this. Since Great Qin had already killed a god before, they could do it a second time, a third, a fourth, a fifth…

Great Qin did not dare to make a move against the higher-grade godly spirits, but bullying some weaker godly spirits to refine their clones and obtain their Divinity would be quite simple.

Divinity was the source energy of a godly spirit, and losing even a bit would cause their strength to greatly decrease. Divinity was incredibly precious, and even in the real Heaven Awaken World, it was quite rare and ordinary people would not be able to obtain it.

Also, fusing with Divinity would cause one to obtain the God-Killer profession, but it would only cause a single person to become stronger. Now that Zhao Fu already had one, he could use ones he obtained in the future for other things.

There were many uses for Divinity – one could fuse them with one's body, equipment, or even things like trees. No matter what they were fused with, the thing that they were fused with would greatly change.

This altar could summon a godly spirit called Dokohl. Dokohl was a beast god and looked like a snowy-white horse with pure-white eyes that looked like gems.

There were many different types of godly spirits in the Heaven Awaken World, like the demon god from before, the Goddess of Life that the Elves worshipped, and the Water God that Zhao Fu had obtained. No one knew just how many different godly spirits there were.

However, because of their bodies, they were rejected by the Heaven Awaken World's laws, so they could only remain outside.

Apart from the boundless Heaven Awaken World, there was also an outside world that was quite big, which was called the Godly Spirit World.

That world was attached to the Heaven Awaken World and was filled with all sorts of godly spirits, which was why it was called the Godly Spirit World. Some other creatures that were rejected by the Heaven Awaken World's laws were also forced into the Godly Spirit World.

The demon god Kerr, as well as beast god Dokohl, both belonged to the Godly Spirit World, and because of the limits created by the Heaven Awaken World's laws, it was difficult for them to descend.

Of course, ordinary people entering the Godly Spirit World was impossible.

This godly spirit was quite weak, and it was even weaker than the demon god Kerr. However, Zhao Fu did not plan on killing it yet because the Chaotic World Stone Stele was about to level up, so Zhao Fu pushed back everything. Right now, entering the true Heaven Awaken World was the most important thing for Great Qin.



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